Spiritual Lessons From The Presidential Election!

Lately I’ve been checking in with many of my Spirit Junkie contemporaries about their experience of the forthcoming election. Though everyone has different opinions, one common theme that kept coming up was an overarching sense of apathy. I noticed many people so uncomfortable with the political climate that they were avoiding politics altogether. This scared me. When we become apathetic, it’s a sure sign the ego has set in. In this video I share how to bring a spiritual mindset to politics. This is NOT a video on which side to choose; it’s a video on MAKING A CHOICE.

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  • Definitely agree with everything you have said. The election is bringing out the spectrum of ego’s influence from apathy to palpable hate. It all just comes down to fear. 

    I’ve been having an especially hard time being extremely sensitive to the energy, living in DC, but not a citizen with the right to vote. As with most aspects of my life, I play the observer. I suppose I’ll handle my own emotion through writing something healing. Though I have my definitive opinions, I have to come from a place of love to make sure I am countering any negative energy and not adding to the growing anxiety on both ends.

  • Amanda R

    Thank you for the insight, Gabby! I’ve always felt indifferent about politics because there seems to be two sides of the coin.  If one candidate seems great in his or her convictions, there was always something that candidate has done to make them appear untrustworthy.  Also, politics has brought up a lot of anger amongst my family members and friends.  Many of my relatives have a negative attitude about politicians, and will often get into uncomfortable, heated arguments with each other.  So I always thought “why care about politics, they’re all liars and hypocrites anyway.  It’s never a pleasant topic to discuss.” 

    For a while I’ve buried that belief and let it keep me from becoming interested or even voting.  But, this year, I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself and have realized the importance of my place in the world.  I started thinking about learning more about this year’s election and candidates further to decide how I would like to vote.

    I wonder if somebody could suggest where I should start looking to catch up and learn more about the election?  It’s kind of overwhelming to think of catching up, but I’d like to start somewhere. 🙂  Thank you again, Gabby for shedding peaceful light on this hot topic and allowing me to open up to caring about politics again! 🙂

    •  Amanda,

      kudos to you for addressing your feelings on politics. It can be a undesirable topic to discuss as like religion, it can be very divisive. it is an exciting time in the world of politics right now especially for women. We have more women who are running for elected offices than we have had in a very long time.

      I have the pleasure of working in the field of politics as a political consultant/strategist specializing in female candidates and even made my first run for the legislature in my state. It’s interesting to be a conscious person working in the field of politics but I believe that we need more people who are conscious being involved in the political process. 

      You asked if somebody could suggest a starting point for you to catch up and learn more about the election. I will offer my two cents and hopefully it will get you on your way. Of course the national elections are in the spotlight and our nation is focused on who we are going to elect as our President. A good starting point for that is to visit each of the candidates websites and learn about what their top concerns for our country are and what it is they plan for our country if they are elected. I would also research their bios to get an idea of what their background and beliefs are and also their history.

      I also encourage you to research your state and local elections that are happening in November as well. With so much focus on national politics the state and local elections are often overlooked but are just as important as national elections. Your state legislators are the ones that write legislation and pass laws that directly affect what is happening in your state. Things like you states budget, funding for education, state taxes, and other laws that directly affect your livelihood. If you haven’t already done so, familiarize yourself with the candidates that are running to serve in your state legislature and other local and state offices. If you need help finding out who they are your Secretary of State’s website or your county elections department should have a list of candidates who are running for these offices along with links to their websites. Also, if you have any organizations that you trust like local women’s organizations, they too should have a list of candidates they they are endorsing. Also your local news outlets will have resources for you to use. 

      I hope this helps and again, kudos to you for wanting to be more involved in this process. I luv every minute of it! 

  • Ann Schweizer

    If anyone isn’t at least paying some attention  to what is going on, they might find it helpful to read the Hunger Games.  The people in the capitol city had no real sense of morals or right and wrong as long as they were entertained.  I’m not saying that would happen, but the question must be asked, Could It?