Stepping Into The Vibration Of Feeling Lucky!

I have been working with the vibration of feeling lucky, and being open to synchronicity. When you step into the energy of feeling as though good things happen to you, you are opening yourself to infinite possibilities. The Uni-verse has a hard time bringing your heart’s desires to you when your mind is stuck in a place that says “you do not deserve it” or “you are not good enough.” Those thoughts are not true! You are one with the divine creator and you deserve to live a happy life. It is easy to get stuck in the thought pattern that good things do not come to you, because if that is your belief, it is exactly what you have been creating. Your past thoughts are creating your present reality. So if you change your presents thoughts from “I don’t get what I want out of life” to “I am lucky and amazing things happen to me,” then you are opening the space to receive what you truly desire. We are here to enjoy our lives!

As far as work, some of our minds tell us that we cannot do something if we believe it won’t make us any money. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. See if it makes you feel better to ask, “What do I want to create in this human experience because it would be fun?” Nothing lasts forever besides source energy and you are source energy! So, what would you like to create, for no other reason that it would be fun for you to experience it? Instead of harping on, ask “How can I create the life that I want to live?” Try asking yourself, “How can I step into a vibration that makes me feel lucky, so that I can open to accepting all the goodness that is out there for me?” This takes some time to wrap your mind around, because the ego mind likes to keep us small and make us feel as though we don’t have hope. It’s the voice of spirit that guides you in the direction of your highest good. Learning to differentiate between these voices takes practice. In most cases, if it feels good and loving, it is your Spirit or your higher-self communicating to you. If it doesn’t feel good and motivational, it is probably your ego mind trying to keep you down. When you notice that the chatter in the mind does not feel good, simply recognize that chatter is not the truth. Then affirm your new thoughts.

I am ready to accept guidance from my higher self. I am open to allowing Spirit to bring divine coincidences or synchronicity into my life. I know that I am here in this human experience for a reason – to fulfill my higher purpose. I am lucky and open to Spirit guiding me to create my highest good. Thank you.

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and a meditation Instructor.

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  • Audrey

    Awesome article. I needed that. Thank you!

    • Thank you! Just keep up  and every time you hear that chatter that makes you feel as though you are not creating what you want go back to your affirmations and breath in faith and trust. Love Love Love to you Audrey. 

  • Dwteats

    Wow, this is great! Just be open to happiest and luck,
    therefore our higher good will come to be! Thank you!

    • The Uni-verse is always showing you what you need and by expanding yourself into the vibration of happiness, you are creating more happiness in your future. By feeling lucky you are allowing the Uni-verse to show you how lucky you truly are. Blessings to you. 

  • frank the girl

    I love this! I have been asking the wrong question….” how can i live the life i want?” This post helps me regroup and jump into a vibration that will help me soar into my higher purpose and daily bliss. Thanks…wrapping my brain around this now and will continue daily!

    • I am so glad to hear that. We attract what we are feeling and choosing daily bliss creates more daily bliss. All good flows from trust, self- love and acceptance. Love Love Love 

  • Susanstanley95

    Thank you, Hillary.  Wow -couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been stuck on a dis-empowering “nothing is happening” chatter cycle.  I love these affirmations and the movement and freedom they represent.
    Love & light to you!

    •  It is easy to get stuck in the mind cycle that nothing is happening because that is your belief, so you keep creating more of that. When you open your mind and heart to the faith that there is good out there for you, you allow the Uni-verse to step in. There is a timing and rhythm to the Universe. Trust your inner guide, all good is flowing to you. Much love and light to you. Thank you. 

  • Jen

    I love this affirmation-  I am lucky and amazing things happen to me

    • Yes you are and yes they do! Keep affirming your good!

  • Ciana

    Wow. That was anazing!! I loved it and really needed it!!

  • Bugniknikboo

    Goodness you are so inspiring and amazing! You will write an amazing book that will make the whole world see their true potential. You are such an angel. Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Nikki! As you open to the flow of goodness all around you, you live in faith and presence. Love Love Love to you. 

  • Theresa Bierek

    I LOVE this!! I have been trying to practice more of this and the more I do the more I manifest! The power of positive thinking is SO powerful, its like a magnet for attracting more positive beautiful things! We are so lucky, and I am SO lucky to be subscribed to your article, so inspiring and uplifting ALWAYS! <3

    • Yes!!! I am so glad to hear that. Feeling lucky and trusting creates so much room for amazing manifestation! In this space you are like a child, believing in goodness and the Uni-verse always shows you its perfection. Sat Nam, Theresa. 

  • Pineapple_0437

    after the week I have had this article is right on point with a very needed message. It’s hard to stay in the mind frame of being happy all the time and not feeling like you want to beat yourself up for it when things aren’t going right. If you look for the bright and the positive in everything this will help us get past and overcome anything. Thank you for this article. 

    • By affirming that the Uni-verse is perfect and everything that happens is for a reason you take the pressure off yourself. Believe and open to the goodness that is out there for you and trust that you are being guided in the right direction. xoxo

  • Jandismukes


  • Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. The Uni-verse is perfect, open to experiencing this divine perfection in presence and love. Quiet the mind and open to hearing or feeling guidance from your inner teacher. Allow the space for luck and synchronicity to enter your life. Blessings~