Stop Chasing Someone Who’s Not Choosing You Back!

Last night I got into a heated discussion with a friend of mine who happens to be a relationship expert.  We were discussing the “person with a lot of options” dating type.  This type has the package of looks, success, personality and appeal that makes him or her desirable to a lot of people.  Often, the “person with a lot of options” resists settling down and uses having lots of options as a reason to not commit to any one person (they are having too much fun enjoying not having to choose just one person). But my friend asserted that it is possible to convince the “person with a lot of options” type to pick you.  He went on to say that if someone is really wowed by someone and “played” correctly, they can be convinced to change their willingness to commit.

Whether that is true or not true is irrelevant to me.  The bigger question is why in the world would you try and convince someone to be with you? Granted, at the beginning of any relationship there is some wooing that goes on.  When we first start dating someone, it’s natural to put a little more effort in so the other person knows that you like him/her.  But there is a line between wooing someone because you are mutually interested in relationship and convincing someone to be in a relationship with you when they are not looking for one.

Have you crossed the line? Here’s how you know: when someone is clear that they are not looking for a commitment and you are, do you hear that information and know that is your time to opt out because your values don’t align? Or do you start to think of ways that you could possibly convince this person to pick you?

If you choose the latter, then you are entering into what I call relationship gaming.  It starts when we start to ignore our top values and our ego comes in and says, “I want what I want and I’m going after it.”  You then start thinking of ways to manipulate, convince and strategize your actions to get what you want.  There is nothing wrong with relationship gaming if you want to build a relationship based on strategy rather than authenticity.  But if you want an authentic, intimate, spiritual partnership, get out of the game.

I also challenge you to be honest about how much you truly value commitment. If you are chasing after someone who does not want to commit and judging that the other person has fear of commitment, look in the mirror.  If you truly value commitment, why are you going after someone who doesn’t? The truth is that you may fear commitment also. As much as you say you want someone to be in a loving, intimate and committed relationship with you, part of you may not think it’s possible.  Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past by a committed relationship and unconsciously you are putting effort into a relationship that will never become committed as a way to protect yourself.  Or perhaps you have some limiting beliefs about your worthiness, which are fueling your pattern of chasing after crumbs. And as much as you want to receive love, there is something about it that scares you.

Now back to my friend’s point of being able to convince someone that doesn’t want a commitment to commit to you.  As great as the “person with a lot of options” type may seem, if they do not value commitment and you do, then is the person really that great?  We often get so mesmerized with the attributes of a person (i.e. what they look like, their personality, what they do in the world, etc.) that we overlook their values and what they are actually telling us they want! And when you do “get” them, you may not even want them because you’re probably more in love with the fantasy than the actual person. Furthermore, don’t you want the experience of choosing AND being chosen?  Are convincing and chasing really part of the love story that you want to tell?

We’ve all heard stories about serial daters and commitment phobes who finally change when they meet their “match.” But here is what I have observed about this phenomenon: it is true that we can be catalysts for another person’s change, but in most cases in order to be that catalyst we have to be totally unattached to being it. Let’s go back to the “person with a lot of options” type.  Even those types fall in love and settle down, but usually not with someone who went into the relationship tolerating his/her lack of commitment and with a motive to change him/her. It is detachment, acceptance and honoring our own truth that often creates the inspiration for someone to find the truth within his/herself. That said, don’t try to strategize about how to be unattached about changing someone, hoping they will change — that is still attachment!

My encouragement to you is to be ruthlessly honest with yourself about whether or not you are dating or chasing.  You are worthy of a relationship that you do not have to chase after.  You deserve feeling peace in your relationship. You are deserving of someone who shares your values. You have a huge heart with so much love to give and if someone isn’t “choosing” you, why do you keep choosing him/her?!?!?

Take back your power and pursue a relationship with wooing but not chasing.  Choose wisely someone who will choose you back.  Most importantly, choose to honor and respect yourself first.  Trust that we all have a lot of options when it comes to relationships, but that the one relationship we MUST have is the one with ourselves.  If you want to attract a wonderful, loving partner who treats you the way you want to be treated, you will do that when you love yourself and treat yourself with respect, kindness and love.   So stop running after someone else.  Choose you. Pick you.  Chase you.


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Christine Hassler is an author, speaker, life coach and spiritual counselor dedicated to helping people answer the questions who am I, what do I want and how do I get it? You can check out her website here:

  • Susanob26

    Oh I loved this, think he did the chasing but I was accepting the crumbs, went into a relationship that I knew wasn’t going anywhere, he made me feel special, but after reading this realise that I am worth more than this, I haven’t been true to myself. Going to choose better in the future, thank u for this, going to read it again

  • a.

    This is so amazing! Thank you! The moment you place someone on a pedestal the only thing left for them to do is to look down at you. Every single person is special in some way. Also, just because someone looks good on paper doesn’t mean they are worthy of your heart. When true love is involved it doesn’t look for the right job, the best school,the money someone makes or doesn’t make, the outside shell nor is it about lust. All of those things can change. True love does not flip/flip or waiver. When someone wants you, you will know. Chasing is NEVER a part of the story. Find the glory within your(self) then you will see that you are equal to all, no one above you, no one below you. Standing in your truth will allow you to accept everyone’s gift without placing them on a pedestal. The moment you do this, place someone on a pedestal, you’ve lost sight of your(self) and so will everyone else. 

  • Birungipyt

    Hi christina, thanks for sharing this post really amazing stuff.

  • Navani

    Awesome. You made me realize my own patterns in one blog post! HUGE. I keep saying I want to be in a committed relationship BUT I keep dating/choosing non-commital people. And if who you are in a relationship with is a mirror than what does that mean about me? Even though I say that’s what I want, somewhere deep down inside I must not believe it can exist or really want it to happen. Maybe it is a defense mechanism, but something is not aligning here. At least now I can be aware of it.

  • My

    This is beautiful! Thank you. :)

  • Dawni

    PERFECT! I just ended it with a guy I have been with almost 4 years (off and on). We have a son together. I realized that I was done being an ‘option’ to him while I was making him a priority. I realized I deserve someone who is ALL in, just not in when there’s nothing better going on. I realized that I was fighting to keep our family together while he didn’t care if was kept together or not.

    I deserve, and my kids deserve, someone who is ALL in because he loves us ALL so much that he couldn’t see it any other way.
    This came at a PERFECT time..thank you!! I’m saving it, printing it and reminding myself of it when he decides, yet again, how much he “misses us” and tries to come back only to start the same cycle again and again. No more..I broke it this time!

  • EMA

    Thank u so much love the article

  • Bill Veik

    This causes a conundrum for me. I have spent some time with someone, 4 dates in 5 days. An amazing time between the 2 of us. But she has decided not to pursue this any further. Her reasoning is that because things have never worked out in relationships in the past, so its best to stop it now before that future pain arrives.

    She has since said that she thinks of me and misses me every day, and feels she may have made the mistake of her life.

  • JP

    If you’re chasing someone who doesn’t want you, you might run right past the person who does!

  • Staceyrae11

    Oh my gosh! You hit the nail right on the head so eloquently, and did it with such grace and compassion.
    Thank you Ms Christine!!! 

  • EC

    arrrgh!! thank you for the bitter medicine Christine. I am  currently chasing someone who was wooing me intensely & then recently stopped. I wasn’t actually choosing him until his pursuit was so strong & titillating that I thought, wow, I like this, why not give him a chance. Now I feel myself to be in love with the fantasy of what was & my ego is relentlessly trying to convince me that I must make him see that he does want to chose me. icky!  This scenario plays into an old story that once men get to know me they don’t like me. Wreckage form a past relationship gone awry. As much as I say & think that I want a committed relationship, I never seem to find the “right” person. Looks like maybe I do have a deep fear of commitment. I can’t seen to shake the feelings of being “less than”  & wishing he would see me in the light that he once did. It’s a moment to moment battle with my ego to keep the truth separated form the story. It has crossed my mind though that if I were to “get” him. I would probably be be unsatisfied as I think I am in love with the fantasy more than the real person. It just feels like how can he be so unaffected & I in such turmoil? I guess that is an assumption I am making. Ok, love affair with myself starts today.


    • Guest

      EC, you are not alone! I know how hurtful it is be to be wooed intensely at first, only to get dropped once the person actually gets to know you and you begin to fall for them. This has happened to me, it has happened to almost everyone. And it is ever so difficult to resist interpreting this as a deeply hurtful personal insult, “well I guess my true personality wasn’t as attractive to them as the one they thought I had before they really knew me”.

      But this is NOT the reality! The truth is that some people (especially some men) are simply attracted to a challenge (i.e. you, before you showed interest), and once the challenge is gone, they have won the game and you love them back, their interest evaporates. It is not a reflection on any lack of yours, it is a reflection on a lack in them. If anything, what it probably reveals about you is that you were open, loving, and giving, and because this individual was not in a position to receive this, they ran. Some people are afraid of love, and resist contentment. Please take all this into account, and do not beat yourself up! 

      • a.

        This is so on point! We often blame ourselves when someone “rejects” us BUT … 
        “If anything, what it probably reveals about you is that you were open, loving, and giving, and because this individual was not in a position to receive this, they ran. Some people are afraid of love, and resist contentment.”  THANK YOU! I wish I could like this a million times because I would seriously sit here & do just that! LOL! 

    • ellen

      Ditto everything you said, EC. WHY?!?

    • guest

      Me too I totally relate to what you just said as I have just gone through this.
      Recently a guy I was involved with when I was a teenager got back in touch with me. For 5 months he was pursuing me, contacting me everyday and doing his best to rekindle the feeling that was there then between us.

      As soon as I began to respond he just began to speak to me less and less until now I don’t hear from him.

      He wants me to go along to his party later this month but I am not going I have some dignity – I don’t want to be one of the many women he is so good at surrounding himself with I don’t find that attractive at all.

      If he wanted to see me he would and he wouldn’t let me down a couple of times like he has – I might not like that but that is the simple truth.

      I am still pining because of the past being stirred up and It has left me angry and hurt but I am slowing realising that maybe I tend to choose men that don’t want me because that way I can continue to ‘be angry and hurt’ and not tackle the real problem which is within me – actually I don’t want to let anyone close.

      Its the same old story the men that want me I don’t want!

      This article helped thank you I am going to print it out and put it on my wall.


  • Daniela25

    Thank you so much for the great explanation for things we do not see in a relationship and have no explanation to  what is going on. I think that this will help me see things in a different way, and stop imagining. 

  • Nourishlovecreate

    I fully agree with so many of your thoughts here. Wish I had read and knew those things years ago, before having to live through it to learn it.

    Your friend’s thoughts sound like “Coach Dave”, who I fully disagree with as well.

    You speak the truth! Great article.

  • Leah Lukach

    Perfect timing for this post, I just (like 2 days ago) ended a 4 1/2 yr relationship. He is always on the go or has family drama yada yada yada and I kept being put to the side. It turned into he would see me after his night job which ended at midnight. I am a single mom, work FT plus have a business. I ended up getting 3 hours sleep each day and spent the weekends alone or again seeing him during the night. He is getting help, but he has a lot of baggage and I finally realized that I am better and deserve someone who wants to be with me and put me first. He claimed I was the apple of his eye and loved me more than anyone and was not used to the way I treated him because no one had treated him so well. He is a good man at heart but after this amount of time he should know if we would live together or what type of future without saying he is a late bloomer. I was nervous at first to break it off, but I finally put that fear to the side and broke it. Hope I made the right decision.

  • Authenticity

    “The bigger question is why in the world would you try and convince someone to be with you? ….we overlook their values and what they are actually telling us they want! …when someone is clear that they are not looking for a commitment and you are, do you hear that information and know that is your time to opt out because your values don’t align…if you want an authentic, intimate, spiritual partnership, get out of the game. ….
    Choose you. Pick you.  Chase you.” …………….  :O)………………….<3

  • SK

    This might be one of the best things I have ever read.  I needed to read this today as I contemplated contacting the one I am not dating, but chasing.  Thank you, Christine.  

  • Jenelle

    I absolutely love this article! I just recently came to this conclusion about someone I was recently dating. He clearly told me that he was not ready for a commitment, and as much as I like him, I chose to walk away. I’m looking for a serious relationship, and I’ve finally learned that there’s no point in trying to change a guy’s mind about something like that. When they’re ready, they’re ready. But, I won’t be waiting around. I’m awesome and I know it! I deserve it!

    • JG

      This is what I’m trying to do, but it’s so hard to let go! He really is like a drug that I’m addicted to! He’s so wrong for me but the sex and how he makes me feel while I’m with him is too good and has a deep hold on me. I want to move on so bad but I feel powerless. It doesn’t help that he tells me I’m everything he’s ever wanted and the one woman he would want to settle down with, but he’s just not ready for that right now. Tells me he misses me and thinks about me every day, that he hates that I won’t see him or talk to him, but that he has to work through his issues first before he can be with me. I hear that but also see that he’s sleeping with his ex and is just plain noncommittal. I need help to rip him out of my mind and head!!!

  • Bobrawers

    Great words of wisdom for me, as I have been wanting someone I cannot have.

  • Lsaxon319

    This article is so on time for me.  It brought me to tears as confirmation for me that I made the right decison in ending an (on and off) again relationship, that was over before it started.  I am worthy and deserving to be in a healthy, loving, and committed relationship. 

  • anon angel

    Great post! I love it! It’s a good reminder for me right now because I entered into the dating process with someone recently with the vow to be true to myself and not to change my behaviour in order to be more attractive to him. I was approaching it with authenticity in mind. My decision was that if I just be myself, then he will either choose me as I have chosen I want to be with him, or he won’t… but the bottom line is that I am giving him the chance to truly choose the real me. That is pretty huge for me. I have moments when I start to feel desperate because I know what I want, but the key thing for me is to ignore this passing moments of desperation and to stick to being me and let go of the outcome. It’s hard at times to let go of the outcome when I want the outcome to be us getting together… but if I truly believe that we are meant for each other, I am going to have to be cool and allow that to happen, having faith in myself that it will work out without me trying to make it do so. If this man doesn’t choose me, then I think it would be a mistake for him… but it will be his mistake to make if he doesn’t see what I see. That is just how it will have to be. I have been in no rush to get into a relationship because I have not been ready. I am just shocked at how quickly the excitement can whisk me off my feet when I need to enter into this with my feet on the ground or not at all. I have known this man for years and I know how happy he can make me. I actually love who he is as a person and not just the way he makes me feel. This is why he is so important to me. But keeping things in perspective is vital because I love myself too much these days to lose my authentic self in a relationship. I have decided to speak my mind with him and not to play games because I want him to know me. When I kissed him I felt like I had never truly kissed anyone else before. That might sound strange, but I think he is the only person I have ever been that intimate with. The intimacy came from the fact that I  was sharing my real self with him completely and I now know that I have never done that before. Fingers crossed he feels the same. Time will tell.

  • Mike Biles

    I agree with you Christine…I’d also add that many people seem to chase those who don’t want a commitment because they believe, unconsciously, that if they can get this person to commit to them, then they will be finally loveable and/or worthy. 

    Mike Biles

  • Gabz23

    So true! This was said so nicely… I loved the rawness.

  • Kelly

    So eloquently written, so factual, love cannot be forced nor can we control the outcome. The love we seek is within us.
    And love is all around us if we don’t have a partner right now, we can choose how we feel…. Pain is enivitable, suffering is an option. Of course l wanted my man, the one l believed with every cell, was the ONE ,that l have just ended after five years of on and off, pleading and trying to make him see, how happy we could be, if only he would allow it. And yes the commitment l seek is also the commitment l fear….So yes if we aren’t getting what we say we want, perhaps we aren’t fully committed either, or there are issues within us that are unresolved.
    Thank you Christine
    Honesty Integrity and being loved for the person l am ( that makes each one of us unique. This is what l need in a relationship.
    I am selling myself short for anything less.

  • Shmily81

    I loved your article, it is a wake up to me, Thanks alot, it is so inspiring.

  • tony davis

    I agree.  Being yourself as you are and being honest the whole time will bring true love.  The games should be short lived if it’s real.  If not, it will naturally fall apart or never come to fruition.

  • Siberryreve

    Thank you. I just found out that my ex who I have been seeing on and off for 10 years (yes that long) is engaged. In the last year or so our relationship has been just friends with benefits but I have always wanted it to be more and always got caught out. I realise that I did not value myself enough and have suffered depression and low self esteem as a result. Im ready to accept and move now that the door is closed on that chapter of my life. 

  • Sarah Fischer

    So beautiful!


  • Effie

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  • Kassandra

    The love of my life dumped me a while ago and I could not get back into any shape mentally. I love him so much I could not think, eat, talk, or walk without the ache in my heart and the thoughts in my head that were about him and the guilt I feel at cheating on him. I so wish that I could have changed the clock back and never to have experienced the raw lesson of adultery. He was so angry when he found out. Yes quite right. I am guilty. I did not think of an outcome. Dr Ijebu has helped me so much. Firstly to move the big breaks in my heart and to see all things differently. Then to ease my way through a different door in my head. He made me realize my self respect and understand the reason I have done such a thing to hurt my husband. I understand a little about the power of [email protected] now and recently my husband has said we could work things out. Small steps now I have faith in the future.
    Thank you Dr Ijebu for the mountain of work you have helped me achieve

  • Too sad to go on

    Wow, I really needed to read this. I have to admit to myself that I was the only one married, while he was doing what he wanted when he wanted. Everyday I have to remind myself that I done the right thing, but at the same time I am lonely and without a man in my life. It also hurts that he never missed a beat and is going on with his life, while my life stopped all because I want something that no one is willing to give. The guys these days are looking for relationships because there are too many women willing to put up with their BS… so now what? What’s left, stay lonely?

    • “M”

      “The guys these days are looking for relationships because there are too
      many women willing to put up with their BS… so now what? What’s left,
      stay lonely?”

      I think this is important. I think it’s also important to call attention to the fact that this question keeps going unanswered … even by “relationship experts” that emphasize having a “spiritually centered” relationship.

  • Ken

    Thank you – I needed that advice.

  • Pauline

    I have read what you said. I was married for 24 years had 4 beautiful kids.
    The marriage was very unhappy. Once the marriage broke up I than entered another relationship with a man 19 years older than me. This lasted for about 4 years. This man was diagnosed with prostrate cancer & became very bitter @ negative.
    Now I have tried another relationship with a man the same age. Well it wasn’t a relationship. It was more like sex but I wanted more. He had been married & 2 other relationships with females 20 years younger than him. I tried to pursue this man but he wasn’t really interested. I now feel like a loser who makes the wrong decisions with men in my life. I feel so humiliated & ashamed by my actions of constantly texting & ringing him.
    Eventually he just hung up on me. How could I let myself be treated like this.

  • Dee

    Just stumbled on this looking for something completely different (was looking up a quote), but it was so perfect and such perfect timing for me that I have to comment. I have been struggling in a relationship that seems so perfect, he says he loves me, wants a future, yet doesn’t step up and make that a reality. I have been killing myself figuring out what “went wrong” and how do I fix it. I now realize that I was willing to stay in this relationship and “work things out” because his level of commitment matched my own underlying fear of commitment. I’ve read so many things that say the exact same thing, but this article really drove it home! So thanks :)

    • ellen

      Wow, Dee. I’ve been contemplating the loss of my 9 year relationship for months, reading everything under the sun, but somehow from reading your post it dawned on me that I have a fear of commitment. I somehow hid that under a dedication to commitment. On the surface, we both said we didn’t believe in marriage, but for me I think I also didn’t believe in commitment for fear a future loss, even though commitment is what I probably wanted. No wonder he didn’t stick around.

  • ellen

    I would like to know the reasoning – what’s going on in the brain, when you have someone like me who’s straight up obsessed with someone who has rejected me. I can only see someone’s flaws when I’m holding the upper hand and have the person or situation under my control. If I’m not the center of their world, I start to chase. Seriously, what’s with me and chasing people? I’m female, but maybe I have too much testosterone or something? Or maybe I’m just a little crazy jealous? Where does that root from?

  • Tired

    This is very, very true and very sad advice. Take it from someone who has been married to a person in this kind of situation for over a decade. We finally divorced, by my decision to be done with it, only to have the other person want to try again (could it have something to do with them noticing that I was dating someone else, indicating that I was moving on??). Now, we have been back together for 6 months. It started out great at first, but once they moved back in things began to noticeably decline -like a swtich was flipping. And now I am told that they are having some confusion about what they want and if they want to be with me, despite the fact that they “still love me.” Of course, this time is different for a number of reasons they explain, like all the other times.

    This type of thing is truly hell… on… earth. We have children, which makes it even more complicated (because we are more apt to endure less-than-perfection for the sake of salvaging a family), but there is nothing worse than loving and wanting a person who is constantly flip-flopping and never sure (for long) about if they want to be with you. Follow this advice before you get in too deep and build a family with someone like this. I spent too many years thinking it was because I wasn’t good enough, which only made things more emotionally difficult for me.

  • sandbergnoris

    For a very long time before i became aware of my wife infidelity, i was lost in our relationship.I always felt like there was something missing in our relationship.The love she felt for me was almost never here.We grown further apart from each other or rather she grown apart from me giving excuses with work and all other things but deep down i knew something was wrong only that i thought the problem was from my side. I thought that i was killing our marriage somehow but really i didn’t know what i did or ever did wrong to place our marriage on the edge of a knife.I remember suggesting we book yourself for marriage counselling.It was suppose to let us understand the reason why our marriage was failing and why her love was drowning.She was so good at lying that she made me feel like i wasn’t being a good husband.She made sure all the problem was going from my angle but really she was the cheating one among us.She was so good at covering her tracks that there was little or no room to make me think she was cheating on me.After three years of being a superhuman all her covers were blown an the entire thing was out or would say i was a fool for three years cos from the way it happened i feel she decided to let everything come out that she was cheating on me with an Italian painter .Cos even when i knew and was furious and asked for a divorces she didn’t even care all she said was i should speak to her lawyer about it and that was all i ever heard from and about her it was like she left the country with the guy i really didn’t know anything about this guy i only knew he was a painter that was all she disclosed i didn’t even get a name or any sort of information and when she left our house it was all i saw of her.Even when processing the divorce my heart and soul was craving for the wife i loved with all my heart.Tried all i could to make myself believe it was over on the grounds that she lied cheated and was not even sorry for anything but heaven knew that i wanted her back badly.I believe that was what made me even thing of searching on the internet on how to mend a broken marriage.I was so clear that i needed her back that my miserable life was so incomplete without her .I got lucky my search on the internet on how to mend a broken relationship which ended up helping me.I kinda was referred to a spell caster named MUTTON OSUN as they wrote his is quite good with this work using spell to get back exes and from my experience he is really good at it.Ok may some people may Thing i am just spamming but that is something i can never do cos it will be going against my morals as a human though there are a lot of lying spell caster but MUTTON OSUN isn’t one of them that i know cos he help me get my wife back he restored the love we shared together at the beginning of our marriage.Moreover article about him is all over the internet and they are all positive reviews.I only needed four items for the spell and all other little thing i had to do but trust me all he did worked all those little thing are just the finally process to make the spell effective.Every penny i spent on those item were worth it it was not a waste of cash cos he fufilled his promise to help get my wife back.If you may like to contact him for him use this email address: [email protected]

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  • angel

    this is beautifully written wish id read this before its made a huge difference in my life !

  • Micheal Collin

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  • Nicky

    There’s this guy that I known for 12 years now and we’re always more than just friends. We’re childhood friends and even then I always had a crush on him. I move to a different state when I was in college but we always see each other everytime I went back home and we went on dates and we act like bf/gf. But the thing is we never tell each other how we really feel and we’re not officially in a relationship. It’s been going on for 5 years now. I had a bf for a while but everytime I see him, I will just drop everything for him. I feel like I’m cursed! And I keep making excuses after everything we share how can he not be the one. I keep telling myself to let go but it’s not really working. This article reminds me what I already know, makes me feel more stupid than I already know.

  • geggy

    this made me cry, for i know no one will ever choose me i know this i feels this in my heart. The way the world is the way people are, i am good looking but ulgy to the world. i have lost all hope and am just waiting out my days.

  • Angel

    better stop my fantasies 😉

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  • First Kiss

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    So I just needed to read what you have above and I know its hard but I have to let go……or as you say stop chasing someone who doesn’t want to be chased.
    He never answers any of my text messages and when he comes to visit he says lifes shit and Ive been busy with work …

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