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Stop Complaining. Start Living.

If you never complain or have never complained, then you need not read any further.

Complaining kills. It robs you of the vital energy and life force necessary to fulfill your dreams and live to your highest potential.

I rank it up there with sodas, cigarettes, and parasites!

What do you find yourself complaining about? The weather, the city you live in, your job, your spouse, the opposite sex, life, your weight, people, the economy, your finances. The list is endless. Yet, the more you stay stuck in complaining, the more you drain your life force to make a positive change.

In the moment of complaining, your attention is focused on what is wrong. When we complain we aren’t actually doing anything about our situation, thus the situation remains the same. We are wasting time.

It is important to acknowledge what isn’t working in life or the dissatisfaction you might feel in a particular area, but to stay stuck in complaining doesn’t change your current reality. It just simply keeps you stuck, and depletes your energy even more. And before you know it, your energy will spiral into a sea of negativity. Even though your current reality may not be your ideal, focus on what is great about it, whilst positively working to create a new reality. Otherwise you are depleting yourself of the energy necessary to make a shift. It is like trying to drive a Ferrari – with a big hole in the gas tank.

Why do we complain?

1- It can be a way to avoid putting ourselves out there, taking a risk, making a decision and going for our dreams. When we complain, we aren’t DOING something about the situation. It can be “easier” to just complain.

2- It can be a way for us to bond in misery with our friends, gaining a sort of pseudo love, and keep ourselves stuck in mediocrity. This way we never let ourselves be too magnificent, and grow, but instead simply “fit in”.

3- It can be a way for us to get attention. If we complain, perhaps people will sympathize for us and pay us attention. So we “get” something from our complaining, a payoff.

4- It can be a way for us to appear intelligent. If we complain, then we must “know” what is right. It can be the ego’s way of tricking itself to feel smart and we get to be “right”.

5- It can be a way to not allow ourselves to be too happy. It becomes a self-protection. This way if things go wrong or don’t work out, then we won’t be too disappointed. We resist opening to the bliss that is available now.

Acknowledge the complaint, and rather than indulge it; use all that energy as an impulse for change. The more you complain about where you are AT, the more you disempower yourself from moving to where you ultimately want to be.

So for the next 7 days, when you catch yourself complaining:

1- Stop. Breathe.

2- Bring compassion. Thank the part of you that does complain, because it has a positive intention.

3-Focus on what you are grateful for in your current reality.

4- Evaluate. Decide what actions you are going to take to change your reality. 

5- Act. Decide. Speak up. Make a request. Commit. Leave. Let it go. Do.

When you give up complaining, there is a space that opens up in your consciousness and you become available to the gifts of the Universe. All the energy that was wasted is now released and available to you for action. Then, you harness your power and tap into your full potential. You open to your greatness and you become available to Life fulfilling itself through you.

Stop complaining. Start Living. Now.



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