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Stop Consuming Yourself With The “Little” Things!”

Drew ParalesToday let us discuss ALL those little things in life. This time, I’m not talking about the sweet little things that count like a smile, a kind gesture, a note, or even gratitude. We have lots of time and hope to discuss that. 🙂 But what I’m talking about are the ANNOYING little things that seem to take up A LOT of space in your life’s experience. You KNOW what I’m talking about… Read on!

I remember, before my age in years crept up and my mortality kicked in, that I used to drive my car like a bit of a maniac!

Not a lot… just a bit! 🙂

I would speed a little (there aren’t cops in here, are there?), and I would rush to get to the next place I was going as if I were about to give birth!

And every now and then I would have a little road rage. Someone would cut me off in traffic, nearly clip my bumper, and I would FREAK OUT!

Not in the offensive I’m-going-to-run-you-off-the freeway rage. The cussing, swearing, throwing things around in the car kinda rage! (Can you picture it?) haha!

What would then happen is I would spend all day thinking what an a**hole that driver was for being so damn inconsiderate and wreckless of his driving habits!

Despite the fact that I was nearly the same way, in the minutes following I would seethe about it and it would take over my whole mind! Then the worst would happen.

It would take up my WHOLE DAY.

I would talk about it all day. I would swear about the incident, talked about what sh**heads drivers are all day. I’d be pissed, not be able to concentrate on work or what ever function I was at one bit.

My whole day? RUINED.

Because of what? Some silly fraction of second incident on the freeway. Did you read that? A fraction of a second! And it ruined nearly 24 hours of my day and that part of my life.

I remember a coworker told me: “You know, it SO wasn’t right what that driver did. But did you know that he did the deed, he got away with it, and now, he isn’t even giving you one last thought. He has gone on with his day, and it was probably fabulous.”

And me? I lost the whole day because of this. I ruined any chance I had at being happy about ANYTHING because I chose to focus on some insignificant person who hasn’t even given me or his crap driving a second thought!

Hmmm. Holy new perspective, Batman! 🙂 So what I am talking about here?

You already know that it’s not about road rage or offensive driving and language.

I’m talking about ALL the little annoying, honestly meaningless things that go on during our days that, in the very large scheme of things, really are SO SMALL.

In comparison to what? The LARGER and greater things in life that miss out on because we choose to be SO reactive to life’s experiences and our lack of control over them.

What are some of the things that I’m talking about?

  • A driver cutting you off
  • A lazy coworker
  • Gas prices going up a few cents
  • Gas prices going down a few cents a week later
  • Forgetting something at the grocery store
  • The price of avocados going up at the grocery store
  • The store running out of your favorite coffee
  • An annoying neighbor
  • Waiting for the cable guy to arrive
  • Spilled milk
  • Need I go on?

Look, there are SO MANY things here I could list that can really piss us off that when you really think about are things that are fixable. Things we could be a little patient for.

But if we choose to let these little annoyances like something we didn’t get, or something that didn’t quite go our way, control how we experience the rest of our day, we are really not being open to the little joys that could happen to us.

I know that I have mentioned here some of the daily irritations that can happen. But I am also talking about the larger things in life that seem to take over, not only our days. But our entire lives.

I am talking about the things that can ruin our drive, ambition, goal achieving. Our reaching for better things in life. The Love, and the happiness that we block out because we have chosen to let the things we cannot control take over our experience!

In the bigger and better picture of our lives, there are things that we dream about doing. There are emotions that we want to feel and beautiful experiences we want to take in.

What are those things for you?

But if we continue to let the “small things” like a non-cooperative coworker or a flaky friend discolor and corrode our mind and our behavior, we wouldn’t have the time to reach for what is better.

We won’t have the space in our spirits to invite all the goodness, light, Love and well-being come in that we have been hoping for and working towards.

We block out the true potential of wonderful, loving people in our lives. Because we have SO MUCH FOCUS on the people who are not treating us right. Not being equal partners. Not Loving us the way we deserve.

We block out career and dream driven opportunities because we have learned to accept and tolerate a crappy boss, poor work conditions, and poor financial success because we choose to dwell on the negative aspects of our jobs and how we are not recognized.

I mean, these examples only scrape the surface of what possibly could be deeper seeded things in your life that you know you have elected to concentrate on and remain in negative states of mind.

I know there is more. Way more. Correct?

So ask yourself: what do you choose to dwell on during day that really does not support the reaching for your happiness and dreams?

What are the little things that happen in your experience that take up SO MUCH ROOM in your energy that you have not let go of?

What are you not looking at? Are you not looking at the GREAT POTENTIAL of goodness that awaits you because you are conditioned to stay in the negative? To stay in the role of the victim? To always choose suffering?

Because, my friends, that is what happens in our lives when we choose to focus our precious energy on the things we cannot control.

If you consume yourself constantly with the “little” things, you make no room for the GREATNESS to come in!

So what can you do?

Be discerning about what you focus on. (Click To Tweet) Is it Loving or is it hateful? It is expanding or is it draining? Is it something you could easily brush off or something that frustrates you because you feel you were wronged?

Can you visualize for just a moment with me? See how it feels to think of a situation that when the chips are down are “little”, like getting cut off on the roads and talking about it all day vs. a situation that involves a high vibration of Love being held in the arms of the one you Love, or inviting in that special Love into your life.

How does that feel? How can you choose better?

If you are going to be consuming, be a good consumer! Think about what you’ll choose to focus your attention on: the moment-to-moment negativity that is out of your control OR the fulfilling experience of abundance and Love?

What about the choice YOU HAVE to choose how you react?

Because you know what? There is an endless, ENDLESS amount of Love out there in Universe for you take in! You just gotta drop the little annoyances you hold on to, grab that huge chunk of GREATNESS, and make THAT your focus!

Watch your world, as you see it shift… Right before your eyes…

What are your “little” annoyances, or even bigger issues that you have been focusing on in your life that block you from experiencing true happiness? How can you begin to shift your focus? Let me know in the comments below!

All my Love,



Andrew “Drew” Parales is the Creator and Mentor/Coach of “i LOVE Liberation” specializing in Personal Growth and Fitness! He is also a vocational rehab educator for students with disabilities in transition & employment, and the school site program events coordinator/trainer. Connect with Drew at: and on Facebook: iLOVELiberation and Twitter:@iLOVEliberation