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Stop Letting Money Stop You

Jordana Jaffe portrait 052112This week, I want you to write a list. Get out a sheet of paper, and on the top of it, write this: “When I have more money, then I will…”

Now, go on, have a party. Let it all out. Let your imagination run wild.

I did this exercise a year or so ago too.
Here are some of the things I came up with:

1. read more books
2. get a fun photo shoot for my website
3. have a boudoir photo shoot
4. stop working on fridays
5. hire an assistant
6. hire a personal chef
7. take private yoga classes
8. feel more relaxed
9. get a financial advisor
10. write a book
11. go on a vacation
12. host dinner parties
13. get weekly manis
14. buy myself a new wardrobe
15. buy more gifts for people
16. get more support in my business
17. rescue a puppy
18. take a weekend long camping trip
19. lead a retreat
20. join a yoga studio
21. go on a wellness/yoga retreat
22. have staycation
23. spend more time with friends
24. go see a chiropractor

Here’s the super funny thing that I realized after doing this exercise – and you may too – most of the things I listed don’t even cost anything! I was letting (the excuse of) money stop me from living. I told myself that I either “couldn’t afford it” OR that I didn’t have time to do these things because I had to be working so that I could make more money.We think that having more money will increase the quality of our lives, and while it has the potential of doing that, the journey of getting there can ruin us if we let it.

Do you know that I hadn’t read a fiction book in years? I stopped talking on the phone to friends. I was 100% committed to making my business succeed, but at the cost of everything. Too often, we misunderstand the concept of “doing whatever it takes.” Yes, do whatever it takes – up to a point though. Don’t do whatever it takes at the cost of your health, your friendships, or your joy.

Stop using money and your business as an excuse to stop living full out. There is no reason why you can’t read lots of books AND have a thriving business. You can go to yoga (there are donation-based studios everywhere), you can see a chiropractor (Groupon is always having deals), and weekly manicures, for a monthly $50, can feel like the most delicious treat ever.

I started giving myself most of the things that I listed above once I simply decided that I deserved to have them now. It wasn’t a matter of having any more money in my bank account.

What are 3 things you can start giving – or really, gifting – yourself today? How can you start living your dream life regardless of what may or may not be in your bank account today?

Because, let’s be real. Money isn’t stopping you. Only you are.




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