Stop Pushing Away Love!

Nicole MooreWhen my client Sandra came to me she was desperate. She thought her boyfriend was going to break up with her soon and she didn’t know what to do.  She was an extremely beautiful girl, yet she felt insecure and worried constantly that her partner would cheat.

Her man was super loving, loyal and devoted to her.  Her heart knew this, but her brain didn’t.  She couldn’t shake the constant anxiety that he would leave her.

When she came to me, she told me that she couldn’t stop picking fights with her boyfriend.  She wanted to stop and stop fast because she knew she was pushing him to his limit.  They were so in love when they first met, but the fighting was driving a wedge between them and causing him to want to spend less and less time with her.

Why couldn’t she stop fighting with her boyfriend and just accept his love and devotion? Why couldn’t she be happy with what she had? These questions, along with the fear of him leaving, kept her up night after night.

When we dug deep we discovered the root cause: she was no longer happy with herself or with her life.  She felt unworthy of his love.

When they first started dating, Sandra was a vibrant and alive woman.  But as the relationship progressed, she started to abandon herself. She stopped being who she was when they first met and she let the fear of losing him warp her into someone who she didn’t like being.  The less she liked herself, the more she worried that he would no longer like her.

As she started to lose interest in herself and her own life and focus exclusively on the relationship, everything started to unravel.

As she stopped pursuing her own interests, she felt increasingly jealous of him for pursuing his. This caused her to lash out at him and attack him when he spent time on doing what he loved instead of spending time with her.

As she stopped spending time doing what she loved and stopped seeing friends and family as much, she felt increasingly empty and alone. This caused her to cling to her boyfriend as her only support and become extremely demanding of his time and energy.

As she stopped doing the things that made her feel good, she started feeling good only when she was with her boyfriend. This made her extremely needy because when she wasn’t with him she felt like crap.

As she stopped doing the things that made her happy, it was impossible for her boyfriend to make her happy because her well was so low.

By the time we started working together, she was spending most of her days in bed in a state of constant anxiety.  She would wake up and immediately check his facebook and instagram profiles to look for evidence that he was interested in other girls. Even though she didn’t find it, she wouldn’t stop.

She was caught in a vicious cycle of relationship sabotage.  It goes something like this:

– The more you abandon yourself in a relationship, the worse you feel about yourself (this can be on a subconscious level).
– The more you abandon yourself, the angrier you feel at your partner for living his/her life when you aren’t living yours.
– The angrier you feel, the more you pick fights or sabotage.
– The more you sabotage, the worse you feel about yourself.
– The worse you feel about yourself, the harder it is to believe that your partner loves you.
– The harder it is for you to believe that your partner loves you, the more you start questioning their love.
– The more you question their love, the more you start testing it in unhealthy ways and the more desperate you become.
– The more desperate you become to keep their love, the more you push them away.
– The more you push them away, the more fearful you become.
– The more fearful you become, the worse you feel about yourself.

It all starts with feeling bad about yourself and leads you to keep feeling bad about yourself.

The only cure for sabotaging relationships is to become the person you want to be. To feel so good about yourself and who you are that it’s easy for you to believe that your partner really does love you (and you don’t have to test it anymore).

And that’s exactly what Sandra did while working with me.
-She started meditating in the morning instead of going on her computer and as a result she felt more calm and centered.
-She started practicing pausing and taking a breath when she got triggered by her boyfriend and this allowed her the space to respond in a loving way rather than react with anger.
-She started following her passions and became more interested in her own life.
-She came alive again.

The result: she stopped fighting with her boyfriend. After months and months of nonstop fighting, they were now able to enjoy peaceful and loving time together.

If you’re sabotaging your realationship right now like Sandra was, here are some tips to get you back on track.

1. Connect with yourself daily, first thing in the morning (via mediation, working out, deep breathing, journaling etc).  Make sure you spend some time in your own energy first.  Feel what it feels like to just be YOU, not you + them.

2. Find at least three things that make you feel good (besides spending time with your partner) and do them on a regular basis.

3. Reflect on the question: What kind of partner and person I want to be?  Notice how you are being that right now and how you aren’t. What do you need to do to fill in the gaps? Start taking the actions that your future self takes and you will become your future self quicker than you realize.




Nicole Moore, Love & Relationship Coach and founder of Love Works, helps women unlock their hearts and create lasting love.  Nicole coaches women to break free from their romantic fears so they can love with an open heart.

  • Grady

    Wow…just wow. Glad I’m understanding this now for the future. Having gone through this with my soon to be ex-wife, it’s very clear now what we both were doing, and why it didnt work out. Thanks for your wisdom.

  • may name is maysam mahdi aragh

    hello nocole moors

  • Thank you so much, Nicole. Just what I needed to hear this morning!

  • Charlesmander

    i just did something like this but i think i may have finalized the outcome for the worse but i gotta say i had all the wisdom in the world from others who cared even the young woman involved and i still reacted in the wrong way it went on for 4 weeks this being the fourth and i now realize i was hurting the other person because of my own insecurities. That being said i have learned a valuable lesson and i will just continue to live life the only difference is that i know a bit more on how i will do it.

    • Charlesmander, your wisdom will definitely help you moving forward!

  • Imelda

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing!!

  • Dondene

    Awesome timing. Just yesterday my partner told me that I was scaring him with my insecurities because my professional business is definitely taking a nose dive. I will be more conscious

  • Nicole, self love is key to all relationships, you’re right! Curious, what do you think about fear of abandonment – manifesting itself by rejecting someone else first? Sometimes I wonder if that deep-seated fear haunts us as adults and when we see a healthy relationship forming…..we fear its end and reject the other first. Then again, I suppose it’s a matter of feeling unworthy and “abandonable”….. 🙂 Love your work.

    • Jen I think that we often push people away because we are scared of being left. Thank you! xo

  • Contentment

    PERFECT TIMING! I honestly couldn’t have received these words at a more appropriate time in my life:-) When I get into a relationship I just so naturally fall back into the above pattern of making my life all about them without even realizing that it is happening… Like I can’t go out and do the things I enjoy unless he is with me… It’s ridiculous and absolutely will not happen again!!! I have been working on self acceptance and giving myself the love I want and need … It has been empowering, great ! As a matter of fact ! I met someone recently whom I really like… A very genuine , considerate and kind person… We connect and enjoy each other. I really feel good with him. My inner voice and intuition are on board. I am listen to myself loud and clear. Well, this morning he has to work. He really enjoys his job . He is very successful. I was relaxing at home feeling quite content when I thought to myself, I would like to go to Saturday morning market that starts in our town today. It is a tradition here. I mentioned to him that it would be nice if he could go. He didn’t have to go into work right away he had said so may be would go with me… He said in the future he would really like that but he was gonna go into work to get his day started as we are getting together tonight . I thought to myself, hmmm, I’m not gonna go… Then I thought, why not? You want to go, you enjoy it… Why should it change because someone you recently met can’t make it this morning? Ridiculous! Then I pulled up my email to check TDL and here was this blog article !!! Hehehe, I love life and how things are brought to us at the appropriate times if and when we are open for it and even when we aren’t ! Thank you so very much! I am constantly growing and learning… A work in progress that I don’t ever want to finish:-) I really learned something great this morning that I feel changed my life! Always stay true to yourself. I will be a better me which will kelp me better in my relationships which might actually create a lasting bond of spiritual partnership. Maybe even with this new man in my life;-) Eeeeks! We will see… I need to get ready for the market now! Yay!!!

    • Contentment, I am so happy that this message resonated with you!

    • lady V

      I can too relate to you on so many levels. When I am committed to my lover, I tend to put the relationship above everything, and I tend to attach so much of my sense of self to the feelings I receive from being around him. I have exhausted myself thinking of the possibility of him cheating on me and I have done exactly what was described in this article: I would check his phone, his facebook, his browsing history, all with the fear of him cheating on me. I found nothing each and every time. Recently, after a jealous outbreak, he told me he felt I was pushing him away with all of my insecurities.

      Reading this article and reading what other women have shared is definitely helping me come to accept that I need to believe in myself more, and become a woman that I can be proud of. Thank you ladies so much

  • loveit

    Thank you so much. I think I have the same problem so this is a great help, thank you.

  • Bell

    OMG this is exactly what is happening to me thank you for writing it this at the right time for many of us

  • Hana

    This article was just what I needed. Finally I am able to answer my own question why I am pushing my lovely hubby away. This was really useful. Thank you!!!!!!

  • Becky

    Thank you! Thank you! I completely relate to this article right now! Bc of these insecurities, I broke up with my bf out of desperation. A great deal of these insecurities has to do with the fact that I’m going through a “soul-searching” phase (finding my passion/career). However, a major factor that adds to these insecurities is due to a past of infidelity. Two years ago, I was dating this same guy (bf I just broke up with) for a little over a year until I discovered he had a girfriend that whole time. I was crushed. We went our seperate paths, never getting closure. At the beginning of this year we decidedto meet up and seek this closure. What do you know, all those feelings were still there! And we finally admitted the love we had for one another. Things were going great but I did find myself bringing up the past a lot to a point that made me so insecure and sabotaging what we now had going on.

    I still love this guy, but can one overcome the insecurities of past infidelity ? Any advice?

    • Becky, I believe anything can be overcome, but it depends on the particulars of the situation.

  • Jill

    Love this Nicole! So true.

  • Amber

    I just found this right now and this is me! I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m pushing him away when’s he’s amazing. I have anxiety and do feel like I’m not good enough for him. Just what I needed to hear.

  • Michel

    I loved this article especially the fact that I mean when you meet the one it’s like even the most confident women become frightened assuming it can’t be is it? No way I’m not worthy and not all women do it but reading this was kind of like super refreshing honestly. I don’t pick fights but I do have many insecurities that I keep locked inside. I had no idea they were so bad until I met a guy who I fell for for his beautiful heart and amazing personality. I was so used to dating attractive men but they weren’t as amazing as my new guy he was beautiful inside. Such a gentlemen. Everyone and myself of course loved him. So there I was frightened. For the first time I realized so much about myself that I hadn’t even noticed. Like that I had been so hurt in the past and felt he would and was totally going to do it too, its like our minds trick us into thinking that we aren’t worthy of love. Since we have been so hurt in the past. Or what ever the reason. But we are! And he loved me for a reason. I was who he wanted and that’s okay. How can a girl like me be so insecure? Yes it happens. To the best of us. But if you don’t want your dream boy to leave remember he loves you because you are beautiful too. Follow the steps she talks about and make it about you not him. Not anyone. You. You’ll prob find it quite emotional but it’s okay to let the past go. And let the new beautiful begin. Don’t run away from love. You can do this. Insecurities are normal. Acting on them or learning to accept them and let them go is up to you! Best of luck to all!