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Stop self-doubt from killing your dreams!

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Gabby Bernstein and I hosted a fun event last week in L.A. called “An Evening of Love & Miracles” at Smashbox Studios. It was a lot of fun! :o)

During the Q&A time someone asked me, “How do I get rid of self-doubt?”

And I thought it was SUCH a powerful question. Because self-doubt is one of those things that can REALLY get in the way of our growth and our happiness. It can be a dream killer. It can be a resentment maker. It can be the reason why we die with regret.

So, it’s a valid and totally awesome question.

But here’s the TRUTH as I see it.

You can’t get rid of self-doubt. At least not all the way.

Even as I type this blog I am experiencing self-doubt. I experience self-doubt every single day of my life. I experience it as I write every blog. I experience it when I give talks, when I write my Hay House book, when I’m at the gym and even in my relationship.

Self-doubt is persuasive in my life. But I still achieve and create and do awesome things!

Why is that? Because I’ve learned that just because I think a thought doesn’t make it true. And just because I doubt myself doesn’t make it true. So, I listen to the voice of self-doubt, but I’ve given it a new meaning. I used to hear the voice of self-doubt and make it mean that I should quit. Because I BELIEVED the voice of self-doubt.

Now, I believe that when I hear the voice of self-doubt that I must be creating and when I am creating, my only job is to create. The people who get to evaluate whether what I create is worthy and valuable is YOU, the TDL Community. I don’t let my inner critic win. I fight a battle with it daily. And my only true skill has been to write on, even in the face of self-doubt. Even if I think a blog or my book sucks, I just keep writing.

Because after all, when it comes to being creative, the WORK is the most important part. Judgment of the work is not the artist’s place. Honesty is the artist’s goal. As long as the artist creates a piece of work that is an honest representation of them, then the artist has done their job and the rest is up to the whole world.

So, the message is this: you can’t stop the dream killer of self-doubt, but you CAN stop it from stopping you. By creating anyway. That’s the practice of mastery!

So, where in your life are you letting self-doubt stop you? How can you create anyway, even in the face of self-doubt? Can you focus on simply being HONEST instead of “perfect” and then let go?  As always, the action happens in the comments below; leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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