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Stop trying to please everyone!

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Hello from New York City!

It’s the third and final day of Marie Forleo’s RHH Live here in New York City! It’s been SUCH a blessing to be here. To speak. To share. To inspire. And to LEARN.

One of the funny things about standing out is that there are two basic rules:

1. You need a strong foundation.

2. You won’t be able to hide.

Think about that. When we SHINE, we can’t hide. When we stand tall, we can’t hide. When we stand up, we can’t hide.

And because of that, we are subject to the thoughts and opinions of others. Here’s the thing about life – it’s SUBJECTIVE.

That is to say, every single one of the six billion people on the earth have a different perspective or point of view. Six billion people, six billion opinions. And not all of them are going to match with yours.

I hear all KINDS of different opinions from folks. I hear things people love about TDL and things people hate about TDL. And many times it’s the SAME THING. Sometimes I make people mad, or don’t say something perfectly perfect and they criticize me. Sometimes I have typos.  Some people think we send too many emails, some think we send too few. Some people think we tweet too much, some people think we don’t tweet enough. Some people LOVE being called “Daily Lovers,” some people think it’s creepy.

And there’s NO WAY I could make everyone happy. It’s a kiss of death.

This is where integrity and discernment come into play. Sometimes there is GREAT feedback from the community. And sometimes there’s just someone not liking who we are. It’s my job to tell the difference.

But at the CORE of this is giving up people pleasing. I gave it up. I’m here to live a Self-Approved life and share my Self-Approved message. This isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. This isn’t about living a life just for me, but it is about living in integrity. And if I lived by other people’s opinions, I would totally lose myself.

We have to step into our power and know that other people will disagree. And our job is to send them Love anyway. We must have a strong foundation in who we are and our purpose so that nothing in the world can shake our resolve. We must make our own approval more important than the approval of the world, because only YOU can live your life.

Make it a great one!

Are you living a Self-Approved life?

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