Take one step a day & soon you’re on your way!

mk_treesOne day at a time. That is all you have to do is face life, your dreams and all the challenges one day at a time.

So many times we can get caught up in the possible outcomes of the future that we become our own worst enemies. Huh? When we imagine all the possible negative outcomes and then let those dictate our picture of the future, we are not doing our dreams or ourselves any good.

There is no use worrying about things that haven’t happened yet. This isn’t to say that we shouldn’t prepare for all possible outcomes. Knowing the potential negative outcome of any situation is a good thing; but to obsess, focus on the worry only about the negative outcomes takes us out of pragmatism and into negative life creation.

The balanced Seeker on The Path must consult the negative mind and the positive mind and let our neutral minds decide. To be too optimistic without the awareness of the possible negative outcomes can set us up for dramatic failure, as can being so negative about a potential outcome.

Balance is the key. Starting now is the engine and belief/faith are the fuel. (Tweet-worthy!)

We meet the future one day and one challenge at a time. It is not wise to project a negative outcome towards the future, unless that is what you want to create. And no one really wants to create a negative outcome. Project positivity, be aware of negativity and reside in the neutrality of a calm mind.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and breathe. Don’t try to solve everything all at once. Instead, just take the next step. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by our dreams and all the things that “have to” happen, that we never start. One step forward is better than none. Persistence pays over time. Take one step a day and pretty soon you’re well on your way.

Relax dear Seeker, let go a little. Don’t worry about what will happen a week, a month or a year from now. Meet the present moment knowing that you are provided for and just take one step today. You don’t have to climb that mountain all at once. Just one step at a time.

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Lots of LOVE from Ireland,


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Mastin Kipp is the CEO and Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

Take what resonates with you from the blog and leave the rest.

  • It’s hard to trust when life has beaten us up. Much of my planning is based on a need to take back control where I have experienced abuse of. Because we must also be ready to defend our dreams. Thanks for a good post!

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful!! Thanks for reading and sharing Alexandra! 🙂 – TDL Team

  • Talya Price

    I think the first step is usually the most difficult. We all have to take that first step. I know I have to take the first step for my holiday. I want to face my fears of snowboarding. Many times have I heard of people talking about their skiing trips and I am a bit envious of them, so I have decided to go skiing. Alone!!!!

    • Judy

      Good for you <3

  • Evelyn O’Doherty

    Love this Mastin & thank you for it. Easy to forget when I get (1) excited or (2) nervous/worried about something. Best to stay in the middle and harness that energy for future endeavors REMEMBERING I am completely taken care of in the present moment. I had this thought come up in meditation the other morning: “What would your life look like/feel like if you had ABSOLUTE FAITH that everything was going to work out all right?” I’ve been contemplating this every day … and it’s making my life & my energy flow so much brighter. Namaste, dear Mastin. Keep on, Keepin’ on. We are listening!

  • guest

    I just want to say that I’m so grateful and full of appreciation for finding you and your blog. You are a source of inspiration and support for me and you speak directly to my heart. I’m so inspired by the work you’re doing and in awe of the difference you’re making. You are helping me to be the best I can be too and I want to 1.) Discover what that looks like 2.) Step into that no matter what and live that truth in each moment of each and every day. Thank you for reminding me of that and being that example. I’m truly inspired and hope to attend one of your events some day.

    • Ginny

      You just wrote what I was going to express. Thank you for expressing
      what I am sure most of Mastin’s readers feel. What a blessing! From
      another “guest”.

  • Guest

    Your messages are always so inspiring, thank you! The last four years have been pretty awful. I have suffered through the tragic death of my brother, and life threatening injuries of my sister, divorce, relocation, and an absolute broken heart from someone I finally dared to love. I was told about TDL about two years ago, and it saved my life!! Every day I would wake up, and had your messages to look forward to, and the more often than not, spoke directly to me. Today was no exception. I have some pretty big dreams for the second half of my life, and your messages keep me on track. God bless you. And once again, thank you thank you thank you!!

  • Amy

    I’m at a crossroad today, literally TODAY and have to make a big decision. This decision will change my life and will cause a domino effect of more decisions to come. Stressed, overwhelmed and on the verge of tears I sit at my desk with my head in my hands knowing at 1:30 this afternoon I will have to say yes or no to an opportunity. Then I read your blog and ppppffffffttt my fear disappeared. A heartfelt thank you with a deep respectful bow. I was going through all the ‘what ifs” if I said yes and all the changes I would have to make.I was running through the scenario of a no answer, the missed opportunity, regret, explaining to everyone why I chose to walk away. In my heart I knew the answer; now is not the time. But my mind kept trying to lay down that railroad track of my future so fast crashing into mountains dead ending at cliffs…..and now I just stopped. I’ll make this ONE decision and let my life unfold one day at a time. The Universe will provide more opportunity when the timing is perfect and there is no pain in deciding.
    I am grateful for this day in my life.

    • Ginny

      Hurrah for you Amy. Life is such a grand adventure. You go girl!!

  • David H. Breaux

    Hi Mastin,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom through your blog.

    With compassion,
    David H. Breaux

  • Candyce

    Mastin, I consider this blog an actual miracle for me. I felt this message loud and clear. I am dealing with a troubled teenager and my mind is always racing to what the future will be for him (and me) if I don’t get him turned around.

    I can breathe today and love him for what he is right now. Thank you for turning my day around.

  • MJ

    I am so aware that my bad habits of “worrying ahead” keep me from moving forward with my life now. I have been struggling over the past year with the tragic loss of one of my sons and trying to move forward with a new career. Some times the sadness of what has happened and the lack of confidence to push myself ahead are overwhelming. I am admittedly “stuck”. The notion of one small step at a time without worrying if I will even be able to take the next one seems doable after reading this. Feel like this was written for me today . . . . I can’t thank you enough

  • CryingInside

    “It’s so easy to get
    overwhelmed by our dreams and all the things that “have to” happen,
    that we never start. One step forward is better than none”. This is great advice for those that know what their goals are. I feel very overwhelmed because I feel I don’t know what my goals are or even what I want them to be. I am paralyzed just feeling like I’m pressured to pick a goal. I want to move forward with life but I’m suffering with anorexia and don’t feel like I can even do life anymore. Feels like I’m going to have a heart attack. I constantly pray that God will show me the way. Guide me to find my goal and purpose in this life. Thanks for the support and keep reminding us that life is worth something.

    • LBFrymus

      You are dear and precious, please do not despair and know that prayers are flying your way, you will be supported! Anorexia is very complex and terrible. My daughter just went through it and is joyously on the recovery path but please keep two things in mind while you seek help from a loved one and also a qualified professional: 1) what your mind is telling you about your body is Not real, this is tough to believe I know and it’s why anorexia is so insidious, and 2) at the same time you need to keep taking daily basic survival steps, eat (and keep) some basic healthy foods (veggies and fruit worked for my daughter since she felt they did not ‘add weight’, plus she loved a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter for protein). Your body needs basic nutrients and salts to just stay alive.
      You feel like you are having a heart attack because your heart (your most important muscle) is depleted of nutrients. My daughter felt the exact same and that is when she immediately panicked and asked for help. Please please seek help! Many many blessings to you.

  • Jody

    Congrats on all the new changes! But the new format of DailyLove is now hard to read…the font is way too small. just thought I’d let you know

  • TLC

    As always Mastin! Thank you for this I really needed this reminder. You honestly make my day better everyday. Thank you thank you thank you


  • Jess

    I just signed up to B-School – OVERWHELMED! So, one step at a time is exactly what I need to hear. I want to reach the top of Everest without the climb. Thanks for reminding me. Really hope to meet you at Ignite London this weekend…

  • Marianne

    Love your paragraph that starts with “Relax dear Seeker…..” This brought me a lot of comfort. Thank you!