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KathleenChelquist12813“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

-John F. Kennedy

Can I get an…AMEN! I was the queen of conformity until about the age of forty. Mid life crisis? Maybe. Who cares. I changed my mind and made a decision to do IT, differently. To change from my relentless and dreaded thoughts of: “Is this really my life?” to…”WOW…what a life!” I began the process of returning to the ONLY truth: LOVE. And THAT my friends, has not only made a MAJOR difference…I have been reborn.

I am blown away from the amounts of joy I am creating- even when grieving. Grabbing my hair and pulling it into the palms of my hands as the waves of the ocean just nearly touch my toes. Tears fall, and I say “yes” to all that is a part of being human. All the while, remembering that I am spirit having thee human experience. As fellow beachcombers walk by, I ask myself: “Do I hide my tears? Do I conform?”

My worldly program of “What will they think?” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” wants to hide in shame. And I did…a little. I began to go along to get along while muttering the proverbial words of “Don’t cry…it’s going to be all right.” How many of you remember THAT one or even still say it? WOW (WithOut Worry) comes to my mind; just another opportunity from which to learn and grow.

Tears are to be used. They were given by our Creator to purge and cleanse the pain. If we don’t go through the pain by using them, we will suffer.

“Pain is an unavoidable part of life and when you are willing to choose love-you will learn the difference between pain and suffering.”

-Cinnamon Lofton

So, here is a contradiction. This in not always the case with tears. If we cry in victimhood, we deepen our “boo hoo” story.

How do we know the difference? Are we using tears to create freedom, or are we using them to water the weeds?

When we cry in a way that works, we will move on and create peace. Each day we will claim a lightness of being despite the sadness. The trauma or loss won’t be pushed down to live and breed in our cells, only to emerge in some type of illusory jail sentence of depression or illness. We all know that stress has a profound hit on our bodies, AND we continue to “think” that we are immune to suffering. Or we “think” that suffering is a continual part of life, and we just need to “SUCK IT UP.” I sure did. I didn’t know there was another way. I was…conforming.

So, I waited. I stalled. I did not make a decision. I paralyzed myself in fear, “thinking” that tomorrow will be a new day. Ha! The joke was on me. Tomorrow doesn’t change anything. Either does time. What an illusion. My life just got HARDER and HARDER. I “thought” it was happening to me- instead of taking responsibility that I was creating my reactions to life. I “thought” there was no other way.

Well, there is a way to create freedom and growth. Get out of your mind and into your heart because your mind “thinks” you are NOT ready; your heart knows you are ready. Willingness has to be created to support the readiness.

And through the tears, the rainbow will be reflected. (Click to tweet)

With all my heart,



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