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Tell on yourself & you’re off the hook!

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I’ve had a lot of amazing teachers in my life who have played a BIG role in why I became who I became. Without these amazing people there is NO WAY I would be doing what I am doing today.

One of these amazing people is my therapist, Trinka Terra. Trinka was the second therapist I ever had and she played a pivotal role in my spiritual development. She gave me all kinds of amazing advice, but perhaps the most important and more impactful advice she ever gave me was, “Tell on yourself and you’re off the hook.”

What’s that mean? It means that when you out yourself for who you are, for your mistakes, for your failures, for your feelings, for who you REALLY are – no one can have any power over you. The whole concept of blackmail only works if the person being blackmailed doesn’t want the truth coming out. And for me, I used to blackmail myself ALL the time because I was afraid of the truth coming out.

Why? Because I didn’t love myself and I had NO clue at the time that sometimes the world and those I LOVE could Love me, even when I didn’t. I didn’t want my truth out because it was scary and it was something I didn’t want to look at.

But, after working with Trinka I came to understand that it was through the EXPRESSION and ADMISSION of my truth that I was set free. The truth will set you free and TELLING your truth will set you free.

Now, this isn’t a hall pass to justify being a jerk. We MUST take responsibility for our actions and how we show up. We can’t just irresponsibly emotionally dump and justify our feelings by saying it’s “our truth”. And at the same time, it is THROUGH the admission of our pain, our fears, our insecurities that we begin to be set free.

This, in fact, is my whole experiment with The Daily Love. I have been “telling on myself” in almost every blog for years and it is what separates TDL from a lot of other blogs. We aren’t here trying to preach some form of spiritual perfection, we are here in full admission that we are all human AND divine and it is through accepting our humanity that we experience our divinity.

This way of looking at the world brings more empathy, connection and common ground into our lives and I believe it’s something EVERYONE wants in their lives. And anyone who calls it “cheesy” it just afraid of their own feelings. Usually cheesy things are things that are pretty awesome but whoever is calling them cheesy is judging it because they are scared of the emotion it evokes.

So, where in your life are you hiding a truth? Can you express it today and let yourself off the hook? Can you FREE YOURSELF from the pain of holding on to the truth and align with who you REALLY are by expressing it? In the section below leave a comment and let me know! I and the TDL Community are here to support you!



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