The Awe-Inspiring Power Of Your Heart

hillarypikephotoOne of the most powerful moments of my life was when I experienced the love within myself during my Kundalini Yoga teacher training at Golden Bridge. I was in a deep meditation when I had a profound heart opening that took over my entire being; I felt so much love exuding from my heart. It was as if my whole body became a vessel of divine love. In that instant, I felt the true intelligence and power of the heart. I knew in that moment that part of my soul’s purpose in this lifetime to is to help hold a space of love on this planet.

Since that profound meditation six years ago, there have been many times when I wanted to close my heart because difficult circumstances made it hard for me to love myself or anyone else. It can be challenging to live with an open heart, as we all face our own trials. We always have the option to come back to love – to see past the mistakes and misunderstandings to the love within us and everyone else.

Now is the time for us to truly embody the love that we are. Opening the heart is not a one time thing, it is a continual process. Like a flower blooming, ever deepening and ever unfolding, we open more layers each time.

I am constantly researching love and the power of the heart, and the other day I found a Spirit Science video on YouTube on the power of the heart. Some of this information was so inspiring; I had to share it with you.

The first organ that appears as the cells come together when you are manifesting into physical form is the heart.

The heart has always been considered the center of the being throughout many religions and ancient civilizations. The heart was the source of spiritual insight, and connection to the divine. The ancient Egyptians would throw away the brain after the Pharaoh died and kept the heart in the body. They felt the brain was not needed but the heart would be needed in the next life.

Scientists have discovered that the heart possesses its own inherent nervous system – a network of brain cells with over 40,000 neurons. This means that you can actually think which your heart!

There is so much power within the heart, we often forget this and stop listening to our hearts. We choose to put intellect over emotions and the mind over the heart. Both the mind and heart do play a beautiful role together, but energetically the heart is much more powerful than the mind.

The heart is the center of unity consciousness while the brain is the center for duality consciousness. You can see this since the heart is one and the brain is split in two: left and right hemispheres.

It can be challenging to not get caught in the duality and that is why I created and teach workshops called Awaken Love, with the purpose of helping others move back into the heart to heal old wounds and fears that block us from experiencing the love that we are. As I said earlier, stepping back into the heart is a constant process – for all of us. It is so easy to get caught in the physical world around us and duality consciousness. Many of us rarely if ever truly experience our own love. We are taught to seek outside of ourselves instead of within.

There have been so many times in my life when I wanted to give up. But I am grateful that during all of my biggest struggles, I always chose to go back to my heart. I have always been healed and received the love and strength that I needed from my heart. We all have this opportunity.

The ancient civilizations knew that the heart was the key to all wisdom. In modern society we have progressed in so many ways, but in other ways we have lost sight of what is truly important: Love.

A Course in Miracles teaches that there are always two choices, Love or Fear. A miracle is a shift in perception from Fear to Love.

Do you choose to create Miracles in your life?

Loving is a miracle!

When you choose to move back into the heart you began to know and understand Uni-versal oneness and unconditional love. When you focus on the love, it brings healing in undreamt of ways.

Practice connecting with the heart:

Breathe in through the nose and out through in the nose. Count six breaths. On the inhal,e expand the navel, creating more room for breath in the body, as you exhale the navel glides in allowing you to expel the breath from the body. With each inhale imagine that you are going deeper inward; with each exhale relax the body and the mind. Count six more breaths; with each breath go deeper into your heart center. Remember that your heart was the first organ in your body – this is where you started. Imagine yourself as a pure newborn baby, filled with love.

You can place your hands over your heart and hold yourself as a newborn baby.

Imagine green healing light radiating from you heart center and close your eyes going inward. Stay here as long as you like. If you notice you are thinking, keep breathing, counting six breaths at a time. When you focus on your breath, the thoughts will float away as you step deeper into the heart – the entryway to the divine.




Hillary Pike is a 500-hour certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Instructor and Meditation Guide. Her mission is to provide you with techniques that will help you expand your awareness and remember your Grace. Hillary is hosting Awaken Love Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica this November. For information on her events or for Inner Bliss Guidance visit:
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  • Michelle

    Amazing blog….Filled with morsels of incredible knowledge. Thank you!

    • Hillary Pike

      Thank you Michelle. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday full of love <3

  • Savannah

    Lovely! I love Spirit Science, here is a link to the video. I recommend people checking out the rest of their videos too! So informative 🙂

    • Hillary Pike

      Thank you for posting this! I love spirit science too and have been so inspired by their videos. Have you seen the ones on Crystals? Sending you much Love Savannah!

  • sultan


  • Lissette

    I would be very cautious to believe that our heart does indeed have “brain cells” within it. During my study of anatomy and physiology I never encountered that. I would say one must research this at a reputable website to find the truth (that does not include yahoo, Wikipedia etc.). Our heart does have many neurons (which has to do with the nervous system) that relays communication to our brain. I took a peek at the Spirit Science on the youtube video. It was entertaining, however as I said please use caution when committing to a belief if it is unfounded in research. It truly is a nice thought, but science has not proven that by examining the heart cells. I know that our brain, heart, and gut all play a role in how we feel, and our intuition. But, I for one do not know how they may connect together.

    • Hillary Pike

      Thank you Lisette! It is important to question all beliefs, and always listen to your own inner wisdom! The Spirit Science videos introduce many ideas and theories that are not all back by modern science, and they say to take what resonates with you and to leave the rest. Always question and come to your own conclusions. It will be fascinating once science does fully discover how are brain, heart and gut connect to our feelings as you said. Love to you!

  • Caroline Kothari

    Love this! Really relaxed me :). Thanks!!

  • Vicky Wilson Garach

    Beautifully said Hillary! <3

  • Kristen

    As Lissette respectfully stated, you have some problems with your science. The heart is not one — it is 4, 4 chambers working together. The ancient Egyptians thought that thought came from the heart, not feelings. Having neurons does not necessarily mean you can think with your heart — your whole body is packed with neurons.
    Your main points are so good — just stay away from science unless you can double check your facts better!

    • Hillary Pike

      Thank you Kristen! Those pieces of information are from Spirit Science and they introduce a lot of interesting information in their videos and always say to come to your own conclusions, it is important to always listen to yourself and trust your knowledge. That is just one point of view on the heart. Lots of love to you!

  • Lois Eisen

    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing! Only LOVE is real – everything else is illusion!

    • Hillary Pike

      Thank you! Sending you much love and wishing you a beautiful day!

  • TheresaBierek

    Beautiful! And so true, focusing on the love within is so powerful, and so healing. Thank you for sharing the love and heart opening techniques, we could all use it!:)

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