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The Awesome Thing About Rejection Is…!

“Can you please write how we can lovingly accept that an answer to what we ask for is NO?”

– Carol


What a rich and beautiful question.

This question is all about what point of view we like to view answers from. Getting a “No” or “being rejected” is just a certain take on a situation.

The reality is, we are simply getting feedback as we filter our way through this energetic Uni-verse.

We all know that like attracts like.

I have personally chosen to interpret the “no’s” in my life (and there have been PLENTY), not as “no’s”, but as “not yet’s” from The Uni-verse.

When we get caught up in the specific form our dreams and the things we want come in, we can miss the miracle. I’m not saying the form isn’t important, and I am also not condoning misinterpreting a potential romantic’s firm “no” as anything other than a no. Sometimes a no, means no – FROM THAT PERSON.

But not from The Uni-verse.

Let us remember Grace. Grace is the YES of the Uni-verse on our lives. But we have a limited perspective, so many times the things we think we want aren’t what we want at all. So getting a “no” from someone or something that we REALLY REALLY REALLY want is always a part of a larger YES from The Uni-verse (though we can’t always see it).

The key is this: to interpret rejection and not getting what you want as GRACE. See it as a part of a larger YES from The Uni-verse that is still unfolding. Don’t let the opinion of one person become your opinion of yourself, that is ridiculous.

Remember: a delay is not a denial. We are being groomed, prepared and polished so that when we do get what our heart’s desire we have the capacity to not only see that this is what we’ve been asking for, but that we have the capacity, courage and humility to RECEIVE and SAY YES to what we’ve been asking for.

The heart yearns for things the mind doesn’t always understand. But, so even though we do not always know exactly who or what we are asking for, The Uni-verse does and It is constantly working on our behalf to help us remove the blocks that are within to Love, to Joy and to Abundance. If all our inner blocks were removed we would be able to receive what our hearts desire NOW, but many times we have so much internal resistance within us that we keep the good out.

So, interpret the no’s from people in your life as a part of a larger YES from The Uni-verse. Detach from the form it comes in and be receptive to the subtle messages and guidance you receive daily. CHOOSE to interpret those rejection moments as GRACE instead of the end of the world.

As one of my favorite poet’s Rumi says, “If you’re bothered by every rub, how will you ever be polished?”

Let The Uni-verse polish you today and see what’s going on as Grace dear Carol.

How are YOU being polished? Let me know: [email protected]



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