The Blessings of Slowing Down!

I recently took out my journal, closed my eyes, put my hands on my body — and began to ask for insight on the subject of slowing down.

What is slowing down?

Slowing down is being conscious and is necessary to assimilate the moments of our lives. Assimilation means the process of becoming a part of something. Whether it be assimilation of nutrients from food or qualities from moments of our lives — we must be conscious of slowing down so that we can integrate and truly experience our lives.

What keeps me from slowing down?

The first answer that comes up for me is that I am often afraid to relax and trust. I don’t know what is going to happen once I open my eyes in the morning. I often feel like my adrenaline is on high and I am in constant survival mode. Sometimes it even feels like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I often feel like life is throwing constant boulders in my path — trying to get into my way. Quite the opposite of trust if you ask me. I hear a little giggle, which typically means my Heart is getting ready to share something profound.

“Is life throwing boulders in your way or is life simply supporting you to slow down, breathe, and make sure you are on the track of your Heart? Perhaps those boulders are a reminder to be conscious. Did you forget that every moment in your life supports your deepest desires? Perhaps you have forgotten what Life is really about.”

I often forget that life effortlessly takes care of me. I so often have an agenda, and when things don’t go according to the plan, I find myself feeling anxious and vulnerable. Before beginning anything I try to figure out steps 1 to 100 — instead of remembering that all I have to do is listen to my Heart — take step 1, and life will support me in the effort I have made. If I really want to slow down and trust, I must begin my day with intention. I must choose to remember to ask for support and guidance. I must remember to be silent and listen with an open mind for the answers. I forget to do this at times.

It’s so easy to pretend I am large and in charge and so hard sometimes to remember to seek guidance and insight. I can begin my day slowing down by creating intention. I can put the pause button on before I even get out of bed! What a wonderful habit to create. What will I focus on today giving to me? What will I choose to receive today? Intention focuses our mind to look for certain things.

If I am wanting to learn to slow down, I must begin the day intending to allow myself to feel supported by every moment and experience that my life is bringing to me. The line in the grocery store, the horrible traffic, the client who is running late, the problems my daughter has with her homework that interrupt a project – they are all an opportunity to learn to slow down. I must remember that slowing down gives me a chance to become more familiar with the feelings of trusting and relaxation. I am exactly where I need to be right now. Everything is as it is supposed to be right now. I have enough. I am enough. I choose to live a simple life so that my mind will be more calm and clear. To be able to hear my Heart, I must slow down. My heart has a stable beat while my mind races from subject to subject.

To slow down, I must choose to trust in life and listen to my Heart. I cannot listen to my Heart if I forget to connect to Her. To slow down, I must become in harmony with my Heartbeat. It is really quite simple. When I feel like I am racing and can’t slow down, I must ask myself what I am trying to control and choose instead to breathe, let go, and trust that things are unfolding perfectly. When I notice impatience and things not in sync with my agenda, I choose to take a deep breath and declare, “I allow myself to feel supported in the moment.” I then choose to seek a perspective that will allow me to feel supported by it. When things don’t go the way I think they should go, I breathe and remind myself there is something better in store. I seek to find the blessings.

As I slow down, I notice I feel vulnerable and raw. I notice my defenses fall down around me and a subtle feeling of fear come up that if I don’t keep pushing I will not survive or be successful. I am afraid I will be swallowed up by life itself if I don’t keep pushing.

I hear that giggle of my Heart again.

” When you slow down and let go of all of your defenses — this is when you will begin to truly live your life. There is a space in between each breath that magic can happen. You can hold your breath which speeds up your heart-rate (which connects you more to fear and your mind), or you can breathe and choose to be still in your Heart. When you notice you are anxious or stressed, take a breath. Slow down. Ask yourself, ‘How can I feel supported by life right now?’ Listen for your answers.”

On a very practical note, I made a list of things that I find relaxing and supportive. By doing things that support relaxation, your body will begin to feel safe and naturally be able to trust the process of life easier. If we want to feel supported by life, we must do things that are supportive for our bodies.

I began writing my list and here is what the first part looked like:

Things that support the feeling of relaxation
1. Conscious Breathing
2. Drinking warm liquids
3. Brushing my hair
4. Rubbing a pet
5. Sitting by the pond and watching the koi swim
6. Going for a walk in nature
7. Writing down the things that are on my mind
8. Slowing down to eat a meal
9. Having sex
10. Prayer
11. Meditation
12. Journaling
13. Applying lavender oil on my temples
14. Taking a warm bath and listening to music I enjoy
15. Writing poetry
16. Getting a manicure
17. Skin brushing before a shower
18. Creating intention in the morning
19. Sit with my eyes closed feeling my heartbeat for a minute
20. Listening to the water fountain

When we prioritize taking time to do things that promote relaxation, slowing down becomes second nature. Please take the time to write a list of things that allow you to relax, and comment below. What are your top three or five things? Your ideas and experiences will inspire many others on their healing journey. Please take a moment to express yourself.

May we all declare together —
— As I allow myself to prioritize slowing down and doing things that allow relaxation, I am easily able to trust in the perfection of life.

From the profound giggles of my Heart to yours,
Robin Lee

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Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.

  • Blossom08

    I am ready to slow down. This is beautifully written and has inspired me to get in action. I will slow down and create my list and live with intention. Thank you.

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Blossom! 🙂 xoxoxox Enjoy the journey!

  • Desi

    I’ve had 2 people tell me over the course of 2 weeks that I seem “nervous”…I am- but I didn’t think that I projected it to the outside world. This was in context of caring for my dog who just had surgery, but I took a step back & realized I’ve been more nervous than usual because of some BIG changes coming up after the holidays.  These new changes (at first) get me excited, but deep down I’m a ball of nerves. Your post really hit home for me. I NEED to slow down & trust that the Universe will help me transition & will guide me-if I ask….& I will!

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Desi–Sometimes we get used to resonating at a certain frequency and dont even realize it until someone else brings it to our attention.So wonderful to have the awareness. Your life will be brighter and more flowing through all of the transitions on their way. Have faith Desi. And when in doubt-reach out so I can remind you!

  • Jokogil

    Breathing deeply
    Watching the sky, the clouds
    Picturing my children’s faces
    Getting my hair done
    Taking a bath

    • Robin Lee

      Thank you so much for sharing ways that you slow down! 🙂 Have a great day Jokogil!

  • Jesscockerham

    I really needed this post….just finished crying on the way to work because of so much uncertainty going on. Thank you so much for writing it <3

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Jess! Uncertainty is the gateway to be able to see the magic of life itself. Breathe–feel the uncertainty in your body-it turns into excitment.

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Jess! Uncertainty is the gateway to be able to see the magic of life itself. Breathe–feel the uncertainty in your body-it turns into excitment.

  • Ema

    I swear that you are my mentor from different side of the world. You always write just what I need to heart. I love you from the bottom of my heart.
    Things that help me to relax the most are dancing and working out. No matter how tired, angry, stressed, etc..When I get to the dance class, see my crew and music starts to play I am in a whole different world. Nothing around me exists except me, music and dance. The same thing is with working out. I feel so happy doing it and after it. Amazing. I also love talking with my parents over the phone, having long night chats with my boyfriend, sleeping with my teddy bear..etc.. 😉

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Ema! I love how the internet can bring us together even though we are on different sides of the world! Thank you for sharing things that help you slow down and relax! 🙂 Have a wonderful day-I love you too!

  • I work with parents and this is such an important, beautiful post for them.  So often parents feel anxious and reactive.  Slowing down and trusting can make the parenting experience so miuch more enjoyable.  Loved it.  thank you.

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Shel! 🙂 What type of work are you doing with parents? Such an important calling!! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to say hi! 🙂

    • Yolanda

      I will be looking out for your website launch, I found much value in the words you shared here. I am creating a life of working with parents as well, specifically those raising children diagnosed with Autism or learning differences as I am. I often “feel anxious and reactive”. It’s definitely time to slow down so my work can continue in my life and be shared with others. Thank you.

  • Jamiegirl

    Hi Robin,
    I recently accepted a position as a nanny for an 8 week old baby. At first I thought I would be able to work out, catch up on reading, do daily writing, in other words keep busy while this lil’ guy did his thing. But, over the last few days I was struck by this idea, “Just go slow and enjoy him,” that I need to stop trying to do so much and just be with him. So I have. I have rocked him to sleep in the warmth of my arms everyday. I have sung to him. I have talked to him. I have watched his smile as he sleeps. I have decided that the days I am here with him, I will just be that, here with him. It has made a difference in how I feel getting up at 5:00 am to be there for him. Normally, this would stress me out! I am NOT a morning person, but allowing myself to slow down and  know that I made the decision to do nothing but enjoy him and be there for him has made all the difference. 
    I have another job that continues to cause me great anxiety. I’m going to change my thinking and see if I can have similar results there as well. 
    Thanks for writing the words of your heart and I LOVE the list!

    • Robin Lee

      The gift of your job sounds like such a blessing. There is something about children that really allows our hearts to open as we are reminded to slow down. Enjoy the moments. there is always more than enough time to do all that we want and need to. We just have to remember to breathe. Thank you for sharing. Its a pleasure to read your experience as you share your heart and insight. xoxo

  • lizilynx

    1. Conscious breathing
    2. Listening to my Heart and doing what she tells me
    3. Being in the moment, rather than rushing through it

    Thank you, Robin, for this post. I really appreciate this post and all of the work you share with us, especially your Heart work!
    Much love & Gratitude :o)

    • Robin Lee

      Hi Liz! What a lovely surprise to see you here! Thank you for sharing your supportive ways to slow down ! 🙂 Thank you for all of the love. You are held close inside of my Heart !

  • Guest

    Weird that someone can understand me so well. I have been trying to stop being driven for probably 20 years. I am only 41. As a teen and early 20s I worked so hard (and so stupidly) trying to pack studying in to every 10 minute space I could, I woke up the adrenaline had to start right away. Back then it was a lofty educational goal. I burnt out early. For some years after that I refused to have anything around me that was goal-oriented, even certain hobbies were given up because they involved making a finished product which would allow me to get obsessional. It’s incredible that after all that, I still can’t control the insanity very well. I realised last year that I’ve been unable to make concrete goals, and because of that, the only goals I had – inner development ones – were failing to be achieved either. 
    Back then I worked so hard for things I did not even really want, in my heart. Well, I’ve changed my life to look rather hippy-ish, quite unconventional – so that I want very little … but I’ve only made small progress. In fact, sometimes I don’t know if I’ve made any – like tonight when I find myself short of breath. I don’t even want to try to do some of these suggestions to slow down. Because I’ve always wanted to devote myself to something I loved – to have a life’s work I can be truly proud of… and I still don’t have that, and I want to get going. I think the problem is that I have ignored what that quiet small part of myself wants or needs at various moments throughout the day, and I have done that so consistently and so many years, and I was taught to do that… that it hurts a lot and if I slow down too much I will feel this hurt.What am I going to do about it: dance.I also like the suggestion of brushing hair. I find looking at clouds very relaxing. Maybe the most relaxing thing there is. So I will do that (it is taking some convincing to get myself to realise the cloud one is serious and that I truly need it). 
    Thank you so much for this.

    • Robin Lee

      There is something to say for being driven,just focus on asking your heart to speak to you so that your heart can drive you. You will feel deep fulfillment as you dive into your heart and use that drive to support the dreams you are here to fulfill. make space. breathe. let the flow happen! xoxoxo thank you for taking the time to share,inspire ,and connect. It is a blessing to see you here!

  • Yolanda

    Thank you so much for this post. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears…” that’s exactly how I felt after reading your words. I have turned my life 180 degrees in the last 45 days to follow my heart and have been pushing, pushing because I feel that is the only way I will succeed. I am going to exhale, let go of the reins and allow my work to take shape, trusting that everything will show up as it should.

    • Robin Lee

      YES!!! 🙂 Congratulations on listening to the call of your Heart!

  • joanne54

    my list include,Meditation,Yoga,walking,sometimes running,eating a dunkin donuts cinnamon raisin bagel plain, afternoon nap, the smile on my grandchildren’s face when they see me,a hot shower,massaging my own feet and hands,watching dancing with the stars,making chicken soup, not in that order and I forget to do this some days when I am in my head about have to’s. Learning everyday to slow down and do less…its a process and I am in it!

    • Robin Lee

      WoohooO!!!! xoxooxxoxo Thanks for inspiring us with your list and sharing your Heart!

  • Sarasearching

    this is lovely and such sweet timing – all so glorious and true.  our culture feeds on fear and it is killing us and our children.  may we find the peace of mindful, intentional, slow living. and what is so dear is the reminder that obstacles are only appear so in delusion – in truth it “life/God/Divine/Creative force?” supporting and informing us.  Top five:
    reading (especially with cup of tea)
    run or walk
    bubble bath
    yoga ~ stretching (not power, restorative!)

    • Robin Lee

      Awesome share Sara! Thank you!

  • guest

    This year the consistent neglect of calmness in my life has meant that I have failed in many areas where I never imagined I would. Now that I am slowing down and finding these inspirational ideas, it has hit me how if you neglect these simple processes, no matter how intelligent and hardworking you are you cannot succeed. I found my biggest fault to be not allowing myself to breath. This is when everything goes downhill – thoughts rush around my mind in an incoherent manner and no action ever comes from this hysteria and the simple solution is – just breath! This lack of allowing yourself a moment to catch a breath can really have a negative impact. So please breath everyone, it will change your life for the better. I loved this article Robin!

  • Thank you Robin! I truly needed this today and can not thank you enough. 🙂

    • Robin Lee

      xoxoxo Kim

  • Fé Avouglan