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The BRIDGE between dreaming and living your dreams is…

For better or for worse, I have always been someone who takes action. I’ve made A LOT of mistakes, fallen on my face many times, and sometimes even made people angry. I’ve messed up, screwed up, looked bad, made enemies, broken hearts and disappointed people – never because I meant to, mostly because I didn’t understand the effect of my actions on other people.

There have also been MANY positives to taking action, namely that I am living INSIDE of my dream and I am also happy and fulfilled. I view ALL the mistakes I’ve made as lessons helping me hone my craft, become more empathetic and bringing me one step closer to actualizing my dreams.

The consistency my whole life is that I have always been a person of ACTION. My action hasn’t always been accurate, precise or correct. I’ve made a TON of mistakes. I’ve messed up.

But Joyce reminds us, “Mistakes are the portal to discovery.” I don’t know why I’ve always known this, but I’ve always had the belief that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. (this OBVIOUSLY doesn’t apply to illegal activities). But it DOES apply to the rest of life. Risk taking. Following my dreams. But not just thinking about it. DOING IT.

I ended up with egg on my face plenty. I even messed up so bad once that I couch surfed for almost two years to recover. That was a ballsy choice. But I really believe that those ballsy choices are the choices that The Uni-verse respects. And it is the ACTION that is the bridge between dreaming about something and actually LIVING our dreams.

And not perfect action – action with the understanding that it won’t be perfect. Sure, you will be judged and criticized by people – but most often people who are not taking action. It’s EASY to be a critic, very difficult to be a DOER. And you will hardly ever be criticized by those who are doing. They may compete with you, but that is the stuff that makes you better.

Taking action with the understanding that you are going to mess up… taking action with the knowledge that you aren’t going to get it right, taking action knowing that you MUST and course correct as you go – THAT is what dreams are made of.

Tony Robbins calls it MASSIVE ACTION. That is to say, DOING A LOT OF STUFF EVERY DAY FOR A LONG TIME IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR DREAMS. Not once, not twice, not a hundred times, but UNTIL it happens. Action IS the bridge between dreaming about it, and living it.

And don’t sweat the mistakes or the criticism, it will pass and what will change is you will get smarter, better and wiser every day. The critic never built anything that stood the test of time. Only those wise enough to appear the fool temporarily are the ones to eventually become the masters.

What mistakes can you let yourself make today? Leave a comment on the blog and let me know!



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