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The Caribbean Yoga Conference: A Very Special Family Reunion, And You’re Invited!

In March of 1991 my mother passed away from lung cancer. Six months later, my grandfather would pass away as well. My mother’s brother, Uncle Tommy, wanted to do something to keep our whole family together as some of us lived on the East Coast, others lived on the West Coast. He devised, and paid for, a family reunion over the Christmas holidays and into the New Year. At first, we decided to hit ski destinations around the country and thus we spent our New Year seasons together in winter wonderlands.

After 6 years, my family’s obsession with golf and longing for warmer weather would lead us to Jamaica where we have been going together for over 16 years. Jamaica and its inhabitants have a very special place in our hearts. We have a strong connection with the food, music and culture there. It is a part of our family’s history and identity.

My uncle’s plan to unite us each year in this way has been a godsend. Individually and collectively, we have all gotten so much out of our time together. Furthermore, that one-week period each year has had the lingering effect of keeping us all in touch and connected throughout the rest of the year. My uncle believed that keeping a family together would be a good use of money. He was right.

About a year ago, I got a call from Kimberly Moon, the founder/producer of the Caribbean Yoga Conference held at the Hilton Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. She was inquiring if my wife, Kia, and I would like to come and teach at the conference. I forget the exact words I used, but from the moment she incanted the keywords of “Yoga” and “Jamaica” I was already there!
What I did not yet know was that this conference was going to be intimate and family-like. It is relatively small and affords a certain possibility of connectedness, of going deeper into practice and with each other than is possible in other venues.
Looking at the faculty they had booked, I noticed an international, diverse assemblage of teachers from all around the world carrying knowledge and experience that I want to connect with. THEN I saw my pal, Elena Brower, was going to be there and DJ Drez and MC Yogi, Mastin Kipp and Dan Wilf, Jason Nemer, Moses Love, Hawah and Chris Roy from Namaste Interactive.

Beyond all this goodness, it has to be mentioned that Kimberly’s commitment to service is awesome. Working with the organization, Karma Krew, the Caribbean Yoga Conference spreads yoga’s message of love, compassion, and community to underprivileged populations across the Caribbean. They do this through unique service opportunities, their scholarship programs and micro-grant lending to promote strength and sustainability.

I now realize that The Caribbean Yoga Conference is going to be a very special reunion of people coming together in a very special way in a very special place.

The only hard news is that my uncle will not be paying for all of you to come. You will have to get down there and cover your lodging, but with a 4-day conference price less than $400, this will be a very good use of money.

I wish to see you there.

Love & Peace,

Tommy Rosen


Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction specialist. Check out his website here.

The Caribbean Yoga Conference takes place from January 31st-February 3rd. Check out for all details.