The difference between amateur and PRO!

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Monday was the first day of teaching my new Love Uni-versity course called “Discover the Wisdom of Your Fear” and a woman raised her hand who was a writer and asked me why she wasn’t living her dream even though she was taking all the steps.

After a little bit of questioning, I finally found out that she hadn’t written anything of her own for over three months.

And if we take a step back, just a few moments ago she told me in the most convincing way that she was “taking all the right steps.”  As a writer, I can tell you that if you aren’t writing EVERY DAY, you’re not really dedicated to your craft. It’s something that MUST happen EVERY DAY.

And I went into a whole break down of the most amazing book called “The War of Art”. Stop what you’re doing right now and click here to grab a copy.

The author, Steven Pressfield – show us how to battle with an inner critic known as “Resistance.” It’s a BRILLIANT book and one that helped me become a writer.

The basic idea is this… There are two types of creative people. Amateurs and pros. Amateurs create when they feel like it, let resistance get them down and come up with all kinds of excuses about why they can’t create.

Pros on the other hand create every day, no matter how they are feeling. They are in a conscious effort to rise above resistance and are determined to conquer this force that holds us back.

So, when I was talking to the woman from Love U, it was clear to me that even though she THOUGHT she was doing all the right things, she was violating the rule of amateur vs. pro and this is a MAJOR contribution to why she was not where she wanted to be in her writing career.

There’s this idea that we can only write when inspiration falls and that a moment will magically come when it all falls into place. And that line of thinking is perhaps the greatest dream killer of them all. Living your dreams is earned every single day as we conquer resistance and overcome fear. We have to EARN it – and not in the same amount of time that it takes to tweet or text – it’s in our own dedicated time life will change.

But the first step is SHOWING UP every day no matter WHAT for your dream – even if it’s for only an hour or half hour a day. Over time you will put in A LOT of effort that will slowly start to pay off!

So, in your own life – where are you being an amateur and not a pro? Where are you letting resistance get the best of you? And what new schedule and covenant do you need to make for yourself so that you are showing up for your dreams every day? TDL really comes alive in the comment section below, so leave a comment and let me know! Also if you need any help from anyone ask for it! The Daily Lovers LOVE to help you out!

Lots of LOVE! And here’s to being PRO!


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Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

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  • <3

    I just realized this recently. I would always wait to be inspired to paint, draw and photograph. I was going through a lot and allowed that to be my excuse for not creating every day til one day I stopped. I got rid of all the toxic interactions, there weren’t many, but I purged nevertheless. I became more focused and intentional in my daily doings. I began creating something every single day and its been therapeutic. When I find myself getting lost in social media and the trials of every day life, I create. This is where I find my peace and my passion. I have no expectations for my work but I do know that it makes me a better person, more centered, more loving and accepting of myself. I can step back and even admit to myself that I’m damn good! LOL! I believe it now. Thank you for this reminder. I am going to purchase “The Art if War ” and I will not resist. I will put brush to canvas, graphite to paper, finger on shutter and just do it!! <3 to you!!

    • <3

      The War of Art!!! Already read the other one!! LOL!

  • Thanks for the reminder!  

  • Yasmininewriter

    I agree with you ,as a writer i write almost every day ,but succeeding as a writer is a hard thing speically when you are bieng rejected  or ignored a lot ,it takes a lot of time to recongized and most of the times it doesn’t happen ,not all people are meant to achieve their dreams

  • Maja

    Your articles and topics alsways seem to come at the right time. I can totally relate to this article. This does not only count for writers, painters and other artistic people, but for everybody who lets resistance stop them from living their dream and doing what they love. I am one of those people. At the moment, I have a job, but I feel like it is not satisfying me and that I need to be somewhere else to live my dream. And instead of actively looking for another job or looking for solutions or ways to motvate myself, I listen to the little voice of resitance, telling me thousands of reasons why I should not move a thing. 
    So I guess you are right Mastin, if you really love something and want to change something, you have to stop being an amateur and start thinking and behaving like a pro! It is time to get up and start moving!

  • Hey Mastin, this was exactly what I needed to hear today!! There are a number of areas that I’m playing amateur. That’s going to change starting today. Thanks again for the amazing work that you do.

  • Damn…this is a good one. Thanks Mastin! And I LOVE the audio recordings.

  • Camille

    I love this — thanks for the insight. And the jolt! I read your blog daily – which makes me a professional student of personal growth —. In gratitude. Cc

  • Myst>.<

    Now I know why… I am not making my dream come true… Thanks. Mastin.. You made me realize  the things that I need to do to fulfill my dream>.< Going to be a Pro now:)

  • What a powerful message Mastin, thank you for sharing! I have recently started writing a novel and I write 4 pages a day. And I post everyday on my blog. But I can definitely use this principle in other areas of my life like exercise, and now that I’m aware of it, I can use it more consciously for ALL of my dreams 🙂 Thank you 😀

  • I think you could look at this the other way round as well, in terms of breaking habits. If there’s something you’re doing everyday that is detrimental to your wellbeing or moves you away from your goals, you could start to break it by limiting doing it to once a week or not doing it for one day in the week 🙂

  • Marques Jerrell Ruff

    Once again Mastin, you inspire a change within me that is just ground-breaking. As I read today’s “sermon”, as I like to call it, I couldn’t help but to think of a book I read a few years back entitled, “Leadership 101. In the book the author (whose name I’ve forgotten) says, “A talented person who lacks discipline is like an octopus on ice skates. There’ s a lot of movement, but no forward direction!” Your words today echo that sentiment for me and as a musician who desires to become an iconic, world-class singer, I know that I am not showing up for my talent/purpose everyday. Thank you friend, thank you.

    Marques Jerrell Ruff

  • Barbara Hames

    Oh Ok. I know that already but ok again, you are RIGHT!  I’ve been letting the resistors get into my head… too busy, too tired, I’ll do it tomorrow, etc. etc. Hence the days have slipped into 2 weeks already and … not done a damn thing. So right now I will write on my whiteboard in CAPITAL LETTERS (so I really can’t miss it!)… 
    And then I’ll be on my way. I know that the only difficulty and time wasting, is in the thinking about the task – the task itself is actually very enjoyable, and is gonna give me so many good feelings!
    I CAN.
    Barbara Hames

  • Kate

    Ouch! I just got my butt kicked (and it worked!). Thanks Mastin!

  • SheenRe

    This is a keeper!  I needed this so much right now….so thanks!

  • Alea

    I was in the Fear Immersion class and “raised my hand” and got picked and I was SO EXCITED to have Mastin answer my question. I asked, “How do you infuse the contribution aspect into career?” I want to be a screenwriter….correction, I want to write and produce my own movies. Mastin explained to be aware of the message you are putting out with your work…is it inspiring or defeating? I was walking with a friend to dinner when he answered my question. Later, while sitting with my friend during dinner, I said to her…”you know, I really want to work with women and inspire/affect them in some way. I don’t know how yet.” She laughed and pointed out that I was ALREADY doing that through my screenplays! My work always has a strong female protag who overcomes major obstacles to step into her truth. HELLO!! I have no idea how I didn’t put that puzzle piece together, but the contribution/purpose in writing for me is already there!! Now I just have to get the PRO groove going and step into my courage to make it happen!! Thanks Mastin and DL!

  • Todd Dutch

    Mastin, regardless of the amount of knowledge I THINK I may have, or where I may be struggling on any certain day, I always seem to find re-calibration from your words. I so closely see so much of myself in your story you share so often; I am in such gratitude for that. One mantra I use virtually everyday is “either you will find a way, or you will find an excuse”. Choosing this thought alone brings me back into alignment with my dreams and desires and increases my vibration to forge forward in my own POWER. The great thing I have learned is that my fear can be a great advantage in creating leverage in my life that allows myself in continuing to learn how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

    However, to cultivate the leverage into results one must define their individual intent (or the why the is important?) and must engage in grounded action daily – yes, I learned that from you and that truth has manifested in my life time and time again. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!And one last thanks for being of service to so many by sharing your gifts with the world. Many KUDO’S 🙂 Todd

  • Absolute BRILLIANT post, Mastin. Seriously. That’s one reason why YOU are so amazing at what you do, CONSTANT DAILY POSTS. Thank you for the inspiration and the beautiful reminder that the Resistance is conquerable. 🙂 BIG HUGS! xoxo 

  • Guest

    Wow this hit the spot today.  We complain that nothing different happens in our lives but we are the ones that refuse to commit to making things happen.  It can’t be an occasional commitment- it’s showing up everyday no matter what.  I have grown lazy with my life.  It hurts to say it but it is true.  You have giving me plenty of food for thought!

  • Paige Olive

    It’s so easy for me to legitimately THINK that I’m creating every day, when in reality I’m just thinking about creating, or thinking about what I want to create (I’m a graphic designer). The act of actually sitting at my drawing board or computer and making something is a different story; and you’re right, Mastin, when I actually create every day, no matter how I feel, that’s when I see success.

    I love Danielle LaPorte’s book The Fire Starter Sessions – in here she talks about this same topic and how the secret to success is hustling EVERY DAY, and having moxie. I love that. Not just creating every day, but hustling. Working your ass off at your art, and not just dinking around for the sake of saying “I created today.”

    The key point in your blog today was when you talked about creating no matter how you feel – GUILTY! It’s easy for me to justify “I’m not feeling creative today, so nothing I make will be beneficial to my work.”

    My goal for October is to create every day, and realize that even if I’m not feeling creative, at least I’ll be learning new skills and enhancing the skills I already have.

    Huge love!

  • Carrie_B

    I appreciate you and all you do, Mastin. So happy I found this site. 

  • TrackerM

    Thanks again Mastin. I am loving the course & this is a question that I have asked a lot lately. I’ve signed up for the writing course, why isn’t it happening? 
    Yet again You have made it so crystal clear & I love the look of that book You recommend & will now make sure I do something each & every day, even if it is just 1/2 an hour. The grey cells need daily excersise too!!

  • This one hit me in the gut.  Loved it!  I write everyday although I do not post my blog everyday.  I have toyed with the idea of making them shorter.  Hmmmm…Any suggestions?  Blog everyday and post?  Or write everyday and post longer blogs once a week? 

  • Mastin, I am so honored to have been chosen to totally be in the “spotlight” during this 5 day Course “Discover Wisdom of  Your Fear”.  Each class has brought incredible shifts for me and before the day is out the evidence of this internal change is already manifesting.  Can’t wait to see what happens with facing my “Fears” this afternoon.  Trepidation but eager – Living on the Edge of Creation!!

  • Thanks Mastin, for your timely butt-kicking.  (it’s funny how things cross your inbox just when you need to see them).  I think it all comes down to living in the moment.  Tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed.  So if you want to create something (art, love, novels, a better body),  there’s no better time than the present.  That’s what I am doing…starting NOW.

    Thanks again for shining the light of love in my eyes.

  • I had to post on this one. I was just like this woman. For years, I would say, “I want to be a writer”. My fear would kick in and I couldn’t commit to it. I would write in spurts. But, it was odd because I committed to books for months and then I would completely stop for months. Now, I am writing every day and I’ve found that it makes me want to write more. I have so many more ideas and I am getting better. I have finally committed to the one thing that REALLY matters in my life and it’s wonderful. The fear went away when I started to do it for me. It’s my peace of mind on a daily basis. When I am creating and sharing, I know that I am doing what I was created to do. I just bought the book, Mastin. Thanks for the advice as always. 

  • LOVE it! Great job with the audio version too! It’s great to hear the emotion in the words.
    I am direct proof of this, I started just being this new person I could be, everyday.. walk differently, talk differently, practices, a life full of ceremony and gratitude. It has been just over a month of doing this and my life has completely flipped over!!!! Love you Mastin and the TDL Tribe!

  • Kristin

    Hats off to these 5 days of Wisdom…

    There is a message in everything, I believe this to my core.  Everyone of us receives a different message, as Mastin was able to see the value in being a Pro vs an Amateur, I took this~

    Imagine!!!!!!    Fear is so powerful that the caller was willing to part with (X  dollars) to take this 5 day call to fear facing action, knowing she didn’t have enough to pay her cell phone bill.  What was even more profound was that she owned it and said it with no fear.  “I think my phone will be shut off tomorrow, will I still have access to the mp3 recordings?”  That mattered to her, she is truly seeking a way to be fearless and peruse what she truly wants by taking action by participating..   To tears it moved me..  Would I have said to the world, my phone will be cut off because I couldn’t pay?  And not because they did something wrong…. (no victim there).  She will find her way as she is already brave in truth!!!!!   I will gladly send her her (X dollars) if your team could facilitate that effort.    So often I feel stuck relating to judgment.  Mine being harder on myself of course….  She had no fear of judgment at that point only a need to ensure her own actions could be taken.              You go girl….. Love that!

    Alexis- is why I am an Anxiety Life Coach and why I will continue to help people put their Matters over their Minds~~  by focusing on what Matters most when you keep your Mind out of it!!     Speak your truth, ask the questions and you will discover your answers are right inside.

    Thank you Mastin for this call, you say it well and I love your potty mouth and your REAL-ness!!!!!!!

    A Daily Reader~  Kristin  Tuohy

  • xtyb

    What a crazy ‘coincidence’!! Earlier this week I listened to The War Of Art audiotape and it blew my mind. This idea of being a pro is what really ‘connects the dots’ between my day to day life and the ideas I get every day from Mastin Kipp, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, Esther Hicks….One of my favorite quotes from the book that REALLY brings it home is from Steven Pressman and, well, Socrates:

    The truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. Those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them. 

    I’m taking a stand to be my own boss and demand professionalism from myself!!

    As always, Thank You, Mastin!

  • @OnlyMyMusings

    I totally idenify with Mastin and am forced to identify my problem area. There is always room for improvement and this post is a personal reality check. [email protected]

  • Rania

    I truly must agree with Maja when she says that the topics in your articles truly do come at the right Divine time. I needed this clarity this morning – because I def was behaving like an Amateur in my craft. But all that is about to change..
    Downloaded Day 2 of Love U (Fear Worskhop) and am so excited to get cracking..

  • Resistance comes to me in the form of perfectionism.  I’ve come to the realization that a project will never get done if I feel that it needs to be perfect.  It will never be perfect!  I’m finally finishing projects that I started 10 years ago and I don’t feel stuck anymore. I’m reaching a new platform. I’m creating every day and committing myself to finish one project at a time.

  • Resistance comes to me in the form of perfectionism.  I’ve come to the
    realization that a project will never get done if I feel that it needs
    to be perfect.  It will never be perfect!  I’m finally finishing
    projects that I started 10 years ago and I don’t feel stuck anymore. I’m
    reaching a new platform. I’m creating every day and committing myself
    to finish one project at a time.

  • Bendjennifer

    Thank you, Mastin.  Great topic and book recommendation.  LOVE that you’re using Dropbox for audio sharing of your daily topic.  Now, I can get your message every day, even if I can’t take the time to read, I can listen as I travel.  Thank you, so grateful for your daily messages.

  • Lifeissweet3

    I couldn’t help but think that this applies to anything – not just art or music but about being happy, connected, whole.  I sometimes find myself in that deep well of depression and if I was honest I could see that its not a long fall but instead small steps every day until I am at the bottom of the well.  But if I apply this concept and invest just an hour a day on me, then I won’t find myself in that place very often.  Thanks for posting.

  • this is why in reiki we are meant to practice everyday on ourselves for at least 30 minutes … to know thyself as well as to perfect the craft. 
    brilliant. thank you 🙂

    namaste mastin