The Ego & Celebrities!

In today’s vlog I address how the ego goes wild when it comes to celebrities. The ego loves to hook into gossip stories about celebrities we’ve never even met. These false illusions make us perceive the celebrity as more special than we are. This special celebrity relationship totally flips the ego out. In efforts to make ourselves feel better for not being as famous and cool we go into attack mode, judging someone we’ve never even met. I know, it sounds super trippy, but in some way we’ve all been there. In this video I get honest about how my ego is a star f*%%er and I offer spiritual solutions for releasing our special illusions.

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  • emabaksa

    Thank you for sharing this vlog. I used to be obsessed with reading about celebrities, knowing where they went, how they were dressing, etc. I thought that all famous people are so much better than me, and if I got famous I would be as good as them. But working on myself, reading your blogs and vlogs, and reading blogs of all amazing people that write here made me realize that I am unique and good as every one else around me. I found love for myself in myself and now I know that no matter where I live and no matter what I do, I matter and I am special in my own way.

  • Esna

    I think Gabbys VBLOGS are amazing. I love how real she is! And how clear and important her messages are in todays world.

    Shes like the ‘cool’ girl at school, who is also the ‘smart’ girl and the ‘nice’ girl- all rolled in one.

  • Lsdancy

    Thank you.  I needed this!!  Admittedly,  I have done this with celebs and I sometimes do this with others,  in general , when I think that lives are better than mine. It is a brain drain and really  call to love me much more in that moment.  No matter what level of spiritual/personal growth you are on, it is always helpful to hear or read more information to help create an even better you.   I see a bit clearer and I appreciate the “lens cleanse”.