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The Grass IS Greener!

For as long as I can remember I would hear people saying that the grass is never greener on the other side.

I always wondered if it were true, and in fact, I spent a lot of time believing it.

As an adult I began to question it more and more. How do I know it to be true — that the grass is never greener? How do I know it to be true if I have never tiptoed on the other side? How do I know for certain this isn’t yet another way that people, life and society aren’t just using that as a phrase to stay stuck and not take responsibility for their lives?

What other people do is absolutely none of my business. What I do is my complete responsibility.

I am not saying I believe it’s a great idea to toss one situation (relationship, job, etc.) the first time things don’t go the way one wants. I am a firm believer in trying all possible venues to make things work and to extract the best out of every situation. But what happens when, in your heart, you know you have done all that there is to do and somehow you are left still feeling empty, depressed and alone — and there is a tugging inside that says, “There IS something much better. Have faith and move forward. The vision you seek really does exist.” For me, I would hear the tugging and right behind the tugging was, “What’s the point — the grass is never greener.” For years I believed this and I have to say — it was great to hold onto that belief. Doing so taught me a lot about myself.

However, several years back my father dying out of the blue taught me a very great lesson. Although the grass may not be greener, I began wanting to make sure that when I woke up in the morning I was fully committed and in harmony with the choices that I was making for myself. I remember thinking when I found out that my dad was no longer on this planet with me, “What if the grass is greener and I never had the courage to explore that?”

Since my fathers passing, I have made some epic changes in my life — and I can say that, although I am the same person with the same issues and feelings inside, my life is very different and the internal strength and clarity I have is incredibly different. In many ways, I can tell you, that the vision my heart whispered for years does exist. I can tell you, for me, the grass is so much greener — and I wake up with gratitude everyday for having the courage to finally listen to my Heart.

There is something to say for listening to that tug saying there is something more. There is something to say about the people we spend to choose huge amounts of time with in our lives. People do radically affect us and can support and inspire us to be better people — or can pull us down like iron anchors in the sea. Some people and situations bring out the best in us and some do not. For me, the fear of being alone and unsuccessful was what I carried into my life as I had made those intense changes. As I am working on letting go of these fears and walking with strength holding hands with my vision — I notice the incredible support and like-minded souls appearing out of the cracks of the woodwork in times and places I never expected. I am not saying that life just takes magical turns and that around the corner are rainbows and unicorns — but I am curious — if people would live a bit more courageously and integrity-filled, and if they believed perhaps the turns would be magical for them — if the world wouldn’t become a lot more inspirational and green overall!

It took me a long time to let go of the belief that the grass wasn’t greener, and, as I held hands with courage, I have to say the grass has become more than green — it has become close to everything that I could have ever dreamed — and each day gets better and better.

From my heart to yours — Wherever you are in your life, commit to live it with full integrity. If you still wake up feeling funky, silenced and depressed — perhaps it’s time to pull up your big girl panties or your big boy briefs, take your dreams into your hands — and know that incredible things and experiences are awaiting your arrival.

Imagine if you woke up today thinking, “Today something incredible is going to happen.” It will if you seek to be open to finding it.

All my love,
Robin Lee

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