The Key To Having EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted In Life!

Every moment of your life is an opportunity to live fully and to love boldly.

Your heart is your paintbrush.

Your life is your canvas.

You are an artist.

Art is not simply something in a museum.

Your art is your life.

What could you do?

What will you create?

Who would you be?

If you no longer let your fear, your past or your limitations stop you?

At any moment you can create magic. At any moment you can do something different from what you have done in the past. Never having done it before is no excuse to not do it now.

You were born for greatness!

There are dreams dancing within your soul for a reason. Your dreams are the way that life seeks to manifest itself in form.

Real heroes aren’t angels in the sky, floating amidst cotton candy clouds.

Real heroes don’t need to climb Mt. Everest, jump from planes or walk on hot coals to prove their strength.

Real heroes aren’t necessarily named Kobe or Cruise. They don’t run from life in order to find peace.

Real heroes deal. They know how to take responsibility for their lives, regardless of what has happened in the past.

Real heroes are those who have the courage to love, laugh and live fully, despite all of life’s challenges.

Real heroes are those who dare to live larger than what scares them, and live life with an open heart.

I acknowledge YOU because it takes courage to be alive and to be who you really are in this world.


Blaze your own trail.

Dare ecstasy.

Defy gravity.

Transcend the past.

There are no refunds in life. It’s over before you know it. Live each moment fully with no regrets.

Remember, it’s not the risk you didn’t take.

It’s the love that you dared to make that is the difference.

No one’s coming.

Not the government.

Not your parents.

Not some hero from the sky.

Because you are already here.

The world is waiting.

For you.

The time is NOW.

You are IT!

So don’t compromise your heart no matter what.

Dare to create a life that’s a masterpiece!




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Kute Blackson is a speaker and life coach. Check out his website here.

  • Marie Egles Carhart

    Awesome – thank you!

    • The Daily Love

      Thank you for reading and enjoying, Marie 🙂 -Team TDL

  • Carie Bean

    Your words circle around this moment and lift me into awareness! I love the way you give a positive message in a way that says get up off your bum and enjoy the moment. For goodness sake this is your life…. live it! Yes yes and more yes, dear sir of inspiration THIS IS MY TIME…YOUR TIME….OUR TIME. Fantastically written. Fantastically placed… here…now..shine on, heart shine! Happily, Carie

    • The Daily Love

      So true, Carie! We’re so glad Kute’s article revved you up today 🙂 -Team TDL

  • Janet Cokinos

    WOW!!!! YES. <3 <3 <3

    • The Daily Love

      Our thoughts exactly, Janet 🙂 Thank you for reading! -Team TDL

      • Janet Cokinos

        I shared it too ! AWESOME.

  • Beautiful! Yes, yes, yes!

    • The Daily Love

      We completely agree, Tracy 🙂 -Team TDL

  • Talya Price

    Great read. I love this.

    • The Daily Love

      We’re so glad you do, Talya! -Team TDL

  • Antonette Taylor

    Excellent message Kute! I hope that those who fear to live as you expressed above will find the courage to change the story that stops them from living fully, loving fully and being all they are meant to be. That is my wish for the day. Heartfelt, Antonette

  • kathleen

    I enjoyed reading this.

  • Sonia

    Absolutely daring! Thank you!!!!