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The Magnitude of Gratitude!

On this magnificent Thursday, we get to gather with our loved ones and eat delicious food until we feel like we never want to eat. Ever. Again.

Football field battles are in full effect on the television while aromas of pumpkin spice and egg nog tickle your nose.
The fireplace is roaring while your distant cousin (who you only see once a year) tells inappropriate jokes followed by his own belly-laughter.
This day is called Thanksgiving and we’ve been looking forward to the candied yams, apple-and-sausage stuffing, and turkey slices all year. On this day we easily get lost in the edible art, laced with new memories, and we spend less time expressing gratitude for x, y, and z.
It’s the smallest details, experiences, and novelties that we often take for granted. They come and go, in a fleeting moment, and we think nothing of it.
Have you ever been on vacation and forgot to bring Q Tips? No matter what, you just couldn’t get your hands on ONE of them and having one in that moment would’ve been so AWESOME. When you returned from your trip, the cup on your bathroom counter top filled with 57 Q Tips was the prettiest sight you’ve ever seen.
You know that guy who drives the free shuttle bus from long term parking to the terminal at the airport? We sometimes have to wait – sometimes anxiously – for him to pick us up, but what would you do without him? Can you imagine trying to schlep all of your stuff that far?! That would be miserable!
I know the escalated gas prices are a bummer, but what if you never had access to gasoline? And did you know that they charge per liter in Europe? It’s way more expensive over there!
Sure, it’s MEGA annoying when our calls get dropped on our cell phone, but do you ever think: “what would I do without my phone that lets me talk to whomever I want, whenever I want, and search for – and FIND – a location of anything I need, allows me to listen to my favorite music, take high quality pictures, and keeps track of my daily to-dos and not-dos?”?
There are so many things that can frustrate, annoy, bother, or anger us – but ONLY if we allow them to. What feels so much better than being furious at the city traffic we have NO control over is to be grateful for the times when we are NOT sitting in a mobile parking lot.
In that moment of feeling upset for being trapped by hundreds of cars, think about the times when you’ve been coasting along with the windows down and feeling absolute freedom. Be thankful for your ability to have those moments and then be grateful for your chosen state of patience.
It always helps me to say, out loud, “I’m grateful for this moment, and I love that this traffic is serving me in practicing my patience.” Instant shift. Instant affirmation. Instant gratitude.
The magnitude of gratitude is powerful beyond measure. It can heal deepening wounds, hurting hearts, and aching bodies. Instead of being frustrated with the current situation, be patient in your process and trust that it is all a part of the grand, master plan. It is all happening for a purpose much bigger than you.
Be grateful. Be thankful. Be LOVE.
The next time you experience a lack of gratitude, take notice, and make a shift. Focus your energy on what makes you feel grateful – even the simplicity of a single Q Tip. Thanksgiving Day should be every day, and it gets to be that way if you choose it to be.
Expressing gratitude will never go out of style. It’s the new black. Rock it!
Love all that is you,
Jenna xox


Jenna Phillips is a Total Wellness Philosopher, Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer & the founder of her lifestyle brand I’m On A Mission. Follow her on Twitter and be inspired.