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The Miracle Of Forgiveness

Dr. Robert HoldenI’m at Findhorn, Scotland, for a weeklong conference on Forgiveness: The Great Undoing. I’m sitting in the Blue Angel café, as I write. They serve a great cappuccino. Full bodied. Not too milky. I’ve been asked to give the opening keynote. I’ve called it The Miracle of Forgiveness, because I’ll explore some of the key tenets of forgiveness as taught by A Course in Miracles (ACIM). This talk has been on my mind all year. I feel nervous and excited. The Course’s teachings on forgiveness and love are the most challenging and liberating I have met.

1. Forgiveness is a miracle. A major difficulty with forgiveness is that our first attempt to forgive is –almost invariably– after something unforgiveable has happened. Our ego has no idea what to do. This is good news, according to ACIM. Why? Because the ego doesn’t do forgiveness; the ego is undone by forgiveness. Forgiveness is much more than just an emotional reframe, positive thinking, or a charitable response to a specific event. In truth, forgiveness is an act of grace. I like to say, forgiveness is an angel you call upon when you need a miracle in your life. Being willing to forgive is the first step. This is how the miracle begins.

2. All forgiveness is a gift to yourself. Another difficulty is we often feel pressure to forgive because it’s spiritual, we are trying to be good, and we feel like we should. The gift of forgiveness, according to ACIM, is that it frees you from being a victim. The big line from ACIM on forgiveness is: “forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred.” ACIM invites you to see that what happens to you happens only to your body, your self-image, or your story about yourself; and that your essence (the Soul) is unblemished and undiminished by the events of this world. This is the gift of forgiveness.

3. Love holds no grievances. Everything that happens in our world is either an expression of love or a call for love, teaches ACIM. Forgiveness sees every grievance, no matter what form it takes, as a call for love. In other words, you have to love yourself through the grievance. Step one is to grieve. If you don’t let yourself grieve, there will be no end to the grieving. Step two is to place your grievance in the hands of love. The temptation is to want to judge, to defend, to attack, but you lose sight of the eternal love that is your true nature. ACIM states:

“It is as sure that those who hold grievances
will suffer guilt, as it is certain that those
who forgive will find peace.

It is as sure that those who hold grievances
will forget who they are, as it is certain
that those who forgive will remember.”

4. The Present is Forgiveness. Everyone has had terrible experiences at one point or another in their past. Without forgiveness, you won’t get past your history. Symptoms of an unhealed past include 1) feeling stuck: your life isn’t moving because you haven’t moved on; 2) chronic complaining: you project the past onto the present; 3) fear of showing up: what you won’t forgive you are afraid will happen again. As you affirm, “Today I claim the gifts forgiveness gives” you’ll see that who you really are has nothing to do with what happened to you in the past. Forgiveness, once accepted, presents you with a new future.

5. Forgiveness is the key to happiness. Why? Because you can’t carry a grievance and be happy, you can’t attack and attract love, and you can’t keep holding on to resentments and be open to new beginnings and inspiration. The purpose of your life is not to carry a grievance. Your greatest happiness is to live a life fully expressed. It is to be the light of the world, as ACIM puts it. The prayer for forgiveness is:

“I let forgiveness rest upon all things,
For thus forgiveness will be given me.”

Forgiveness, as presented in ACIM, is not a little thing. It is too big to get your head around, so to speak. Never mind, because the last thing we need is another lecture on forgiveness! If, however, we can give our heart to forgiveness (to the angel of forgiveness) then, maybe, we will experience something of the miracle of forgiveness. And as we accept this miracle for ourselves, we can then share the miracle with our friends, our children, our family, and the world.




Robert Holden is the creator of a 3-day program called Loveability, which is coming to the USA for the first time in New York in November 2013. Click here for more info.

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