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The Path To Healing – Step 2!

This is the second piece in a 12-part series aimed at distilling the truly wonderful wisdom contained in the 12 steps of recovery. The point is to look at the 12 steps as a universally relevant philosophy that lays out a path for anyone, whether they feel they have an issue with addiction or are just interested in moving along their own unique path to wholeness.  The 12 steps work and have wisdom to offer everyone.

Step Two in 12-step programs is written: “We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

In Step One we admitted our powerlessness over our addictions and we took a good look at the unmanageability that resulted from them.  This was easy enough for most of us because we could clearly see the wreckage that certain behaviors had caused in our lives.

With Step Two, we are being encouraged to believe in a simple spiritual idea.  If personal powerlessness is our problem than we have to find a source of power greater than ourselves that could “restore us to sanity”, a statement which clearly indicates that we have been insane in some way.  If you are reading this thinking you can’t relate to the idea of being insane then follow this line of thinking for a moment.  I define addiction as any behavior that a person continues to do despite the fact that it affects them negatively.  Now, consider behaviors such as negative thinking, self-doubt, resentment and procrastination.  These behaviors are what I call the Four Aggravations.  If you are stuck in any of these behaviors, which sap you of your life energy, then by my definition you are caught in addictive patterns of thought.  Perhaps your outer world is not so addictively inclined, but nonetheless, you are at the mercy of your mind and you do not seem to be able to stop it.

The Second Step only asks that we believe that a power greater than ourselves could do it for us.  So, what is this power and where do you find it?  Let’s make a distinction between the small self and the Big Self.  Small self is the ego-self.  It is finite in nature and primarily concerned with getting its own needs met.  When we engage in addictions we feed the ego-self making it stronger.  Big Self is your highest Self.  It is infinite in nature, connected to the Uni-verse at all times and has the fulfillment of your highest destiny as its goal.  The words “We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity” simply mean that if we can align with the infinite part of our Self, the insanity of aligning with our small self will be over.  You may connect with the idea of Big Self either as a force within connected to the Uni-verse or if you prefer a force outside of you.  Some people in 12-step programs refer to the fellowship as a whole as their higher power and this has given them enough of a foundation to build an exceptional life.

When I got to drug and alcohol rehab, I was truly insane, and I fought with myself about the idea of a higher power.  Mainly, I fought because the ideas I had been given to that point did not work for me.  Then, it was suggested to me that I could choose whatever I wanted to be my higher power as long as it was not me or the girl I was currently obsessing upon.

What worked for me was the concept of Nature.  I chose all of Nature to be my higher power because it was there that I experienced a true sense of awe.  It just made sense to me and it was enough for me to start.
The 2nd Step intends for you to see your imbalances and to come to believe that by connecting with a power greater than your self will be restored to balance.  More than I can possibly express in words, I wish this for you.

In Love and Gratitude.

Tommy Rosen

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Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction specialist. Check out his website here.