The Power Of A Smile

A smile is a beautiful thing. It’s a universal symbol of happiness and a force of nature. Yes, a force of nature. Have you ever observed what happens within you when you smile, or better yet, forced yourself to smile when you’re feeling down?

Give it a try right now. No matter how you’re feeling or what’s going on in your life, close your eyes and smile. Observe the feeling of warmth that wells up in your belly as you do it. Observe the shift in your energy as you turn that frown upside down.  If you’re still not convinced, go in front of a mirror and notice how you look when you’re smiling.  Once again, observe how you feel within and how you feel about the reflection looking back at you as your facial expression changes. If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, look yourself in the eyes, smile and say: “You’re awesome!”

I believe that a smile is one of the most powerful and most underrated gifts that we, as humans, possess. It embodies our ability to create and our ability to express the infinite love that is within us. So many of us go through our days dragging our feet, lamenting our struggles, waiting for this or that to happen to cheer us up and we forget that all the while, we have this incredible tool at our disposal to raise our spirits. When we smile, something lights up inside us; we connect to our Source and we are actually able to alter our mood. What’s even more amazing is that we can share this gift with others. The only thing more powerful than one person smiling is two people smiling at each other. We all know that wonderful feeling we get when we look into someone’s eyes, and with the simple exchange of a smile, a world of meaning is communicated. It can be an expression of love, of joy or of laughter. Smiling is contagious, as is laughter, and the only thing they cost us is whatever suffering we are holding on to.

In the same way that each of us has a unique smile that can bring joy to ourselves and others, we also all have unique creative gifts that were meant to be expressed in the world. Similarly, it is up to us to use these gifts to spread joy, love and inspiration, to pick ourselves up when we’re low and to lift the spirits of those around us when they need a boost. For one person, that gift could be having a way with words; for another, it’s a knack for creating culinary delights, still another has a gift for photography and another makes beautiful floral arrangements. There are an infinite number of these little gifts and talents in the world and they live in each and every one of us. If you’re not sure what yours is, take a moment and think about things that you’d really like to do but have never tried. Then pick one, give yourself permission to be a beginner and get busy discovering your gift!

When we use our gifts and share them, much like a smile, our creations move out into the world around us like little bundles of love in motion. They have the power to heal, to move and to inspire. What a shame it would be to let these gifts go to waste.

So today, smile and smile often. Smile at yourself, smile at a loved one and smile at a stranger. And whatever that thing is that you love to do, do it and share it with someone. Play a song for a friend, write a poem for a loved one, paint a landscape for your sibling, photograph your favorite nooks of the city, sing your heart out for the birds, pick some flowers for your mom. And do it all with a smile, knowing that you are spreading love, joy and inspiration.

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Chris is a TDL reader and a rad singer/songwriter. Check out his website here.

  • Sue Raley

    Thank you for this blog. Today–this week–I needed just those words!

    • Just like you Sue Raley, I needed those words. A friend very close to my heart will be leaving to U.S. for good and it’ll be a long time before we meet again. It is hard to detach when you have invested so much emotion to the person. But this is for the better. These are just tears of joy. Thanks Chris. Just like you I’m a TDL reader [subscriber] and also a singer/songwriter although it’s not my profession as of the moment but I want to be known as one.

      Quote that striked me the most:
      “The only thing more powerful than one person smiling is two people smiling at each other.”
      – Chris Asaad

  • What a delightful post! I really needed that. It is so simple and I do not do it enough. Thank you. 🙂

    Be ignited and have a positive day!


  • Michaly

    So Inspirational 🙂 continue to inspire us Thank You 🙂

  • Corazon de Jesus

    amazingly before reading this blog, on my way to work, i did smile at someone and she smiled back. it really is a nice feeling. along with laughing out loud (which i am very much known for, my friends can tell when i’m around because they can hear me laughing), smiling really does lift your, and someone else’s, spirits up. and that is always, always a good thing. and a great way to start my day. thank you so much for a very nice blog. (and i believe i will be smiling the whole day today.) =)

    • That’s great! I think I’ve been smiling for the whole today and I am going to bed a very happy man 🙂


    When I go downtown I am struck how unhappy most people look. I love smiling at strangers and feeling I am brightening their day!!! I am slowly getting over the fact that smiling at a guy doesn’t mean that you like him.

    Wow, putting that out there makes it seem silly.

  • Krissy

    I attended a womens meeting and the pastor talked about the power of a smile! This is amazing! I’m still in awe

  • Kyoko

    Love is all I can do.
    The way to show my love is to smile.
    Flower is beautiful just the way they are.
    They don’t care what you think of them.
    But if you feel happy to see them.
    I bet they must be happier .
    I wanna be a flower.
    I’m happy just the way I am.
    Thanks for your message so that I could go my path easier and happier than ever.

  • zeezee

    i hate school

  • zeezee

    i got arbic

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  • This is such a beautiful article, and I’m glad I read it!  I couldn’t stop smiling as I read each word, and everything you’ve said is absolutely true.  I think of every time my friends smile at me, and every time, I remember smiling back, and getting a feeling of ‘acceptance’ and ‘joy’ along with it.  Yes, the warm fuzzies take me over every time I am smiled at, every time I smile, and every time I share a smile with someone I may not even know.  : )

  • Gerda Maria

    For many years I do practice the Love-Laugh LifeStyle and since I practice this Life Style aware and consequent I do experience much more constructive benefits then before.
    I can recomand the Laugh-Love LifeStyle to anybody in the World.

    Thanks for sharing Your Smile opinion with us. I do like Your article a lot.

    Lots of Love and a Mega Big Smile from Paradise on Earth 😉

  • Atidecrem Life Project

    The collage is beautiful and made me smile! Thank you for this beautiful post also!

  • Evolutions Law

    EDUCATION with EVOLUTION; “Will NEVER lies to the CHILDREN!” And I thank you for this Beautiful post, STAY HAPPY.