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The Power Of Going Slow!

Life will soon be over.

Are you making the most of each moment?

Everything in our world today moves so fast.

High speed internet.

Fast food restaurants.

Planes that fly around the world in a matter of hours.

Speed dating.

Yet, are we anymore fulfilled and happy as human beings?

We busily rush around multitasking ten things at once, trying to get somewhere.

Where are we trying to get to so fast?

In our effort to get to some destination, it’s often easy to miss the moment and lose the beauty of the journey.

Now is your destiny.

This moment is full of aliveness that is so easy to miss in an effort to get to that “ideal” destination in the future. The destination being only one small point in time that is over the moment you reach it.

Which is why I think that once we reach the goal we strive so hard to get to, it is not nearly as satisfying as we imagined.

The real joy lies not simply in reaching a special place or moment in the future, but in making each moment SPECIAL along the way, now.

What if there was nowhere to get to?

We often think that once we get “there” everything will change, we will be so happy, and all our problems will go away.

But what if where you were was exactly where you were supposed to be to learn what you needed to learn so that you would be ready to fulfill your Soul’s destiny… and that who you become in the process is more important than the arrival at the destination?

Life is not simply in the one moment of arrival but in the many moments along the way. It is those many moments that make that one moment so sweet.

We often think that getting to the “ideal” place will make us happy, only to get there and think, “Is this it?”

We often busy ourselves and fill our days with so much DOING, which is what is valued in our culture today.

But we must remember: Everything has a cycle and a natural rhythm. Everything has its perfect time. When you try to force things in life to happen faster than they are meant to, things do not flow. The mango has its right time to ripen. The sun and moon have there right time to shine.

When you slow down and trust the rhythm that is life, you experience its magic and synchronicity.

So, sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up. It’s in the slowing down that you can have clearer perspective. When you are moving so fast, it’s not always easy to integrate, appreciate and let in the fullness of all that is happening around you. When you are moving so fast, it can be hard to really experience the joy of the moment fully.

When you allow yourself to slow down, you allow yourself to breathe. You allow space. Just like breathing is not just an exhale but also an inhale. Life is not just about being in action but in stillness.

When you slow down, you allow the the perfect people, places, situations to fall into place in alignment, so that when you do arrive everything you need is there right on time.

Think about it: There is no use rushing to a fancy restaurant for dinner if they are closed. You need to arrive once they are open. Knowing this, you can learn to enjoy the spaces. Use the spaces to rejuvenate, to re-clarify and prepare for what’s next, so that when what you want arrives at your door step you are ready!

What if there was nowhere to get to other than where you are now?

No special moment in the future.

No special holiday.

Just this moment.

To experience this moment as fully as possible is to be truly alive.

The beauty of this moment is free. It costs nothing other than simply being aware and appreciating it.

The journey is the reward itself.


Slow down.

Take everything in.

Tomorrow can wait.

Now is your only guarantee.

There will never be another moment like…





Kute Blackson is a speaker and life coach. To learn more about him, check out his website.