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The Power of Our Words!

I believe in the power of words and that the words we choose have an effect on us as well as those around us.  Think of a time you said something that hurt someone’s feelings.  You may not have intended to be hurtful, or maybe you did, but there was a consequence.  Now, think of a time you said something kind, uplifting that made someone feel good.  Clearly our words carry energy and have power and impact.

The same holds true for the words we direct toward ourselves either verbally or silently in our thoughts.  One of the great directives I received from my teacher was, “Do not complete a negative sentence about yourself even in your head.”  This always reminds me how powerful I am, how powerful we all are.  We must work to bring grace, awareness, compassion and kindness into the practice of wielding our words inside and out.

You’ve heard the expression, “He didn’t know his own strength.”  When it comes to our words, “knowing our strength” is a mark of maturity and self-realization.  Young rattlesnakes are the most dangerous because they have not developed the capacity to control the amount of venom they inject when they bite.  Older rattlesnakes realize that they do not have to deploy their full supply of venom because they have developed some understanding of their own power and have learned how to wield it more efficiently.  Children and adolescent human beings can display their “biting” tongues when they really let someone have it verbally.  Hopefully, they will learn over time how to better express themselves and only to be ‘venomous’ if absolutely necessary.   The importance of “word-smithing” cannot be overstated.  Feuds, even wars, have begun because of misused words delivered with inappropriate tone at the wrong moments.

For a moment, think of the human brain as a computing device, which, among its many tasks, records our words both spoken and unspoken.  As a computing device, it does not discern whether the inputs it gets (our words) are true or false.  It simply records them into the computer and believes them to be true.  If you use the affirmation, “I am brilliant, loving and fulfilled,” the brain will believe this to be true.   Imagine saying this 100 times every morning for a year.  What might the effect of that be?

On the other hand, if your internal dialog is negative, “I am not enough, I am not loved and I am a failure,” the brain will also believe that.   This might go on for 40 years sapping you of your energy, diminishing your sense of fulfillment and making your life less than it could be.  You can imagine how destructive this is.

Here’s the interesting thing:  The quality of your life will depend completely on the quality of your thinking!  Happy, well-adjusted people tend to think happy, well-adjusted thoughts, whereas unhappy people suffer from a thinking problem.

This is why the use of affirmations, mantras and prayers are one of the most important ingredients for a life of fulfillment.  Through these powerful statements we literally “program” ourselves to move along a path toward the realization of our innermost hopes and dreams.  Most people who misunderstand the power of words do not use affirmations, mantras and prayers, at least not consciously.

It is not clear to them how these tools can help them to become more creative, that is to say, more active participants in their own futures.

When I started this blog I told you that I believe in the power of our words.  I also have a profound knowing in the power of prayer.  I cannot call it a belief.  It is more than that.  I have seen it work.  It is a knowing for me.

Many people do not know how to pray or what to pray for.  So, I will share with you now a simple prayer that has just come into my life.  Like all gifts from the Uni-verse, it showed up for me at just precisely the right moment.  I hope it has as profound an impact on you as it has had on me.

Please note, if you are a religious person, then it is likely you have prayed before.  If you are not religious or if the idea of prayer is foreign and potentially uninviting, I encourage you to put that aside for the moment.  This is not about any particular religion or viewpoint.  It is about you using words to direct the flow of your life in a direction that you deeply desire to go.

I usually pray alone, but if you pray with others that is fine, too.  Sitting on my heels, I place my forehead on the floor, but you can be in any position at all.  The only thing you have to do is recite the words either silently or out loud to the Uni-verse, or Nature or whatever your conception of a Higher Power might be.  You don’t even have to believe that anything will happen.  You can just go through the motion of doing this as an exercise and see how it feels to you.  I like to recite it three times.  I encourage you to do this for 40 days in a row in the morning before you go out into the world to create your day.  Here are the words:

“Put me in the places you want me to be,
with the people you want me to be with
doing the things you want me to do.
Thank you for the blessings and the challenges of my life.”

What I love so much about this prayer is the way it removes self-doubt.  As I go through my day, I realize I am in the places I’m supposed to be, with the people I’m supposed to connect with, doing the things I’m supposed to be doing.  It is a prayer that creates the foundation for acceptance and that brings peace.

I wish that for you.

With Love and Gratitude

Tommy Rosen

# # #

Tommy Rosen is a yoga teacher and addiction specialist. Check out his website here.