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The Real Secret To Making More Money In 2014!

Give up trying to make money.

Give your gifts fully to the world.

You may find yourself making more money as a result.

Money is energy.
Money is energy.
Money is energy.

A key to making more money is to add value to the lives of those around you.

When you add value you give your energy. Your energy has an impact on those you serve. The degree to which your energy shifts another’s energy is a blessing.

People don’t just pay you for a product or service, but the real blessing is the energy that you bring.

Products and services are many and some very similar. But who YOU are and the energy that you infuse into your product or service is what makes it different and unique.

Your energy channeled through your product or service will have a vibrational impact on your clients and those in your life.

In the process of being of service you are blessed. In serving you are energetically affirming your abundance to the universe and life, that there is more than enough to go around.

When you give of yourself you open yourself to the abundant flow of life that is always available.

In being of service you give your gifts. Your gifts are your riches. When you share your riches you also open and become available to receive more. When you give you open yourself and your heart. In doing so you become receptive, whether you are aware of it or not.

So how much value are you actually adding to those in your life?

At a certain point you might GET everything that you thought you wanted but you end up reaching a point of dissatisfaction.

Rather than simply focusing on what you can get, start focusing on what you can give. And adding value to the lives of those you interact with, not just because you think they will give you something in return or buy your product/service but because it’s your commitment to love.

In 2014 I invite you to commit to adding value to as many people’s lives as you can. In turn you will see how the blessings of life flow back to you. When you give, it may not return to you from the same place or person you gave it to, but rest assured it will.

How can you leave each person you interact with better off for having met you?

How can you serve each person’s evolution as a result of your meeting?

How can you leave each person inspired to be more of who they really are?

When you share your gifts and energy you offer something that goes way beyond simply a product or service.

When you realize who you are you see that you are already rich beyond imagination.

When you stop chasing money and connect to the abundance of gifts that you are, you become powerful. When you stop chasing money and instead focus on adding value and being of service you are FREE!

You have so many gifts to give. This is your real wealth. The more you give your gifts the more you will be blessed. (Tweet-worthy!)

Are you giving your gifts fully?

So in 2014…serve and grow rich!




Kute Blackson is a speaker and life coach. Check out his website here.

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