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The Truth will set you FREE!

It is said that the truth will set you free, but it might first piss you off.

Why are we so afraid of the truth?

As a culture we have devised all sorts of creative ways to avoid the truth, often keeping ourselves so busy that we can’t think or feel too deeply, distracting ourselves with shopping, work, food, entertainment, drama and all the rest.

It is our avoidance of the TRUTH that keeps us stuck where we are, or cycling in repetitive patterns suffering.

What truth are you NOT telling?

The first step to transformation is the WILLINGNESS to tell the truth to ourselves. Then the next step is to actually TELL it.  We must be willing to acknowledge, where we are, what is not working, what we truly feel and what we really want.

Yet often FEAR stops us from being honest with ourselves, because it might mean changing things in our lives that we have gotten comfortable with. So we end up settling, or living in a lie that doesn’t work, yet deep down we know that we are not truly alive.

We often don’t tell the truth, because we are afraid of:

– Getting hurt

– Not being loved

– Losing something, someone, status, and opinion of others

– Loss of Security and Survival

– Fear of the unknown and change

– The ego is afraid of Death

So much of our self-sabotaging patterns or negative behaviors are often our unconscious way of actually seeking the truth. Deep within us there is an impulse that is seeking the Light. So the energy it takes to live a lie and sadness of leading an inauthentic life is a high price to pay. 

Is it worth your freedom and happiness?

– We settle for relationships out of “convenience, but aren’t really convenient and kill our spirit.

– We work jobs we hate, and end up with high blood pressure, stress and dissatisfaction.

– We pretend to be someone we aren’t, selling ourselves out for the validation of others and end up depressed or resentful.

You cannot be truly happy if you aren’t telling the truth to yourself. When the life we build is based on a lie, like a sandcastle, it is only a matter of time before it crashes down.

When people say to me, “Kute, I really want to be happy.”

I simply say, ” Start telling the truth.”

Know that as a result of telling the truth and living authentically, things will change. You may lose friends, relationships may end, you may leave your jobs, etc. Yet whatever you lose you didn’t really have, and whatever remains then is yours. When you let go of what is not working or not authentic in your life, you create the space for the abundant infinity of new blessings that are already waiting for you. When you dare to be yourself fully, then what you attract will be an authentic reflection of who you really are.

Living a life based on fear is a prison. Freedom is available to us at any moment, by acknowledging our truth, making the changes necessary and living in alignment with our highest self, we set ourselves free. You hold the padlock and you hold the key.

Ponder this:

Where in your life are you not telling the truth to yourself and others?

What are you avoiding acknowledging that if you did would change your life?

What are you pretending to not know or see?

What ways do you distract yourself from feeling your deepest truth?

What is it costing you in your life?

Deep down we all want TRUTH and authenticity. Gandhi said, “Truth is God”. Perhaps it is because the Truth simply dissolves illusions that separate us from our true selves and each other.

The greatest lie that has kept us stuck, as humanity, is the belief that we are separate. When in fact we are a unified consciousness, manifesting as a multiplicity of form, in the amazing play of life.

So, let’s begin telling the truth. Starting with: We are all ONE.



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