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The Uni-verse meets ALL your needs!

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So, today is the first day of The Daily Love EXTRAVAGANZA! and I’m soooo excited! It’s been over a year in the making! This is the first of this biannual event that we will be doing!

I’m interviewing over 20 of the world’s greatest minds and bringing them to the TDL Community for free as a gift of wisdom to ignite your purpose and life! I’ve been able to chat with Marianne Williamson, Kris Carr, Alison Armstrong, Gabrielle Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Robert Holden and Tim Ferriss, just to name a few folks.

And what’s so exciting about this project, besides how much value and wisdom it contains, is how it came to be!

I remember first having the idea for the EXTRAVAGANZA about two years or so ago. I was so inspired by a similar event my friend Arielle Ford was putting on that I wanted to create something for my generation of spiritual thinkers and leaders. At the time, the idea was SO exciting and I was SO ready to go.

I had NO idea how it was going to happen. I didn’t have the technical chops. I didn’t know who would be in it. I didn’t have the design chops. I only had the desire. And it was a genuine desire to create something BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL, and something that serves and adds major value to the TDL Community. At the time, I didn’t have the resources. And I got totally bummed.

But, I kept doing what was in front of me, every day. Finally I connected with a man who has become a dear friend and mentor to me – his name is Brian Johnson . The way that Brian and I met was amazing.

One day, a friend introduced us over email. Neither of us had responded yet, but the Uni-verse sped things up. I went to Cafe Gratitude in Hollywood and was seated, literally right next to him and his wife. It took me a minute to realize it, but when I did, I introduced myself and the rest is history. We became fast friends and business partners in a very short amount of time.

It just so happens that Brian was starting a company that was created to help people like me bring my wisdom to the world through technology. He suggested I start offering online courses, and so that was the birth of our very popular Love Uni-versity classes. After the success of three or four Love Uni-versity classes, Brian and I were chatting about what else we could do together and the idea for the EXTRAVAGANZA came up.


It was on. This is the EXACT direction that Brian wanted to go with his amazing company en*theos . And so the planning began. I had a creative vision for the project and the relationships to get all the most amazing peeps to join in, and Brian had ALL the technical resources necessary to create the back end technology for the EXTRAVAGANZA! And the planning began. The design began. The outreach began.

And before we knew it, we had the sickest group of people confirmed for interview. We had an incredible design and the site was LIVE. And now we are on track to have over 25,000 people attend the EXTRAVAGANZA from all over the world.

The dream is a reality. And all the things I needed showed up in the perfect time. I had NO idea HOW it was going to happen, but that wasn’t my job. My job was to keep showing up and stay open and let The Uni-verse provide the solution in the perfect time.

The EXTRAVAGANZA is a masterpiece of LOVE and a gift from my heart to yours. It is also such a testament to how The Uni-verse will meet all your needs (just not in your time).

How can you let go today and trust that all your needs are met? Can you give yourself a little room to breathe and let go, knowing it will show up in perfect time?

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