The Value Of Right Now

Do you spend a lot of time thinking ruminating about the past or catastrophizing into the future??  Do you feel like you live your life on autopilot much of the time? Most people do, so let’s get to changing that.

This week I’Il offer you three quick BE HERE NOW exercises that will develop your Present Moment Consciousness muscle.

Since this moment right now is the only one that actually exists, it is about time you give this moment the L*O*V*E and attention it deserves. (Click to tweet) Please circle back and drop a comment and let me know what shifts when you show up for your life on purpose!

Can’t wait to hear them all!

Love love love,



As a licensed therapist, transformation coach, and mentor to well-known personalities in wellness, empowerment, and entertainment, Terri Cole is honored to help clients, and now readers like you, remain present and grounded, despite life’s complexities. She provides sustainable, action-oriented solutions you can implement TODAY that allow you to live a life that thrills you. Follow Terri on Facebook and Twitter.

  • sandy

    This is one of my new years resolutions, being fully present. I find just doing one thing at a time and really concentrating on what I am doing helps. Sometimes I have to literally talk to myself to reinforce this habit. “I am brushing my teeth, my mouth is full of toothpaste, etc” Sometimes I feel a bit crazy but it works and refocuses me when I am feeling my mind being distracted. Thanks Terry, always love your posts!!

    • Sandy,
      Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing with us here. Sometimes if my meditation is busy, I will simply repeat silently, “I am breathing in-I am breathing out.” I am so grateful you are here <3