There’s A Sense Of Freedom That Comes From Living On Purpose

Ryf-Van-Rij-199x300I feel really excited about the connection I am making with people and the opportunity for service.

My Purpose is all about adding value and inspiring long-term, sustainable change.

And regardless of whether people choose to work with me or not, if I have an effect on people I am fulfilling my Purpose.

There’s a sense of freedom that comes from living on Purpose and in alignment with Self. Feelings of neediness and lack dissolve into irrelevance when you are all fired up and moving along on a Purpose driven track.

It’s emancipating when we realize that “who we are is enough.”

And I am not saying that by sitting on your couch and watching Honey Boo Boo re- runs while consuming copious amounts of fast food is “being enough” – unless, of course, that’s really your Purpose.

What I am saying is that as long as you are showing up, doing your part, getting out of your own way and in process, then where you are right now is enough, and where you are right now is right where you need to be.

Where you are right now, what your job is, what you are earning and what your relationships are like is just a reflection of where you currently are. How you currently think is directly proportional to what you are currently manifesting.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s not a good thing, it just is.

There is no reason to shame or belittle yourself for where you are. There is no need to beat yourself up with those all-too-common things like, I’m too fat, I am too old, I don’t have enough money, I am not educated enough, I’m not skilled enough, I don’t have enough friends, etc., etc.

Those things that might be currently frustrating you are really there so that you can learn. They are just stepping stones on your “Journey Home.” Our job is to use them for growth and not be defined by them.

The hero’s journey is to realize that the only way through is through.

Shortcuts don’t work!

Trying to numb your pain and frustration with coping mechanisms such as food, alcohol, substances, work addiction or excessive Honey Boo Boo viewing, is never really the shortcut to freedom. These things just prolong the Journey and cause a lot of collateral damage by friendly fire along the way.

But if you are willing to look at where you are it in a detached way, it can serve as a friendly roadmap to guide and nudge you back on course.

Make Source your supply instead of external things and the gates of Abundance will fly open.

You will make it through the dark hours to the place of Inner Divinity.

You were created to fulfill this destiny.

So where in your life are you trying to take shortcuts instead of going through?

Would you be willing to accept that you are enough?

Are you ready to live your Purpose and risk not pleasing others?

Drop me a comment.

Would love to catch up.

Much Love and Welcome Home,



Ryf Van Rij is a coach and creator of The Daily Way Home. Connect with Ryf via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Sandy

    Hello Ryf. I felt a sort of flip-flop approach to your article. I do believe what you believe, I just got there a little differently & would like to share it. What I questioned was your opinion on shortcuts. I believe I know where you were headed (and I am thankful for a forum where I can offer my opinion) what I am wondering about is if watching Honey Boo Boo is where someone is right now than that is where they are. It isn’t good or bad, right or wrong, nor a shortcut. It just is. It is enough, because that is how they are showing up, it is perfect, unless for some reason (not fulfilling, unsatisfying, etc.) they want differently. In which case, tomorrow may be different, but for right now that is where they are. For me, if I accept where I am & I don’t make it about me (I only watch Honey Boo Boo so I can feel better about my life or something to that effect), I come up with solutions or answers, opposed to excuses or complaints, if what I am doing is undesirable to me. If I accept I am watching Honey Boo Boo for entertainment, & I am happy with my choice then all is perfect in my world no matter another’s opinion. But by reading your article, I may feel bad that I watch Honey Boo Boo because I made your article personal, I made it about me. Some negative ego belief I have about me was just proven. “See”, the ego thought/lie may say, “you are a loser for watching that stupid show. What’s the matter with you? You have got to do better! Shortcuts are not good, now get moving! Cancel that cable!” Maybe that was too dramatic, but the ego is over-the-top & ridiculous. To me, labels, negative emotions or making anything personal doesn’t allow answers or solutions to finding our desires it just keeps the negative emotions & lies (& drama) recycling. I hope my point was received with the intention of looking at your article as another possible way. Much peace & joy to you! Sandy

    • The Daily Love

      Thanks for sharing, Sandy… We appreciate your thoughts and wish you all the best! -TDL Team


      Hi Sandy,

      Love the feed back. And I agree. Personal growth is just that personal. And options and projections are best left aside.

      Thanks for taking the time to share.

      Health and Wonder,