Things To Love About Your Single Life!

MandyHaleDid you know that this week is National Singles Week?

As someone who has been to so many wedding and baby showers in my time, I could operate the Target gift registry with both hands tied behind my back, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Singles, we have not just a day but this ENTIRE WEEK to celebrate being single and fabulous!

In honor of this very momentous occasion, I wanted to put together the top 10 things to love about your single life. Why? Because let’s get real. I know that not everyone out there loves their single life.  Some of you don’t even LIKE your single life. You might be frustrated with it. You might be sad about it. Or you might have completely given up hope on ever finding “The One.”  If this is you, my fellow single friends: fasten your seat belts, because for the next few minutes, I’m here to remind you of some of the reasons why flying solo can often take you to the sweetest destinations!

1.)    We set our own rules and live by our own rules. Cereal for dinner? Yes, please.

2.)    We design our own lives. Sweaters in my kitchen cabinet where plates should be? No problem.

3.)    “Freedom” is not just a George Michael song. Leave tonight for a spontaneous trip to the beach? Let’s do it.

4.)    Our finances…are our finances. Splurge on that designer handbag or make a generous donation to a great charity without talking it over with anyone first? Sounds good to me.

5.)    Five golden rings! (No, seriously. Why settle for just one on your left hand when you can have a ring on every finger? Who cares if diamonds are forever when you have Forever 21?)

6.)     The gift of time. Time to chase dreams. Time to set goals…and accomplish them. Time to figure out who we are. Time.

7.)    No last first kiss. Is there anything better than a first kiss? Even if the frog stays a frog?

8.)    No messy relationship baggage. Which leaves more room in our closets for designer baggage. (Has any woman ever broken up with Louis Vuitton?)

9.)    Anticipation of great love. You know that week before you leave for vacation, when the anticipation of the vacation is almost better than the vacay itself? There’s something magical about knowing that at any moment, love could arrive.


Happy National Singles Week!




For more about celebrating your single and fabulous life, check out Mandy’s new book, The Single Woman: Life, Love, & a Dash of Sass in bookstores everywhere.

Mandy Hale is the founder of @TheSingleWoman.



  • Lisa

    Thank you for #10. I believe that people think there must be something wrong with me being 51 and never married, lol. I’ve always heard that little voice in the back of my mind saying “Don’t Settle”. I’ve seen too many of my friends settle and only end up miserable in the end. I choose happiness, so I’m sending out love to all singles in the world, celebrate and enjoy! And sending a special thank you to that little voice in my head.

    • DTS

      Right on Lisa… Fifty-one and single too !!

    • Debbie

      Lisa you took the words right out of my mouth! 50 and never married.

    • kl

      55 and never married, although I did have one 11 year live in boyfriend and another 5 year live in boyfriend that were both a total waste of my precious time. I will not do live ins again. If either of us do not care enough to take it to the next level, then I can certainly do better on my own, and still have the freedom to look for someone that will be right! kl

  • Brian in Denver

    This is wonderful. Love it and thank you.

  • Mary-Michael

    Thank you for this article! So many people are ‘going solo’ now and it is important for us to acknowledge and celebrate our chosen path. Thanks again.

  • Alma

    Thank you for #8, so true and it made me jump and laugh!
    Has any woman ever broken up with Louis Vuitton? HEAVEN NO!

  • Priya Agency

    Im not single but i have to say – mandy i love yah! You seriously rock and were part of my single time. I love the empowerment you provide and how you reframe the ideas people hold about being single.


    • Mandy, aka The Single Woman

      What a wonderful sentiment! Thanks, lady! 🙂

  • Amanda

    Love this! Made me smile! Thanks Mandy! Your Fabulous! 🙂

  • Wow, and I thought only us single men ate cereal for dinner! I love that TDL helps break down misconceptions about the opposite sex!! 🙂 … It really is pretty damn awesome being single, even as I long for a partner. Anyway it gives me a chance to really enjoy my own company. Great reminder Mandy. Thanks. … although I have no idea what Forever 21 is.

    • Mandy, aka The Single Woman

      Haha! It’s a clothing store. And no worries…I’d be more surprised if a guy DID know what Forever 21 was! 😉

    • I disagree


      I am too a mere male. I have commented on some of your posts & I will say everyone here may say this now…what they will regret later in life is what my mother once told me which was passed down through the mothers from generation to generation.

      The people that look after you when we are in our final stages of life are our children? Our friends by then will be old as well, dead, incapacitated? So who will look after you? Do you wish to live in a retirement home? They have a death a month? It is the family unit that is what is the key to life. I saw this when my father was dying and watching my one year old nephew in the same room. We looked at each other in acknowledgement.

      I shall never forget when my mum told me that. I wrote a response last time about ” not fearing death because I have died six times at the age of 36!” I said I must be a cat MEOW! LOL. Love is the only thing that I fear like many of us. Saying that I have been in a loving relationship of 14 years, two of a year & have met a woman who I befriending first before I take the plunge & think with my second brain. First time ever I’m learning to be good friends first before the sexual connection takes over?


      • John

        Well I have been married two times, way to much to talk about in this forum lol, soooo I have been on both sides you might say, I am single and have been for 6 years and its only been this last year I finely good with it and myself and could do the single thing to the end, but sharing a life with that some one would be even a greater experience, but it would not be for to have someone to hold my hand in death, I think we all will face death on are own it’s not the ending it’s the returning :))


        • To many options

          Well said John. You make me smile with every comment. I wasn’t ever meaning settling for anyone as that is wrong on every conceivable level. From a man who has seen death in the face more than the average bear:) I would want to come back as an Eagle or Willy Wag Tail for I love flying in the sky. I wish take-off was like the entire trip:)

          I too am taking my time being single, it’s the first time for me in my adult life. I even went mental with dating after my fourteen year relationship broke down…185 dates in a year. Successful in nearly all of them and all beautiful!

          I laugh for I must have a neon sign saying “Off limits”…even tonight when out I was been “harassed” by 24 year old’s of all things, to have a spa with them at their place. I turned them down. Most men would say I’m an idiot to turn them down, but for me since being spiritual the connection is more important to me. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here as I keep turning down so many women holding out for the right one. Maybe I should just enjoy the ride. Not trying to sound bad here. I am a Scorpio male after all.


          • John

            Lol yea women wow you know I have no good advice but you get what you ask for lol, I was told once buy a good old cowboy (I am one ) that the only part of a rattle snake that is dangerous is the teeth, if one use the same thinking with a women the teeth is last thing I would have to be concern with lol,
            Now I know this just made a lot of females out their take a second look, and I mean no disrespect I would not want them any other way, how boring would it be if we men could understand them no fun,
            I have worked with a lot of horses and with them (horses) they are dangerous on both ends and unpredictable in the middle sounds like my last two wives lol, soooo in the end for me I enjoy their company and all that comes with that including sex, but I know for me having one stick around for more than a day sounds like heaven until I have to pick up my socks :))

  • p.s. hilarious article on The Onion that all singles will enjoy: “Nothing Gets Me Wetter Than A Monotonous Domestic Routine” —,32779/

  • lara

    This blog is perfect for me!! I’ve just discovered it two days ago and its made me feel a lot better about my ex relationship and trying to move on. Thank you!!

  • Danielle Rogers

    A timely message for a super-fantastic group of people!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay for the Singles!!! Learning to enjoy life, one day at a time……as a solo artist!!!!!

  • Pinky

    Number eight is so right such valid point on singlehood :-).

  • Tianna Leigh

    This is FANTASTIC! 🙂 Cereal for dinner? YES PLEASE! Ha ha…that is so me. We can watch whatever we want on TV, sleep in as late as we want, stay UP as late as we want, say yes or no to any invitation without feeling obligated, oh and do pretty much anything we want! #10 – we didn’t settle… enough said! Thanks Mandy! This is amazing that you are on TDL – you and Mastin are truly inspirations to me.

  • Piepie Grace Beuttel

    This is awesome! Yay for being able to eat cereal no matter what time of day it is 🙂

  • Llewelyn Avanzado Carpio

    I’m not there yet ……I love being single, enjoying my single blessedness 🙂

  • Alyssa Roda

    I totally agree, #9 that is how I feel everytime! 🙂

  • Guest

    Hmmm…I could add to this list. 1. Hog the bed. 2. Take as long as you want getting ready. 3. When you go somewhere you can leave when you want. 3. Solitude. 4. Sleeping in.

  • Guest

    Oh and we have more fun!!!!!!!!!

  • lyner

    hi mandy, you give inspiration back to me. I love all those 10 points. especially #7. love you mandy

  • Cherie Runs This

    Just got separated this month so this is perfect timing. Loving it indeed!

  • Valerie Marie Rutherford

    I’d gladly give up most of these things to be with my soulmate, but I do love #10! I’ll always be proud of that.

  • Dina

    Love # 7 & # 9