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Things To Love About Your Single Life!

MandyHaleDid you know that this week is National Singles Week?

As someone who has been to so many wedding and baby showers in my time, I could operate the Target gift registry with both hands tied behind my back, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Singles, we have not just a day but this ENTIRE WEEK to celebrate being single and fabulous!

In honor of this very momentous occasion, I wanted to put together the top 10 things to love about your single life. Why? Because let’s get real. I know that not everyone out there loves their single life.  Some of you don’t even LIKE your single life. You might be frustrated with it. You might be sad about it. Or you might have completely given up hope on ever finding “The One.”  If this is you, my fellow single friends: fasten your seat belts, because for the next few minutes, I’m here to remind you of some of the reasons why flying solo can often take you to the sweetest destinations!

1.)    We set our own rules and live by our own rules. Cereal for dinner? Yes, please.

2.)    We design our own lives. Sweaters in my kitchen cabinet where plates should be? No problem.

3.)    “Freedom” is not just a George Michael song. Leave tonight for a spontaneous trip to the beach? Let’s do it.

4.)    Our finances…are our finances. Splurge on that designer handbag or make a generous donation to a great charity without talking it over with anyone first? Sounds good to me.

5.)    Five golden rings! (No, seriously. Why settle for just one on your left hand when you can have a ring on every finger? Who cares if diamonds are forever when you have Forever 21?)

6.)     The gift of time. Time to chase dreams. Time to set goals…and accomplish them. Time to figure out who we are. Time.

7.)    No last first kiss. Is there anything better than a first kiss? Even if the frog stays a frog?

8.)    No messy relationship baggage. Which leaves more room in our closets for designer baggage. (Has any woman ever broken up with Louis Vuitton?)

9.)    Anticipation of great love. You know that week before you leave for vacation, when the anticipation of the vacation is almost better than the vacay itself? There’s something magical about knowing that at any moment, love could arrive.


Happy National Singles Week!




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Mandy Hale is the founder of @TheSingleWoman.