Think Less. Leap More: A Lesson From Costa Rica!

This is me, taking a 12 foot plunge into a waterfall pool in a forest in Costa Rica.  Easily one of the greatest moments of my life.

Now, before you watch the video, I have to confess, I didn’t fearlessly climb up there and jump.  

I actually watched my boyfriend and two friends go first, then stood on the ledge for about seven minutes over-thinking it, paralyzed with fear.  More accurately, I was completely paralyzed by the anticipation of how scary it might be, possibly hurting myself, and knowing that if I didn’t do it, I’d totally regret it.  (Not to mention the implications for how I behave in my life.  How you do anything is how you do everything, right? Maybe…)

I cried a bit, climbed down and jumped off a lower ledge first, THEN finally went back up and did it.  That’s what you’re seeing in the vid.  That’s why we’re all so excited. Press play to watch:

It wasn’t graceful and yes, I totally held my nose like a little kid…but I did it!!! And that’s what matters.

About 30 minutes earlier I was watching my boyfriend and buddy Mike jump in like it was no big deal.  I was laying at the top of the waterfall with my friend Kate, letting the water run beneath us.  It felt like a cleanse of all the things I’ve been shedding over the last few months.  Calm, relaxing, renewing.

I felt super nervous just watching the boys jump, scared for them.  When they asked if I was next I said, “No way, Jose!”…but I knew I was going to do it before the day was over.

Lately I’ve been shifting from hustling, pushing, and living in my masculine energy, to more feminine, heart-centered living.  I’m putting 100% trust in my intuition and consciously taking a moment to consult it before I take action, instead of barreling through life, driven by goals and achievements, dealing with the consequences as I go.

In fact, this is the very approach Shape Magazine quoted me for in their Top 30 Motivators for 2013 list!! (Another monumental moment in my life which I will blog about soon, too.)

The quote: “My 2013: Feelings, not goals. Femininity over force. Meditation over willpower. Joy over perfection. Bliss over achievement.”

So, there I stood on the ledge, totally in my head unable to take the leap quite yet, and I realized the difference between listening to my intuition and over-thinking.  My intuition told me I’d be safe and taken care of before I even got up there.  The excessive thoughts paralyzed me and drew out the anticipation (which is usually far worse than the actual fear itself).

When I hit the cool, clean water, I let go of my nose, and also let go of any doubts I had about any fears holding me back ever again.  That’s not to say I won’t have any fears, but I know and trust myself now in a way I never did before.

So what’s the lesson from Costa Rica? 

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Now that you’ve seen me in one of my most vulnerable moments, I’d love to hear about a big fear you’ve faced that changed your life, too! OR a fear that’s still holding you back that we can support you through.  Leave your comment below, I’ll reply to every one!



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Liz DiAlto is a Fitness and Lifestyle coach, on a mission to help millions of women all over the world get the bodies and lifestyles they crave. Recently named one of the Top 30 Motivators for 2013 by Shape Magazine along side Dr.Oz, Jillian Michaels, Ellen DeGeneres, and more, Liz believes that willpower sucks and simplicity, motivation and enjoyment are the non-negotiable keys to achieving success.

  • Paloma

    Really enjoyed your blog Liz 🙂 Lots of love from Ireland xo

    • Liz DiAlto

      Appreciate it, Paloma!

  • Ashley_nc

    Hey There, I totally did a 50 foot Tarzan jump in Costa Rica last September. You are a brave soul. In my head I had some of the same thoughts. I would have totally regretted not jumping but was scared as hell. It was the most free I’ve felt in years when I jumped. Why is that?

    • Liz DiAlto

      50 feet?! That makes my 12 foot jump look like jumping in a puddle.  YOU are a brave soul 🙂  I’m going to guess that feeling of freedom had to be with those moments you let go…you were free.  Nothing to control or worry about, once you jumped, you were all in for the time between jumping and hitting the water, you know?

  • Diamonde Williamson

    LOVE IT!!

    • Liz DiAlto

      thank you 🙂

  • Sandy

    Think less, leap more!! I love it. I am definitely guilty of overthinking. I am seriously trying to be guided by my intuition and trust myself more. I also live by the motto “do one thing daily that scares you”. It might be a small thing, like reaching out and asking for help at work on something or just trying a new machine at the gym! I think the more we challenge ourselves the more we increase our confidence and the more in tune we are to our inner guide, our intuition!

    • Liz DiAlto

      Love this approach, Sandy.  Not everything requires a BIG physical leap. Keep it up 🙂

  • Butterfli

    Costa Rica does wonders for facing your fears! I went there for my 35th birthday and was determined to conquer zip lining. I did it and it was amazing. Now everytime i get frozen by fear, i think back to how i felt facing my fear on the zip line and how much confidence it gave me. Taking a leap of faith and becoming stronger for it is my life motto for 2013.

    • Liz DiAlto

      I didn’t write about zip lining in this post but we did that, too! Something similar happened during that experience, I watched Kate and Mike go upside down on one of the lines and was super scared but I did it anyway…you are right.  Costa Rica does wonders for facing your fears because there are so many different ways to do it there.  Thanks for the comment!

      • Hmm… I’m thinking I need to go to Costa Rica!  🙂

  • “Feelings, not goals. Femininity over force. Meditation over willpower. Joy over perfection. Bliss over achievement.”

    That’s my favorite line from this all-awesome blog post!  It’s something I can relate to and need to adopt for myself. 

    I also had a quote up in my house for the longest time that said, “Think less, feel more.”  I’ve tried to do that ever since I read that quote for the first time about a year or so ago.  I think WAY too much.  I’m totally with you on over-thinking and over-analyzing.  I do it when I’m buying socks, for goodness sakes.  So it’s always a work in progress for me. 


  • Samantha M

     I absolutely love your quote from Shape. I tend to be a perfectionist and I want so badly to just have more joy and bliss in my life and focus more on how I feel than how much I achieve. On January 5th,  I did something I had been thinking about doing since I was in elementary school. Now that I’m 23, I knew I needed to do it so I finally sang solo in front of a crowd and accompanied myself with my acoustic guitar. I took the leap! I was nervous as hell, but people clapped and wanted to hear more. It improved my confidence so much to achieve a goal that I’ve held in my mind for SO many years. Almost everytime in my life I heard about a talent show, an open mic, or an audition I always thought about doing it, but was too scared/nervous/made excuses. This time, I took the leap. Now I want to take leaps more often, stop waiting and overthinking so much! Just do it! Thank you for your article! 

    • Liz DiAlto

      this is so brave, Sam! congrats 🙂

  • deena

    Hi Liz,
    To me my biggest fear and conquer moment was doing bungy jumping at the height of 50 floors building. It was supposed to be an act of letting all my frustrations out after finishing my A-Level exams. I was struggling with it for two years. So, when I was up there before jumping, I was thinking ‘What the hell you put yourself into woman?’ haha but I  jumped after asking the instructor how long was the person in the past waited before jumping (it was 30minutes) and Hell No I want to break his record so I jumped at the 15th minutes. It was ungraceful because I shouted ‘MY TUMMY!!!’  because my shirt was lifted and exposed my unflattering stomach hahah and I didn’t want that to be caught on camera. Anyway I was proud and exhilarated after I did it. That was 2008 when I was 19.
    Fast forward 2012, I think my heart and spirit gone weaker as I’m no longer active with outdoor activities and yes overthinking is invovled. I was even scared to do an indoor wall climbing but I challenged myself and think back my bungy jumping moment and brace myself for it. It’s always the mind that stops you from doing something and also the mind that pushes you to go for it. I was happy I managed to upgrade myself to outdoor wall climbing after that and then conquer my next fear which was this massive roller coaster in Gold Coast, Australia. So now, when I have fear or break downs of the minor things in life whether it’s physical or emotional I just look back at my achievements. Coincidentally my life motto now is  the famous quote ‘Your life begins when you leave your comfort zone’ which I also engrave behind my ipad as a daily reminder hihi. So I really love your article and looking forward to read more in the future!

    • Liz DiAlto

      I love the part where you screamed “my tummy!” you just threw yourself from a building and THAT’S whatyou were concerned about-so funny! I also love looking back at achievements to get courage not worrying about what might happen, awesome Deena, thank you 🙂