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This is Your Opportunity To Start Again

0932 Terri Cole HI RESIn just a few short weeks we will be a quarter of the way through 2014. Can you believe it? I don’t know about you, but I am more than a little excited for Spring. This Sunday (Daylight Savings) is just one of the many signs of the seasons changing. Soon we’ll see flowers blooming as we replace snow boots for sandals. Ahh, I can’t wait.

To me this time of year is all about a fresh start. We ‘spring forward,’ when we set the clocks an hour ahead, making more time for daylight as we will soon welcome Spring; the season of rebirth. If you live in a place where it’s been cold then you’ve most likely been ‘cocooned’ up for the past several months. You may be feeling as though the time is nearing for you to shed some layers and start anew.

For most people it is the beginning of the year that serves as a time to set resolutions and goals as a way to move forward, and let go of the past. However, for many of you this is more easily said than done. You give yourself one chance to create a new way of being through your intentions and behavior.  You set expectations for yourself, and either work vigorously throughout the year to reach them, or at some point, usually sooner than later, you give up. So let’s reframe that notion and declare the next few weeks while you gear up for Spring another opportunity to start again.

In order to do this it is important to take time to reflect on the past couple months. Ask yourself the questions below to get a real gauge on where you’re currently at, and where you desire to be.

Is it time Start Again?

What were my goals at the beginning of this year?

Do I still have a desire to accomplish those goals? Why? Why not?

If not, (or if they have already been accomplished) what are the new goals I would like to set for myself for the next quarter, or the rest of 2014? Also remember it is never too late to course correct. Consider any realizations into what you keep on or take off your list.

How can I incorporate action into my daily routine to start again? (Note: Scheduling is a must)

If I do still have the same goals, what are ways in which I can continue moving forward in order to make my dreams a reality?

This sort of reflecting can direct your focus and intention. It can reignite your excitement to create what you desire. This exercise also serves as a helpful reminder that whether it is the beginning of a season, or day, you always have the opportunity to start again. (Tweet-worthy!)

In the comments below share with our Daily Love family two goals that you want to accomplish by summer, fall, or  the end of this year. Then share one action step you can take to move closer to both. If these are goals that you are starting again, know that every moment is a new opportunity, if you choose to see it that way. We are here to encourage you and support you. Allowing yourself the chance to start again is just one of the many way that you are encouraged as always, to take care of you.

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