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I heard a quote this past weekend that truly touched me, it went something like this, “There’s no such thing as a self-made person because everyone has had help along the way.”

This hit me hard. It hit me so hard because for a long time one of my driving desires is to be self-made. And in many ways, TDL is a self-made creation, but it’s not really.

There have been SO many people that have helped me directly or indirectly create TDL. Be it my parents, my friends, my mentors, my amazing L.A. friends who are now family that let me stay with them while I couch surfed for two years, all the way down to the people who built the email marketing software that allows me to send emails to a lot of people, or the creators of WordPress who allow me to have an amazing backend for the blog, or the hosting company, the designers and developers who created the site and most importantly – YOU.

Without YOU there would be no TDL. Because TDL is only as strong and real as the community of daily lovers who are a part of it.

There are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who have contributed to the success of TDL, most of whom I’ll never meet.

I know in this world of quick fix, ambition seeking, value giving, purpose living, personal growing that it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and not see how amazing life is. No matter what the economy is doing or who is in office, life is getting better. We have so many amazing tools and possibilities now that didn’t exist before ALL made possible because of someone else.

My practice today is to not try to create anything or make anything happen; my practice for today is to sit in awe of how amazing life is and how much my life has improved because of you and many, many others who have made it possible.

Sometimes, simply taking a moment to be grateful for what we have with nothing else added on is one of the most powerful practices that we could ever cultivate. Because when we are in a state of gratitude, we find more things to be grateful for and we tend to give the events of our lives a grateful meaning instead of perhaps a hateful meaning.

So, where and for whom in your life could you be grateful? What machines, technologies and other items do you use every day that you didn’t have to build? How has your life been made better because of the efforts of another? Can you stop today and take notice? As always, the action happens in the comments below, leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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Take what resonates with you in this blog and leave the rest.

  • I am in awe and grateful for everything I have been blessed with in my life. In the past few years,  I have been able to learn and grow in so many ways because of the technology that is available to me. I love the internet. As I think of things, I type into google and there is a solution. There are videos and tutorials for almost everything. So many people are sharing their knowledge that there is very little that you can’t learn. For someone like me, it’s a vast wonderland of opportunity. I am also grateful for The Daily Love. Without the Daily Love and other inspirational teachers, I wouldn’t know how truly lucky I am and I wouldn’t appreciate it to the depths of my heart as I do. Thank you! 

  • Mastin, I love this one. I am so grateful to all the folks who have helped me on my journey…from my grade school teachers to my late mother who taught me to believe in myself. These days, I am super thankful for the wonderful Marie Forleo and her B-School community. Marie has helped me turn my dream of being a successful entrepreneur into a reality. I’m now running School for the Confident Woman over at I love TDL. I’ll see you at RHH Live in a few weeks!

  • Caroline Meyer

    Since it was Thanksgiving in Canada this past weekend, I spent a lot of time exploring gratitude. While I am always grateful for the beautiful amazing people in my life, I realized how inspiring my online communities are for me. TDL is at the top of that list of people (you) who encourage me to let go of outmoded fears and to dive into life. Thank you, Mastin!

  • Thanks for TDL! It’s fabulous and I love it. 

  • Kristin P-

    I am grateful for a million little (HUGE) things that help me get to where I am going each day.  Things that make the simple tasks breeze by so that I can enjoy your blog and reflect on my life and my dreams and on keeping positive…. the pipes that bring water to my apartment for showering & eating and my car for getting me to work quickly, my computer for bringing me in touch with your daily words.  I could go on and on. Every day my life is supported by technology and innovation brought as a result of the universe supporting dreams of people that were “Uni-Made” 🙂 – what’s joy of success if you can’t share it with others –

  • I love how you pulled apart the perception we have as being “self-made”. This is a really healthy way of thinking. Thank you for taking the time to write it down and share it with us.

  • I am so grateful. Writing about my mentor, Cinnamon Lofton, never seems to be enough. I want to shout my love and gratitude for her on top of  the highest mountain to the world. Because of her, I pulled up my own courage and have changed my life. One can see this in all my blogs. It is one of my intentions for Oprah to meet her before she dies. Not for fame. Not for glory. Not for recognition. This is not her style. It would be of service. I have been given by the ALL Mighty UNI-VERSE a human being that serves love 100% of the time for FREE. She puts her phone # in her book, “Here, Now.”  WHO DOES THAT?  I will tell you. A person who does not serve fear. I will continue to put out for what I want and trust that I will get what I need. Grateful for you too Mastin: a man with a purpose to serve the truth-LOVE.

  • Robin Hallett

    HI Mastin,

    This is my first visit here and I am happy to see you posting on gratitude and welcoming support along the way. I appreciate your message.

    I am so grateful to my parents for having me, regardless of the journey we’ve had in trying to love and understand each other, they brought me into this world and kept me safe and did the very best they were able to do by me.

    I am grateful to my husband, for his unwavering support, for staying with me even when I digress into whack-a-doo states. Somehow he can see all of me, even when I am unable to see myself.

    And, to my friends, who continue to see me as I truly am and love me from that place, no matter what. They aren’t afraid to celebrate who I am, knowing it doesn’t diminish who they are.

    And, Mastin, I am grateful to you – I’ve followed your story both on Marie TV and Oprah, and just want to say thank you for staying the course and bringing your message forward!!

    Hugs all around,

  • Vanessa

    Im in grad school and amazed at how much easier it is to do research. I have no idea how people did their PhD’s in the past. With the internet and email, I can do most of my work and never leave home! Amazing.

  • Reneebarbis

    I find this to be so amazing! I was driving to work yesterday morning and I was thinking how wonderful it is to have my business and how each person from the time I was young helped pave my way to become this person.  I am so grateful for the people who supported me but also for the one’s who were opposed to me doing what I believed in because you gave me another drive! I fully enjoy my life now and I can not wait to see what this journey called life will bring to me!

  • Vialpaneotheresa

    Mastin I love you!!!!! Like you say I may never meet you, but I love you! I love the daily love! Everyday I read it, its sits with me, its talks to me, it give me the motivation I need. You are inspiring, and I am truly grateful for your inspiration. 


  • Heather


    Thank you for this, Mastin. Practicing gratitude every day is so important. It has made more of a difference in my life than I ever could have imagined. And it fits in perfectly with what you are always saying about giving events an empowering meaning, even when they seem to be “negative”. When one can have gratitude even for those things, they no longer seem so bad. There are so many people I am grateful for and to, even without getting into people who have helped me indirectly. I am definitely most grateful to all the people that grow the food I nourish my body with, who provide me with clean drinking water and certainly those who water and nourish my heart and spirit, such as yourself and all the awesome Daily Lovers. And this guy y’all may know, with a lovely song about gratitude…
    Much love and gratitude always,

  • Thank you for this post today Mastin. 

    You are so right… we really do not do anything ‘all by ourselves’ now do we?…  It takes a village of love.  And gratefulness is the key to acknowledging and embracing all the goodness that has come and is on its way to us now… 

    Really loving this post.

    ~with Love From Cape Cod….Sandi

  • Deborah M Wall

    Perfect way to start the morning. I love being reminded of how many people contribute to my life. People that I will never meet that make it possible for me to have power, water, fresh food, love and comfort. Thank you people of the world you rock!

  • Tessa-Marie Shillingford

    We celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend,  I took sometime to actually think of all the people, places and things  for which I am grateful, I realized the list could go on forever and I still would not be done. I have kept a daily gratitude journal for years, and it has made me realized that without all those people, places and things I would not be me, and I truly love being me.  So I am ever grateful for all help I got along the way, and some of them were not nice or comfortable to be in but they too, contributed to me being me.  What I know for sure is that, I am not self made for if I were I would believe that I am complete, I not complete and all the potters out there are not done with me the clay.  I am enjoying this journey call life.

  • Practice gratefulness is very powerful!

  • Brooke

    Thinking of what I’m thankful for! Life and my beautiful sister, who’s my best friend and role model. She was always there for me at day one. i have so much love in my heart for her, shes truly amazing. My amazing parents that thought us healthy, active living style!Little brother that was a blast to grow up with. Family that loves unconditionally! My kids that bring joy and entertainment into my life daily and a husband that adores me and always keeps life interesting.

  • Brooke

    I’m so grateful for technology and all I have, compared to what my mother or grandmother ever had. Everything allows more time in our lives to enjoy our leisure activities! How lucky and blesses we are!!!!! Every morning I unload my dish washer that washed all my dishes while I slept! Then throw a load of laundry in and sit to enjoy a green tea!! How lucky we are 😀

  • Bori

    I’m grateful for TDL. It was through your blog about Forgiveness in 2011, that I understood the value of such. If I hadn’t come to know this, I’d probably be in a bad place with some of my relationships. Thanks, TDL!

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    Thank you, Mastin!