This should put a smile on your face! :o) - Daily Love with Mastin Kipp

This should put a smile on your face! :o)

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I heard a quote this past weekend that truly touched me, it went something like this, “There’s no such thing as a self-made person because everyone has had help along the way.”

This hit me hard. It hit me so hard because for a long time one of my driving desires is to be self-made. And in many ways, TDL is a self-made creation, but it’s not really.

There have been SO many people that have helped me directly or indirectly create TDL. Be it my parents, my friends, my mentors, my amazing L.A. friends who are now family that let me stay with them while I couch surfed for two years, all the way down to the people who built the email marketing software that allows me to send emails to a lot of people, or the creators of WordPress who allow me to have an amazing backend for the blog, or the hosting company, the designers and developers who created the site and most importantly – YOU.

Without YOU there would be no TDL. Because TDL is only as strong and real as the community of daily lovers who are a part of it.

There are literally thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who have contributed to the success of TDL, most of whom I’ll never meet.

I know in this world of quick fix, ambition seeking, value giving, purpose living, personal growing that it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and not see how amazing life is. No matter what the economy is doing or who is in office, life is getting better. We have so many amazing tools and possibilities now that didn’t exist before ALL made possible because of someone else.

My practice today is to not try to create anything or make anything happen; my practice for today is to sit in awe of how amazing life is and how much my life has improved because of you and many, many others who have made it possible.

Sometimes, simply taking a moment to be grateful for what we have with nothing else added on is one of the most powerful practices that we could ever cultivate. Because when we are in a state of gratitude, we find more things to be grateful for and we tend to give the events of our lives a grateful meaning instead of perhaps a hateful meaning.

So, where and for whom in your life could you be grateful? What machines, technologies and other items do you use every day that you didn’t have to build? How has your life been made better because of the efforts of another? Can you stop today and take notice? As always, the action happens in the comments below, leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!



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