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Three Tips To Stay Alkaline!

Alkalinity is one of the most important principles of health and crucial for proper detoxing. If you’re not familiar with alkalinity, check out our article Alkalinity vs. Acidity as well as our interview with the foremost expert on the subject, Dr. Robert Young. Here are three tips to get and stay alkaline:

Hydrate properly: As you go about your day, your body is constantly generating acid as a natural byproduct of metabolism. Acid is the opposite of alkaline, and to stay slightly alkaline, which is our blood’s healthy state, we must make sure we’re cleaning out the acid. To get rid of acid, drink copious amounts of water and make sure your water’s pH is also alkaline. Quick ways to make your water alkaline: add a bit of fresh lime juice, a few drops of chlorophyll or a sprinkle of raw apple cider vinegar.

Eat salads: Dark greens contain chlorophyll as well a host of minerals that will not only nourish your body and mind, but also increase your pH to a proper alkaline state. Eating a salad with every meal is one of the fastest ways to get alkaline, and it is also a fantastic lifestyle choice for overall health, youth, and great skin.

Feel good: Getting angry and stressed causes your body to go acidic and can have as much as twice the detrimental effect on you as bad food. Acidity set off by constant stress and negative emotions causes premature aging, weight gain, toxicity and sets the perfect environment for disease to develop in your body.

Final note to upgrade your mind on the subject: Think of acid as heat. Your job is to stay cool.

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