To be both HUMAN and SPIRIT!

Triggers happen.

They do.

There’s nothing we can do to stop them – because it is through our triggers that we learn about ourselves.

I still get triggered. Someone says something. Someone does something. Something happens.

BOOM – nice Mastin is GONE and triggered Mastin is there.

It’s inevitable.

I’ve come to believe that the journey is really about seeking the peace within the chaos – the Truth within the trigger.

Life is not about NOT being triggered. Life is about bringing LOVE and AWARENESS to our triggers and moments when our emotions come up.

You see, a lot of people I know make the mistake of shooting for a “spiritual bypass” – where they try to deny their humanness – they try to deny their emotions, they try to put their negativity and triggers in a box – and then pretend they don’t exist.

And then – over time – they stack up – and BOOM – you have a breakdown, an emotional explosion or other expression.

Having these doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It means you are human.

Here at TDL we advocate a full acceptance and expression of your human nature. This lets us be fully alive. From there, we also believe in tapping into the higher awareness that is your Soul, that is the observer of the human mind and emotions.

We are part spirit, part human. To deny either is to deny who you are.

We can’t sit around and just justify our negativity as “being human”. And we also can’t not express ourselves because we are “spiritual”. We need both.

This is the beautiful balance that we get to walk as spiritual beings having a human experience.

I have found that when I let myself express, when I allow myself to be who I am – without any judgment – amazing things happen.


And once I express myself – without judgment, I do my best to bring my awareness, my Soul perspective into the moment.

My aim is to have my Soul awareness be there as I am being triggered, so that I catch myself faster.

We all have triggers. We all have intense emotions, both dark and light. These are not good or bad – they are just information.

We must allow ourselves to express ourselves, we must allow ourselves to be FULLY human and FULLY spirit.

This dance is the dance that allows the greatest version of life to be lived.

How can you allow yourself to be both human and spirit?

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Mastin Kipp is the founder and CEO of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • Thanks Mastin. I had a horrible call this week that set off a trigger BIG TIME! The lesson for me was being able to learn and forgive myself – and recognize that I am human…even in the pursuit of my spiritual growth 🙂


  • Dazz

    Superb post, Mastin! I had an awkward phone call with a family member today and felt terrible afterwards after I over-reacted to something they said.  I sent an email apologising for my over-reaction but also aiming to explain where I was coming from and why it set off my triggers. I hope it was received with the same amount of Love that it was sent and I hope it will open up some constructive dialogue during our next phone call.  So – needless to say, I was very amused when I saw the opening of your blog today – Triggers happen….  Yes, they do!  Here’s to being fully human and fully spirit.

  • Ashley Milne

    I am a fairly new Daily Lover, I’ve been following and reading for about a month, I’d say.  I would just like to thank you for your posts.  I find that no matter what they are, I am able to connect very deeply to your message, and I appreciate everything you teach and how you live.  In particular, this post spoke to me, as over the last few weeks I have really been allowing myself to get in touch with my ‘human’ side, rather than suppress it.   The results have been amazing – life is easier, I have become more aware of and grateful for all of the great things that have come into my experience (good and bad), and through my acceptance of my emotions and humanity I have found a deeper spiritual connection.  You are absolutely right, you cannot have one without the other.  As always, I look forward to tomorrow morning.  Thanks!

  • Thank you for being transparent as you often do. “The dance that allows the greatest version of life to be lived,” was a wise choreography of understanding my friend. The art of it. The energy of it. The ebb and flow -the lead of spirit and our surrender to follow ushers in the super natural version of this dance we call life.

  • Lindahburke

    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful thought leader!  You are absolutely fulfilling your mission on the planet, and I feel so fortunate to be able to learn from you.  (Loving this week’s conference calls on unveiling our mission in the new year!)  Your posting regarding Lance Armstrong situation is still on my mind.  After observing his interview with Oprah, it was really clear to me that he is really trying to control the “arc” of this story, and that he is just at the beginning of this part of his journey to redemption.  I for one am not in a position to encourage others to forgive him yet, but will defend your right to suggest it.  Thank you for pushing the envelope (and yes, I do think it is too soon to “forgive” — he has not quite accepted the huge impact of what he did, but I am ready to send him love and support while he works it out!)
    Have a great weekend — a history-making one in honor of the inaugural weekend!


    You’re right on, Mastin.  How many years I’ve tried to not be triggered.  Now I just look at it as information about myself and my fears.  It can be a profound learning experience. 

  • dboring1

    What a timely post! I too love your insights! I do have a question though.  Unfortunately,  I had a circumstance with my DIL that triggered all kinds of stuff that I had been holding in for 8 years. It was mostly about me feeling unappreciated. I said some pretty awful things, and I remember as the conversation was beginning, that little whisper in my head told me to bite my tongue. I stopped mid sentence, but she told me to say what I started to say, so everything came out.

    I feel HORRIBLE and now am banned from having anything to do with my grandchildren, and my son now is not talking to me. I feel I lost everything because I let out everything that had been bothering me.  (and all the stuff I said, was all in the past. I don’t feel like that anymore)

    So… Now what do I do? I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and meditating, and I know in the grand scheme of things, there’s a reason why this happened. But how do you deal with something you can’t control? I’ve asked for forgiveness, but that’s not going to happen. Would love to hear your insights on this.  Thanks!

    • Sunnyb101

       What do you mean forgiveness “is not going to happen”? You’re taking yourself out before you have the chance to heal and mend. Breathe and look within. If you approach them with humbleness – tell them everything you said here – than they will see the human-ness of you (even if it takes times – may not happen on the first approach). But before you do, I would recommend making sure you are really sorry for what you said and explore what this incident says about you. I’ve been there and those who love me are always willing to forgive me (they want too) – if I am honest, open, vulnerable and humble. Not if I come at them with an apology that is as “strong” as the argument in the first place (full of excuses and “I’m such a terrible person” – that is not being honest). And question your motivation. If it’s just to see the grandkids – they will see right through that. It starts with you and your willingness to be the example of what happens when someone begins to heal. Remember – its not about them, its about you.

      Good luck – and don’t give up!!!

      • dboring1

        THANK YOU Sunny!!! That was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for your insight! Lots to work on….

  • Laura

    THANK YOU and YES!!! After “The Secret” came out, and so many coaches started centering their practices around the Law of Attraction, I started hearing so many talk about “negative” emotions and “positive” emotions. It set off such red flags for me for the very reason you discuss here, Mastin. Part of this journey of ours here is the *human* journey, which is rife with the full spectrum of emotion. It’s what we DO with them that matters, that impacts the quality of our experience here. So thanks for continuing to call us to the challenge of staying conscious, of choosing how we respond and what we learn when our emotions flare up (whichever ones they are!), and of how to continue to grow. You rock!

  • This is a great blog and I needed it. I was majorly triggered this week, I had to stop and put myself in perspective yet still express myself. 

  • El Tito Larosa

    Nice! If we could practice understanding that we are a measure of infinity; the manifestation of completion and accept it in ourselves, we could then accept it others. this is how we can heal the world.

  • Sunnyb101

    This is such a timely post Mastin! You’re so intuitive! I was just beating my self up about being this dichotomy of being on the journey but at the same time still being able to get triggered and lashing out. I feel like a fraud sometimes and worry that my family feels the same way. But you know what? I am only human. I make mistakes and just as sure, I am aware and working toward being my best self. Those two parts of me can co-exist. But, I am proud that the awareness is quicker and the ability to say “I am sorry, that was more about me than it was about you” is getting easier. That’s a win. And my willingness to dig deeper in exploring why this or that triggered me feels morel like exploration and understanding than feeling like a “bad person” who needs to “fix” me. To be human is to err. And to spiritual is to love yourself any way. Thank you so much for reminding me. Love. xox

  • Cathywrites

    Triggered – You are teaching that anger is not always wrong.  I agree.  I used to teach my kids that it is ok to angry, even with me (because I could be their best practice ground); but there are still rules within that and they are kindness rules.

    Martin Luther King taught that there is such a thing as “negative peace” ; it is peace in the absence of justice.  Positive Peace is peace in the presence of justice.  Aaah   So feeling and acting all peaceful inside and out is not always appropriate.  He also shared his opinion that the silent so called ‘good’ people did more to block justice than those who actively spoke against justice~ interesting…..Is instance of the trigger led by a good source and is the outcome of the trigger also good?

    I think you are doing well to expose some improper spiritual lessons.  We can see in the bible that Jesus was ‘triggered’ too. (When the merchants were in the temple.)  God the father expresses anger throughout the bible.  Is the trigger you feel a proper / righteous  trigger and what about your response to it?

  • Cathy Ladd

    Two comments:

    IMHO, the quotation mark always goes outside the punctuation.

    Someone flirted with me yesterday (first time in a long time) and I spent the rest of the day feeling better about myself. What’s that all about? Like I’m better because someone actually thinks I’m worthy. How do I keep my triggered ego in check that way too? Gotta admit, I was totally flattered. 

    • Ellpap

      Don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling flattered when you are being flattered. We all deserve a nice healthy amount of flattering. Nothing. Absolutely nothing wrong with that u must admit!

  • Sandra Moore

    Good post Mastin. During a recent conversation with a friend who is a spiritual seeker and psychiatrist, I was triggered when I felt one of my values wasn’t being honoured. His response to my heightened emotion was to advise me to meditate more – a comment that set off another emotional response within me. He saw vulnerability = pain = fix = meditate. In my profession as an intuitive professional life coach, I see people who would rather stick the “it’s all good” band-aid over the trigger. And it’s understandable given that since young children we’ve been told to suppress our expression of what doesn’t feel good. Going beneath the surface to explore a trigger could feel like walking into a volcano that’s recently erupted. 

    To answer your question – how can I allow myself to be both human and spirit – my answer is simply to honour. Human Sandra honours my process which for me is exploring my emotions as there is information within the experience.   Spirit Sandra honours another person’s process. It may not resemble mine but it’s their path, created through their freewill.

  • I love that you said, ” spiritual beings having a human experience.”  I have written and said this A LOT, and I will never tire of the truth….MY mentor, Cinnamon Lofton, is what every spiritual master on OPRAH describes. I do not know where the personality ends and the soul begins. I see her human side all the time (She is blonde like me), AND SHE DOES NOT SERVE FEAR- EVER (Even when raped)!!!! Everyone who has been willing to open their hearts enough…sees this too. Although it has taken me, to come along and expose this treasure of THE CENTRAL COAST of Ca, to…ALL OF YOU! I can look crazy. I can look like I am in a cult. I can look naive. AND, I KNOW…I AM NOT!!!!!  She cares about getting her message out to the world, AND she doesn’t mind if it doesn’t. She is a humble servant of love and does as told. So many students ask her, “DO YOU EVER TRIGGER YOURSELF. ARE YOU EVER AFRAID?” Her reply is heartfelt….”Addictions brush my cheeks; they get so close. I will not throw away my peace for anything or anyone.” We have all seen this to be true with our own eyes and hearts. It is a special bond few of us get to experience. Often, I fear that if I expose her, I won’t get to talk to her as much. I think, “WHAT IN THE HECK are you doing, Kathleen?” My heart responds…it is my service. I will not stop. You can check her out on my blog or on UTUBE. Ask your heart…  
    The Daily Commenter,

  • Billie kaman

    Mastin, love to express my thank you for the every day dose of love. I became a daily reader of your blog and a true follower. I’m as well a student of ” a course in miracles” and visit as much as I can Marianne’s lectures on Monday nights. Today’s topic hit very much home for me, regarding what I’m going through right now. I find myself taking the spiritual detour method and put my emotions and possible negativity in that box. I’m currently in a situation where I fight myself weather or not taking my ex-husband to be, to court. Considering what he put me and my children through, I do have solid reasons to do so and fight for what is right. The quote ” you end up with what you put up with” rings with my situation. I’m very hesitant to go the legal action way, because I”m worried to jeopardize the relationship between my daughter and her dad. I know he knows that I would never do anything drastic to protect her from any heartbreak. I’m not sure if I should elaborate on my situation right now, right here. But let me say that I do wake up every morning with anxiety to face the day, to face this reality eating me from the inside out. I’m all about forgiveness, but thats where the problem worsens, my forgiveness was turned into taking advantage of me, ignoring my needs and my rights. I have a hard time putting “forgiveness, love and sue my husband in one sentence. However this morning I remembered a lecture of Marianne Williamson, when she was asked ” How can I sue someone with compassion” and Marianne answered ” There is nothing loveless about justice” so there must be a reason why my “inner voice, the holy spirit” was re-minding me of that. So I will take all my courage and go out and get the justice my kids and I deserve and try not to be scared of the Triggers and try to acknowledge them and think about myself for a change. Thank you Mastin and y’all for letting me vent. Namaste, Birgit

    • P.L.G.

      After reading your post, three words came to my mind “SET YOURSELF FREE”. Whatever that means to you let it ring true from you. I firmly believe that once you set yourself free, all other problems will be free as well. Wishing you much peace and many blessings, Billie!

      • Billie kaman

        Thank you P.L.G. you are very kind for responding to my post this morning. And yes I need to set myself free, can’t take this lingering on my soul any longer. Its wonderful to have people who care without ever met them before. Blessings back to you, Billie

  • PB

    Triggers happen, yes they do! They are a way to see more of myself but I don’t like them very much when I am going through it. Thank you for the post. 

  • P.L.G.

    Thank you so much, Mastin! Had a trigger last night and I’m still trying to process it. I don’t know who to get mad at. Myself or the person who set of the trigger? Admittedly, I’d much prefer being angry at the person who set me off! But that’s the trigger talking…lol.

    Thanks again!

  • JayquanCoopwood

    Well put Mastin I really dig what your speaking of triggers are a way of life for me I think a life without triggers would be a world full of dead people

  • The funny thing is that I have learned to surrender to the feeling. By recognizing it and embodying it fully, it just goes away. That’s a neat trick I picked up from Gay Hendricks! And yes, let’s continue honoring our dual existence and make the best of it. We’re here to LIVE! xo
    Thanks Mastin.

  • Stealthcow

    Spot on today, channeling that collective.  This has been my major life goal recently, I’ve gotten so much spirit over the past couple years that my human side has been severely neglected.  I’ve edged towards the “spiritual bypass” mentality and it’s perceived safety for too long now.  Learning how to live in the moment and not hide behind the observer.  How to fully FEEL what I feel as it comes, living presently, while actively applying all the stuff I’ve learned about life.  It can’t stay in the head.  It also has to be lived.  And man, living can sure be scary.  Healthy balance here I come, the goal a progressive narrowing of the gap between spirit and flesh.  Thanks for the blog!  Makin’ me feel somewhat less scattered and overwhelmed with the challenge.

  • Lindsey

    Gorgeous, Mastin. Love it. Balancing out our human and spiritual selves is surely the gift re-given to us each and every day. 

  • AM

    Thank you Mastin for the wonderful insight.  My wife just told me about this site yesterday and I was very interested in what it was about.  I have recently wanted to deepen my spirituality and have been having difficulty separating my human and spirit parts.  I realize that I have to embrace both to be fully human and fully spirit.  Balance and Love.

  • Michael

    Probably breaking 12 kinds of etiquette here, but I’ve literally just finished editing this section of my new book:

    The French Jesuit Teillard de Chardin famously said ‘We are not human
    beings having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human
    experience.’ And if this
    is true, we ignore either of those facts at our peril.

    People who attempt to live purely
    in the material world and ignore the spiritual tend, in my experience, to ride
    the roller coaster of life’s ups and downs and arrive at the end of the ride
    feeling – accurately – that they haven’t actually gotten anywhere and wondering
    why those spiritual people seem so calm and peaceful.

    People who emphasize the spiritual world
    at the cost of the material tend, in my experience, to fluctuate between
    moments of pure bliss/awe/wonder and moments of frustration, wondering why, if
    they’re so spiritual, God/Life/the Universe has allocated them a life of
    poverty and struggle while those material people get to have all the nice

    To attempt to choose
    between the spiritual and the material is like trying to choose between two
    cars, one without an engine and one without a steering wheel – you won’t be
    arriving anywhere worthwhile in either of them.

    In fact
    this choice isn’t even necessary, for the two worlds are really one. When we
    begin to see this, it becomes possible to experience the best of both.

    upside of a focus on the spiritual is
    a deeper sense of connection with ourselves, with others, and with life itself.
    The world of deeper feelings we begin to inhabit – feelings like gratitude,
    love, humility, wonder, and awe – is its own reward.

    The upside of a focus on the
    material is a life of greater comfort, ease, and possibility. Money may not be
    able to buy happiness or love, but it’s the best tool I know for feeding
    children, building new homes, buying plane tickets to Bora Bora, and having a romantic
    dinner for two on the beach once you’re there.

    difficulty comes if we start to treat the formless world of spirit as if it’s
    subject to the same rules as the world of form. Most of us are familiar with what
    happens when we are consumed with the pursuit of success in the material world.
    Stress and pressure become our constant companions, and more is somehow not
    only better but also never enough. If we win the game, our ex-husbands, wives
    and children get to read our epitaph in the morning headlines:

    Here lies the fastest runner on
    the treadmill.

    If we approach the world of spirit in the same way, we set ourselves up
    for yet another lifetime of struggle. We strive for ‘spiritual success,’
    setting enlightenment or union with the divine as our goal and determining that
    we will out-meditate, out-pray, and outlast our fellow seekers until we get
    voted ‘most likely to sit at the right hand of God’ in our high school

    In both
    cases, our endless pursuit of ‘not this’ is driven by our deepest fear – that
    there is something wrong with us and we are not enough. That until we achieve
    sufficient levels of spiritual wealth, material success or both, we will not be
    worthy of love. And that without something tangible to show for it, we will
    have wasted our life.

    what we are seeking is all around us all the time. Right where you are sitting
    now is the infinite whole made manifest in the divine specific. You could no
    sooner be ‘not enough’ than a tree could be the wrong color. And you don’t have
    to become worthy of love because love is what you are made of.

  • Ellpapp

    Absolutely beautifully written by a true angel. Thank u for this as it resonates with every part of my body and spirit!

  • Worldpeacefacials. Maureen

    Keep shining Mastin. Love the haters.

  • Christina Masterman

    I so agree Mastin.  Stuff happens, regardless of how evolved we are on our journey of consciousness.   And acceptance that our triggers are part of our human nature is fundamental.  Acceptance is what enables me to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and carry on – renewed and restored, albeit a bit battered and bruised at times.   Our wounds heal more quickly when acceptance of our human frailty is embedded in our way of being, enabling and opening to Spirit to fully recharge us.   Denying our own humanity by putting a sugarcoating on who we are is inauthentic living, the quickest way to shutting the door on love and life. 

  • Meredith

    Mastin, I am so glad you brought up this topic! We are mental, emotional, physical AND spiritual beings. There are triggers and instead of squashing them we’ve got to know them and navigate them so we can live life to the absolute fullest. It is so NOT about the triggers, it’s about LIVING! You are in inspiration. Thank you. I just released a book called “Healthy Voice” that talks more about this. Again, thank you for being so authentic!!