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Tools for Maintaining Your Energy Flow!

We have all been around people and in places where the energy felt less than desirable. My brother asked me a while ago to write about how I maintain my energy flow around “undesirables”. A lot of the emotions that we feel are not even ours. If someone walks by you feeling sad or angry and all of a sudden you begin to feel sad or angry, that emotion may not even have been yours to begin with. There are tools that you can use to clear energy out of your space that does not belong to you. Many people are energy sensitive. It is beneficial to know whether the emotion you are feeling is coming from you, or from someone else. I use the three techniques below to clear my energy. They may sound a little bit out there, and may take some getting used to, but try and keep an open mind. I have been working with these tools for years and they have helped me to stay balanced.

BREATHING IN LIGHT: Prana is life force energy and when you are breathing you are bringing that energy into your body. Begin by taking a deep inhale, expanding the navel, as you imagine that you are bringing in light from above you. Exhale allowing the navel to gently glide back, and relax. Inhale breathing light from above the head and imagine that light is coming into every cell of your body. Exhale and let go, releasing anything that is not of the light. Inhale and breath light into your Aura- energy field around the body. Exhale and release. Breathe this light into any area of the body that needs it; the mind, the body, the soul, etc. Beautiful things can come from tapping into the power of your breath.

GROUNDING: Grounding your energy connects you with Mother Earth, clears your energy field and restores balance. Breathe and begin to center your energy with each inhalation and exhalation. Now, imagine that a tail is growing from the center of your spine, spiraling down into the earth. As you continue to breathe, feel the energy moving and the tail spiraling deeper and deeper into the earth. You may feel a sense of restored balance. As you practice grounding you will feel the connection and love from Mother Earth coming up through your grounding cord.

ROSE TOOL: I learned this exercise from one of my Spiritual teachers, Jim Self. It is one of the best tools I have come across for clearing my energy, and it involves using your imagination! The rose has a very high vibration that is only in alignment with divine love and your highest good. To begin, breathe deeply, and after each inhale, exhale deeply and inhale again. Close your eyes and think of the last time that you saw a red rose. It may have been in a garden or in the grocery store. Picture in your mind’s eye the green stem and the red petals. Imagine this single rose is about two and a half feet in front of your face. Continue the circular breath and command the rose to clear any energy out of your field that does not belong to you. You may feel this energy gathering into the rose and clearing anything that does not vibrate with love, joy and your highest good. After a few more breaths, imagine exploding the rose, like fireworks. Know that you have cleared that energy from your space. This may take some practice but it is a wonderful tool. You can also use this tool to gather your energy back up by commanding the rose to collect any energy you may be missing. When you feel it is collected wholly, explode the rose bringing your energy back into your field from wherever you may have left it.

These tools take practice, so try to be gentle with yourself. Know that the more your practice, the more real they will become. If you are feeling harsh energy you will have these tools in your bag to help you clear and release the energy.

We are all made of divine love, whether we are expressing it in this moment or not. When you come across a person who is not in a space to express their divine love, you have an opportunity to reflect their truth back to them. You don’t even have to say anything; even a loving smile can make a big difference. The more you ground and clear, the more you learn to maintain your energy flow and become less affected by other people’s energy.

Love Love Love

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Hillary Pike is certified in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and a meditation Instructor.

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