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Top Three Steps That Are Essential For Clearer Intuition!

I am often asked what the simplest steps to increase one’s intuition are. To simplify as much as possible, the top three steps that I believe are essential in creating a better intuitive connection are:

First: Take three deep breaths every few hours throughout your day.

A breath is in a sense our soul, so it’s essential to get the breath balanced so that we receive clear guidance. Putting up a post-it note in your car and on your computer that says “Breathe X 3” will remind you to take in those three deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth. By doing this one simple action, you will find that you will feel more confident and open to receiving guidance or messages from the Divine.

Second: Know your ego voice!

The more that you understand the difference between your ego voice versus your intuitive voice, the less time you will distract yourself with worrying if you are getting a true message or hearing the divine properly. Some top points about ego voice: Ego never acknowledges change – it is stuck in the past and uses past situations to project into your future. Ego gives problems or drama, never the solution. It will always compare ourselves to others telling us we are either better or less then someone else.

Third: Know Your Intuitive Voice!

Your intuition is kind and always looking for the best possible solution. It helps you identify change where ego resists change. Intuition is direct, to the point and never promotes fear. Your intuition is calm, no matter what the message that you are receiving is. It makes you feel confidant, at peace and like you can move forward with thinking of “what if” or “how”. Intuition makes us all feel equal with others and keeps things simple!

Ego and Intuition work hand in hand. The ego gives you drive and allows you to learn. Where intuition guides you with no judgment and includes everyone with love and compassion.

Spend everyday taking three deeps breaths at least three times a day (think morning, noon and night) and observing your thoughts as they come. You will start to distinguish your ego voice and your intuitive voice. Keep this article handy as a reference or save it on a mobile device to make it easy to check in with as you observe your ego and intuition as thoughts come in.

I believe in you and that you are deeply intuitive. This is my truth!

Blessings and Love,


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Tara Taylor is an international intuitive counselor & published author of Through Indigo’s Eyes.!/TaraTaylorIntuitive