Trusting The Flow…And Change!

Robin Lee burgandy102411You know how they say that attitude is everything?

So often when I am doing lectures and workshops on “Learning To Go With The Flow”, people’s feedback is that life is difficult and change is hard. For me, when life feels difficult, I quickly remind myself that the things that feel hard in my life are an opportunity to strengthen my “GO-WITH-THE-FLOW” muscle. As soon as I notice something feels difficult, I take a big deep breath and ask myself what it is I can be letting go of to make this moment feel easier.

Today as I was doing some gardening in the yard, I couldn’t help but be taken aback by the incredible beauty of all of the flowers popping up and coming into bloom. Talk about change! Just last month the yard looked scarce and nearly lifeless. Today there were grape vines winding through the fence, Passionflowers beginning to trail against the wall, and beautiful Gerberas popping up their heads to say hello to the world.

Change is beautiful and a natural part of life. Change allows us to learn things, meet new people, and experience things we would never experience without change happening.

Change is a gift given to us from life itself. Sometimes change means that a job falls through. Perhaps try taking a deep breath and becoming curious about what better job is on its way to you. Sometimes change means that plans you have made for the day fall through last minute. Perhaps it is an opportunity to feel disappointment and trust that your time could be more useful spent doing something else. Sometimes change means that a normally booked worked schedule becomes scarce. Perhaps it is an opportunity to learn to simplify and spend some time doing what you say you never have time to do. Although we don’t have the ability to control what happens to us in life, WE DO have the ability to focus on controlling what situations are going to mean and how we define them.

Integrative healing is about remembering that your attitude affects your body and your health. It isn’t just about taking supplements and eating an incredibly healthy diet. Integrative healing is remembering that what you think and believe affects how you emotionally and physically feel and affects how your body physically functions.

Many people that have an incredibly difficult time with change often have issues with their digestive system — constipation, IBS, poor assimilation, hemorrhoids — muscle tension and inflammation, and anxiety.

Physically, to help with the above issues, consider integrating foods that create energy that is more conducive to going “more with the flow”. The foods to integrate in a day would be foods high in fiber (to get things moving ), water (hydration), and consuming enough good quality, uncooked oils. Focus on limiting foods that clog up and slow down the digestion (sugar, flour products, and large amounts of dairy).

To heal the body, we must focus on all levels of healing — physical, mental, spiritual and energetic.

Change is an opportunity to trust that better things are coming your way. Better people, better jobs, better relationships, better opportunities. If you really believed this, how would you feel?

Take a big deep breath, ask yourself how you would feel if you believed that Change is an opportunity to trust that better things are coming your way. Notice how your body relaxes. How could the body not heal feeling this way?

All of my love to each and everyone of you!

In Health,

Robin Lee

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Robin Lee is a Medical Intuitive and Healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.

  • Although I really enjoyed your words, one thing I have to strongly dissagree with you here is the comment about ” we don’t have control in what happens to us”.. One thing I have learned in the years of reading and learning from the spiritual teachers is that, we are our universe and we have the one i control of our lives.. whatever happens to us however hard it is to accept( I am going through one of those right now) the fact is we make it happen, but of course there is a reason for it … But your comments about change, is very suited for me now, as I got slapped in the face by reality, when my life plans fell through in a course of half hour infront of me, as I was ready to leave my life behind and move to New York City.. Came back home, shocked and lost on what just happened, feeling what in the world do I do now..It has been couple of weeks now and I realized all I have to do to figure out what was my intention and what made me to face that, and how can I turn around and take the right road.. People say just try again, but to me it’s not about being stubborn, and keep trying, it’s about if I need to change something here.. This didn’t happen for a reason, not because of bad luck, or my stupidity( still debating on that) but there was a greater force behind it as I felt it..
    Thanks for the reminder,Very helpful 🙂

    • Hi Danubelle! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share. I love hearing everyone’s view points. It sounds like you are really on the brink of a nice shift in your life..People sound like they are offering you advice and it sounds like you are taking the space you need to be able to figure out what is best for you. Keep breathing. Often times behinds the greatest times of feeling “stupid” the greatest lessons and gifts are revealed. Breathe into your Heart. I love putting my left hand on my heart and my right hand on top of it with my eyes closed,breathing,and affirming–I am capable of making clear,wonderful decisions. Your Heart will always guide you the right way. Slow down,as it sounds like you are,and listen. Have a wonderful day today, Danubelle !

  • Any situation you get into has a certain degree of oppurtunity that can be deliberatedly exploited.

  • caci

    What do you do when intellectually you welcome the change but there is a deep wound created in your soul that keeps you stuck and prevents you from fully embracing what is to come?