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Truth Is… I AM Worthy!

Robin Lee burgandy102411A few weeks ago, I had a live Twitter chat on self worth that left an impression on quite a few people. I am still receiving messages and e-mails with people sharing how they extracted out a few powerful pearls of wisdom from the chat – and have really taken them to Heart, having some wonderful results. Because of this, I wanted to take a few of the most popular and meaningful thoughts from that chat and share them with you below.

At the end of this blog, if you feel inspired, please share the thoughts that resonated the most for you. Breathe them in. Let them sink deeply into your Heart so that you may feel more love for your self and enjoy this life as much as you were meant to.

1. If you focus on the negative in yourself, in others, and in life, your self-esteem will decrease.

2. You don’t have to figure out all of the details. Life has a funny way of taking care of all of the details for you. Just start.

3. Take time for yourself. When you do this, it creates a sense of worthiness and strength.

4. What actions would I take if I believed I was good enough right now?

5. What one thing can I do that would feel good to me today? When I feel good inside, I feel good about myself and others.

6. Stop pretending that you aren’t good enough and have to have things a certain way to start. Start today – now – no more waiting.

7. Build your self-esteem by making yourself a priority. Every single day. If even for a few moments.

8. Take actions that make you feel good about yourself. Small consistent actions create huge results over time.

9. If you don’t want to commit to something – DON’T. When you say no, it gives others an opportunity to say yes.

10. When your self-worth is low, you will say yes to things you don’t want to because you are trying to prove you are good enough. Stop. Say no. Create boundaries.

11. Your job isn’t to make others happy. Your job is make yourself happy.

12. Always follow through. This is the fast track of raising your self-esteem. It really is. Don’t commit to things unless you can follow through.

13. Focus on the things that you like in others. Express these things out loud to others. This will increase your self-esteem.

14. You have enough. You are enough. There is enough

15. When you commit to yourself or others to do something and don’t follow through, it will whittle away your self-esteem.

16. Parents out there: Do your best not to tell children you will do things and not follow through. This makes them feel unworthy.

Healing is about letting go of the lies and the stories we have been told and continue to tell ourselves. We need to become conscious of these stories. As we are aware of the stories, we need to remind ourselves of the truth. The truth is – inside of our Hearts we have dreams and everything that we need to make these dreams come true. The truth is, we deserve to be loved and feel loved exactly like we are right now.

If you are wanting to increase your self-worth and self-esteem, start by remembering that every thought and action that you take truly does matter. When you notice a self-defeating thought surface, take a deep breath. Deep breathing puts the pause button on in our mind and makes room for change. Deep breathing also shifts us from being in our mind and places us gently in our Heart. Take another deep breath and say the following affirmation out loud. Affirmations are seeds that will grow into beautiful fruitful trees over time. Keep breathing, keep planting. You are doing great.

“I allow myself to let go of the story that I am unworthy and not good enough. I am worthy.”

From my Heart to yours,



Robin Lee is a medical intuitive and healer. Check out Robin’s site here and follow her on twitter here.