Turn your mess into a message!

mk_trees“Turn Your Mess Into A Message…”

My friend Don Nash said that to me… I think it’s genius.

The most important part of life, and the only part of life that we can truly control, is our perception. We may have influence over other parts of our life, but the only thing we have 100% control over is how we CHOOSE to perceive the events of our lives.

One of the FUNdamental messages of TDL is that you are not a victim, but a co-creator of your life with The Uni-verse.

It’s easy to play the victim, and a lot of people out there will try to convince you that it’s easier to blame other people for the circumstances of your life. One of the reasons it’s easy to be a victim is because you give away the response-ability of the outcome and circumstances of your life to some other person or entity.

As a victim, we tell ourselves that it’s not our fault; it’s the government’s fault, or our significant other’s fault, or our friend’s fault or our parents’ fault. If you really get creative you can imagine a whole range of people to blame for your life.

But the truth is that you are the one making the choices in your life. YOU have the free will and ability to CHOOSE to connect to Love, or not.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably made a mistake or two in your life (or dozens… lol). For a long time it was easy to blame people for the outcome. When things didn’t go the way I WANTED them to I would just make it someone else’s fault.

But, I started to learn differently. Thanks to teachers like Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, M.Scott Peck, Jan Shepherd, Sophie Chiche and most recently Jesus, I began to learn how to take my power back. I began to see that the way we thrive is by making our INNER WORLD stronger than the outer world.

Tony Robbins will tell you that the story you tell yourself about your life will dictate the outcome of it. Caroline Myss reminds us that CHOICE is the most important power in The Uni-verse. Dr. Dyer teaches that it is the power of your INTENTION that forms the outcome of your life. Mr. Peck will tell you that life is hard and that when you realize and accept that, life is no longer hard. Jan would tell you to put the loving first and to keep your dreams and visions grounded and in real time. And Sophie would remind us to love ourselves big time and to keep our thoughts in alignment with what we want, rather than what we don’t want. And of course, the big JC teaches unconditional Love and says we can experience this Love when we have right thought, take right action and keep our focus off of ourselves and keep it instead on Love.

How could you possibly let yourself be a victim knowing all these things?

If you really get that these lessons are REAL and TRUE and WORK, then, if you’re like me, you will feel called to turn your mess into a message.

Add value to other people’s lives and value will be added to your own. Being of service and taking the wounds of your life and turning them into lessons and sharing your experience with others will do more good to you and the planet than almost anything else.

To be human is to be messy, to screw up and to not get it right – that just comes with the territory. But it’s not right thought or action to assume the role of the victim. It may seem safer and it may even seem true. But what’s true is that you can take the wounds, messes and tragedies of your life and use them for good.

You can take your power back from people, groups and anything else that says you are powerless. You are POWERFUL, but you have to choose to be in your power and to step up.

Keep your thoughts on Love. Take and assume response-ability for your life. Things may have happened in your past that you have no control over. But what you DO have control over is how you respond to those events. Do you want to let those events get the best of you, or do you want to rise to the occasion, pick yourself up by the bootstraps and say, “I got this!”

You may not have been able to control what happened in the past, but you have 100% control over what you CHOOSE to believe and, as a result, where you go from here.

As always, the action happens in the comments below, leave a comment and join the conversation! The TDL Community thrives in the comments and it’s a GREAT place to get support!

Love from Maui,


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Mastin Kipp is the CEO & Founder of The Daily Love. Follow him on Twitter here.

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  • Jenny Bee

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I have taken my power back by realizing that I am not a victim. However I do need to become stronger at how I respond to events and how I respond to people’s actions.

  • Nelle

    Thank you, Mastin, for this reminder. I started on this path with that basic thought in mind, to “turn my mess into a message” for others, to show others that they’re not alone and they can come out of their mess stronger and better. Two years ago I started my journey by reading your blog and what a journey it has been. It’s had so many ups and downs and it has been internally messy. Yes, I’ve gotten off track a little here and there but I keep picking myself up and dusting off the “emotional debris” of perceived failures. I am a stubborn sort… I bite off more than I can chew, find myself, sometimes, backed into a corner and fight my way out. I always survive and I’m always “okay”. It dawned on me, one day that I’ve been telling this story for so long “I’m okay, I survive”. I don’t want to be just okay or just a survivor. I want to be happy, so I asked myself “when do I get to be happy?” And then it dawned on me that I’ve pretty much been floating by telling myself I’m going to be okay, while keeping my head down. I anchored myself to this belief that “I’m a spiritual being having a human experience” but I’ve been letting it slowly pull me through the murkiness of my life where I’m still just getting by waiting for things to get better. Wow!
    I’m a writer and have been for as long as I can remember but let that fall to the wayside somewhere after my adulthood started. So now I’m asking myself “what gives “, what am I waiting for? I have everything I need. It’s time to lift my head and look life in the eye and be happy in the moment, no matter what happen. As spiritual and human beings we are resilient.

  • Tiffany Hendra

    BRILLIANT! I live by this principle… took me a while to get there because I was one HOT MESS. I’m grateful I can now use my mess as a message to encourage other women. My recent realization is not just connecting to God.. but the Trinity! I call it my POWER POSSE! God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and me linked up has been a game changer. It’s helped me walk in LOVE like never before. Thank you for this post MK!

  • ‘To be human is to be messy, to screw up and to not get it right – that just comes with the territory. But it’s not right thought or action to assume the role of the victim. It may seem safer and it may even seem true. But what’s true is that you can take the wounds, messes and tragedies of your life and use them for good.”

    Being told that I was being a “small hiding victim” by my coaches was the best thing that ever happened to me because that awareness took me in a journey to flip that and become one of Gods Bold Compassionate Heroines. I know there are many more of you out there – please join us and turn your mess into a message!

  • Kathleen Chelquist

    My life was definitely messy until I changed the stories I told myself. And the more I changed my story, the more I have remembered the truth of LOVE. The main story I have changed is that EVERYTHING is HERE for my spiritual growth-not against me. And knowing that there will be NOTHING I can not handle.

    The most important, life altering story? That I signed up for it all! The sacred contract before I was born. The very thing most people in this world do not believe. I have mentioned it many times before on TDL, but if you want to change your story and create ULTIMATE peace…read: “Little Soul In The Sun.” By Neale Donald Walsch. It was a life changer for me, and I am beginning to remember this truth, myself. Yes…remember (not just believe). You see, the more we OPEN OUR VISION, the more we will use our 6th sense and see beyond the world of understanding.

    It’s up to you!

    The Daily Commenter,
    are-you-here-kathleen-its-me-god.blogspot.com (Sundays With Cinnamon is Today and will be a repeat about: HAIR! Also, check out “Contracts.”

  • Julius L

    Nice post, but Tony A Gaskins Jr actually originally said that line “Turn your mess into a message” I think your boy Don must have borrowed that off him.

    Love your work Mastin, keep it up 🙂

    • jakob

      life’s a remix

  • I believe this message is the key to living a life of freedom and love. One of the challenges of the awakening process is letting go of blame and resentment and taking full responsibility for our lives. Our ego’s don’t want that.

    It still feels scary at times but the more responsibility I take the more wonderful things happen. I see that I am choosing my responses or reactions. Quick reactions are always defensive and ego based whereas allowing with out judgement makes way for thoughtful responses and most importantly for forgiveness. I’ve had many messes and I used to carry a lot of anger and judgement towards others. Very victim.

    Embracing the truth that nothing happens to me but for me liberated me. I still get twinges of fear, fear of judgement and rejection, but I know that for true connection and healing in my life and through my work it is paramount that I share my message through the experience of my messes. No apologies. I know when I look at my messes as lessons and really dive into the learning that is available I know I never have to repeat that kind of drama again. That is the gift of doing the work. Peace has become bigger than doubt and worry. That is a great feeling.

    The truth is we can all have that if we choose to and are willing to put love first.

    Thanks Mastin!

  • Jennifer Herrera

    Thank you Mastin for the work you are doing! I have been following you, reading you, learning from you, and being inspired by you and your commitment to your “mess” – message. It’s intuitive, divinely inspired, and being that it is founded in the Loving makes it as sweet as life’s sweetest gifts. I don’t read all of your posts, but I pitter around your daily email, the quotes, the affirmations and the daily blogs. I find something beautiful each day. (This was my favorite post thus far, hence my coming over to the “blog” and sharing.)

    I am so excited to be joining you in NYC, where my heart expands each time I have the privilege of visiting. I look forward to being in your presence and the other Loving beings you have surrounded yourself with!

    P.S. I make a mess probably once a week and it might even just be in my head and it is my intention to reframe it – all ways. Sometimes it takes longer than I would like AND I always arrive there eventually.

    Love to you!

  • Sarah

    To Nelle….I can soo relate to you right now!! I ask myself the same questions…I think I’ve let fear run amok inside me, to where I was waiting to be free….chains broken, but I tried to do it myself..the chains were too thick and heavy….Like Tiffany said…POWER POSSE…that’s what I want…I think Jesus will be the only one who can break these chains..I’ve tried all the options in this world..and nothing satisfied my yearning….nothing in this world has even come close….I’m taking the next right step to be willing to surrender to the Truth of my Being….spiritual partnership with Christ…I am scared of losing “control” but willing to change even if I lose everything I have that the world said would bring me happiness…I will respect myself more knowing I died to live and breathe and have my being….fully and lovingly…..I yearn for FREEDOM….my best is yet to come now that I no longer have to listen to my ego lying to me saying I am a victim for the last 15 years….TRUTH COME FOR ME FORGIVENESS FIND ME…LOVE SAVE ME….
    Love to you all!!! Truth to you all!! Healing to you all!!!!
    LOVE WINS!!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    I just read a quote the other day that hits this one on the head…..” If everything in your life was ‘perfect’, then you wouldn’t realize you need me…God”