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Understanding Purpose

I came to understand purpose through a process of deductive dreaming, awareness and intuition.

The first part, deductive dreaming, began when I was 17-years-old. My brother observed me coming home from college, always exhausted. I was working two to three jobs to help shave off some of my looming student debt and had yet to transfer to a university.

On one particular day, he took over my computer and whipped up a document that was broken into one-year, three-year and five-year sections. For me, at that time, the idea of even reaching that far in mental theory seemed ridiculous. I had so many immediate issues that I needed to address: my exam the next day, my restaurant shift that night and, of course, my personal gloom that was, in itself, a full-time gig.

Initially, like muscles that hadn’t been worked in years, my mind didn’t budge; every step felt heavy and lethargic. Eventually, with some probing, I began to naturally mutter something about what kind of future would be nice, what kind of job would be ideal and soon, faster and faster, I was talking from a place that hadn’t been stirred in longer than I could remember.

Personal deductive dreaming is the process by which you mentally organize a time frame and ideals. I call them “unicorns”, because at the time you are making them, they seem unrealistic and too good to be true. But then something in you will start whispering, “Yes.”

Once you have made something of a personal guide, a domino effect will awake the second part of the process, which for me was awareness. It began as simply as being present to where and when my energy would go, meaning I would become tired, restless, irritated or short-tempered. The other side of this circular spectrum was an energy that can only be explained as fulfilling. It felt whole, uplifting and light. I would be present in conversations and noticed delicate, beautiful subtleties that usually went unnoticed. This would last for a moment or for a day and, when nurtured, much longer. Like a little alarm, this awareness noticed opportunities that I would have surely missed before and let to strengthen the third crucial element: intuition

Fast forward to three years ago. I was 22-years-old with a Sociology degree under my belt and a marketing job at a software firm. Everything looked right, but why did it feel wrong then? The “yes” whisper was on vacation and, again, I was coming home in zombie mode. This time my mom perched on the end of my bed and asked what gives me energy. I didn’t know the answer; I just knew that this wasn’t it. The things that gave me energy would not earn me any money, I proclaimed. These things were of the bleeding heart crusade, the kind of efforts that you put at the bottom of your resume. But she insisted I carve out more time for those things. So I did. My dream map needed some iteration, so I iterated.

Like a yawning lion, my awareness again began to wake up and spring to life. Intuition is an incredible thing – it is inside everyone. But like everything else, if you don’t use it, it will start to weaken. Before I knew it I was volunteering on a global clean water crisis campaign. That campaign led to an opportunity that became the bridge I needed to jump from my old life into my new one.

I did not yield a high degree of financial incentive from those heart-led efforts for some time, but I did feel more alive than before. I did my job well and I was hungry to learn more. When you operate on intuition and passion, you may not see a monetary frequency right away, but I can assure you it will come, and it will come in a more fulfilling manner than just any paycheck will provide.

I founded my company Lovesocial about two years ago. Communication, especially in advertising, was birthed out of the industrial revolution and a sense of manufactured need. Over the years, advertising has become fear-centric. With the rise of social media, a new frontier was born, where individuals hold more authority than corporations ever expected. Hence, the name Lovesocial: the act of social sharing out of love.

Over 30 projects later, many of which are of the cause variety, we have created a framework that makes it mandatory for purpose to be in line with passion.

The takeaway here is not to quit your job if work is making you tired. Many of us get run down, myself included. The takeaway is to create a landscape for your goals – goals that are like dreams you don’t want to awake from.

Write it down.

Make it big.

Listen to your gut.

Repeat and reap the rewards.

Azita Ardakani

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Azita Ardakani is the 25-year-old founder of Lovesocial: a social media consultancy focused on authentic and effective modes of communication strategy. Check out her website here.