Unlock your creativity

I’m in Bali for our annual Bali Writer’s Mastermind. I’m here with 30 writers from all over the world and we are all committed to finishing the first draft of our project in 28 days.

I wanted to talk to you today about creativity. I believe that we are all creative beings and that no matter what you’ve been told – you were placed here on this earth to create something of value to the world. Something that will help others break free, something that lights you up with passion and something that is larger than just you.

I truly believe this for you. This week, I want to inspire you to unlock your creativity – so I filmed Daily Love TV this week from Bali and threw in some awesome tips on how you can break your creativity wide open.

When we stifle our creative gift to the world – our lives begin to shrink. Our joy leaves us. We can feel like something is missing. What’s missing is you – and your unique creative expression in this world.

Don’t wait another moment to give us all you’ve got. And remember to leave a comment on below about how you are going to break free and create – or – your success strategies for what’s worked for you.

The comments are a great place to share what you are struggling with as well as offer up support to those who might need it.

Have a great week.

Sending all my love from Bali,


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[Begin Transcript]

Hey guys. This is Mastin Kipp, Founder of TheDailyLove.com. I am here in Ubud, Bali. We are here for our Daily Love Writer’s Retreat and also our Enter The Heart Retreat. So, I am doing Daily Love TV here from Bali as you can see in the background.

The thing I wanted to talk to you today about is creativity. You know since we are on our writer’s retreat, creativity has really been on the top of my mind. I am here writing my second book. What’s interesting about creativity, if you are watching this video whether you know it or not, you are certainly creative. You have a gift you want to give to the world. It could be writing. It could be speaking. It could be on serving other people, elevating them on certain level and generally to do that it requires a creative project. Right? It usually requires a book, a blog, an online course, or something that has to come forward from somewhere within you. And what’s interesting is that when you dive into creativity, there is literally so many excuses about why we can’t create.

I myself come up with so many excuses. There’s not enough time. There are too many things to do. The writing is not good enough.

As we are here in Bali, one of the things I have been sharing with the writers here is that our job is to write a pretty bad first draft. The first draft of anything, whether it’s a book, screen play, a chorus or whatever it might be, the first time you do something it’s really not going to be that good. The thing is when we let perfectionism, when we let that level of excellence (which I think is a good thing to have, it’s not a bad thing to have a level of excellence), when you take that level of the critical eye and you mix it with being creative, you really get basically no progress, right? Creativity is all about making progress and so something for you to consider.

This is just off the top of my mind, so in when of your creative projects you may want to create a book, a screenplay, a blog, an online course whatever it is that you want to create music, it doesn’t really matter. Can you allow yourself just to have fun? That play instinct that Carl Young reminds us, is when we are the most genius. Right? When we are playing we are not really concerned with are we getting it right, are we doing it perfectly, etc., etc., etc.

If you look at anyone who’s incredible, like The Beatles, when they were able to create music and just jam for hours and hours and hours and have fun with it. Then they go back, after they have laid back that track and then they come by with that critical track to find out what really work.

Same thing with the writing process, right? You write this really bad first draft, and then the editor comes in and gives you feedback, like that’s really how it works. I just want to encourage you to really step forward into your creative projects. In order to do that, let yourself off the hook, allow yourself not to be perfect and allow yourself to have fun with it.

Allow yourself to play because ultimately we are here to create and if you are having perfectionism for your standard for what you want to create, that’s fear really just trying to hold you back. Right? Fear that you’re not going to be good enough, fear of failure, fear that there is going to be something wrong with the project, or that it won’t be good enough.

I want to encourage you to really step into today and have fun with that online course, have fun with your book, have fun with your blog, have fun with whatever you want to put out into the world and give yourself the gift to be a kid and go out into the world and have some fun. Later come back with that critical eye, but if you are allowing perfectionism with that ability to have the perfect thing the first time around, that is just fear holding you back.

You might be watching this video on YouTube or Facebook. I’d encourage you to hop on over to TheDailyLove.com and below this video just leave a comment letting me know that having that perfectionism, having that level of that habit of having it 100% perfect before you start.

How has that held you back in your creative endeavors? What excuses have you come up with that have really prevented you with putting yourself out there?

In the comments below this video in the blog, also if you have come up against that resistance and that fear and you have really just busted through, if you have some success strategizes for that, hop on over on the blog and let us know about that too because we can always learn from each other.

Either way, if you are having a hard time, how can you have more fun with what you are creating?

If you have busted through those blocks, what have you done? What have your strategizes been?

Make sure to head on over to the blog and leave a comment. And I just want to say as I am here in Bali, the most important thing and as always here at the Daily Love TV I want you to find courage, get out there, take action, and make it real. We will see you next week.

[End Transcript]

  • Ann Herlihy

    I have been paralyzed with fear and kept telling myself I would write some day. One day. What changed was cancer and realizingit was time to quit caring about how what I do is received. Time to truly dance as if no one was watching. Now I am writing a blog. Gracehopeandcancer.com

    • The Daily Love

      So beautiful Ann <3 sending you so much Love! – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • ashley

    off the subject a bit, j/can you talk a bit about whit means” to be proud of yourself”? thanks!

    • The Daily Love

      Great idea Ashley! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Lori Glier

    Perfection always has held my creativity back as I guess growing up I had such criticism always about to strive to be the best.So I must have more fun and create and see what happens.

    • The Daily Love

      Let us know how it goes Lori! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Gail Allen

    Losing everything gave me the courage to get past my tendency to be perfect which kept me stuck for many years. I decided to “do it imperfectly”. I even took a picture of myself and put it in a blog post right after waking up. Eyes puffy and all. I just decided to tell my story and hopefully help others heal from it. I blog and coach women centered around self care after healing from a brain tumor, thyroid surgery, divorce, back surgery, bankruptcy and more at http://www.gailkallen.com

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Gail <3 sending you BIG Love – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Tawnee

    Wow….you hit the nail square on the head for me today. I feel I have to do everything perfectly, which in turn keeps me from actually doing anything. Thank you Mastin!

    • The Daily Love

      Yes Tawnee! Thanks for watching! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • LJ

    I am a student in graduate school studying for my MFA with my concentration being Creative Writing. I’ve been writing my whole life with moments where I thought the end piece was decent but for the most part, like everything else I have done artistically, I really thought I was average at best, but really believing I suck. What I have learned it is through perserverance and practice that you get better; further than that, studying the work of successful artists and learning about their journey helps you to become a better artist yourself. I also allow myself to cry and take a hissy fit (by myself of course) and then continue the course. My kids are grown and in college and they also remind me never to give up, just as I have taught them. I am not a great writer yet, but I am a pretty decent person and I am working hard at my craft and that’s enough to my eye on the prize.

    • The Daily Love

      Keep going LJ! Sending you lots of Love <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Natalie Neckyfarow

    Hi Mastin, a few weeks ago I was really stuck and then watched your video on Motivation, which was a huge catalyst for me. Identifying my fears and taking my first actions on them was a huge in creating forward momentum. That self-awareness made me realize what I was missing in my work as an actor – curiosity. I began actively looking for ways to be more curious and as a result have been feeling more inspired and having so much more fun. And with that the “product”, whether it is in audition or performance, has come out so much better too.

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing Natalie! Love this perspective 🙂 sending you BIG Love <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Sarina C. Oden

    I just did a blog on perfectionism a couple of weeks ago and I had such a ahaha moment when talking with a young lady about how perfectionism is the manifestation of procrastination….in which for me was soooo true….wanting everything to be perfect instead of just doing it…how I have pushed my way through this is giving myself deadlines and just finishing what I say I am going to do…also me regonizing this quality about myself I make my self more aware of if I am really trying to check something or am i just making excuses to myself on why I can’t do it…great topic….thank you!!!!

    • The Daily Love

      Awesome Sarina! Keep going!! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Jackie

    I have been telling myself that I am not extroverted enough to be a life and wellness coach, or maybe not articulate enough. It’s amazing how much pain this fear has cost me in terms of happiness and self image . i decided a year ago to go to school to be a coach. I just started blogging to theoutwardspiral.net a week ago, and I can say that it feels very good to be creating, even if no one else sees it or cares. Thanks for an inspiring blog!

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Jackie! So inspiring! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Carah Reed

    Mastin – Every since I took your survey to attend the Hawaii retreat, I have learned to truly embrace my inner SpongeBob. IMAGINATION! rainbow, rainbow!

    • The Daily Love

      Beauituful Carah! Sending you So much Love! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Miha

    I believe that just let flow and maybe its not far from perfection, that is my experience, anyway must flow…with words, writing… Mastin you write great, for me you are sometimes just good as osho, that note you hit, and blogs on the right time…. Bye

    • The Daily Love

      We <3 Osho and we Love you Miha. Thanks for sharing this! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • I do let my standard of perfectionism hinder my creative process. As an OCD-Type A personality, it’s difficult for me to do things “wrong.” It also didn’t help to receive “conditional love” most of my life for my accomplishments which (although good) were never quite good enough. Now, I have (what I thought is) very little time and I don’t have time to create a sub-standard product. I don’t have time to mess up on a piece of jewelry I’m creating because I don’t always have the time to go back and fix it. I want to do it right the first time…a mantra I’ve heard all my life. However, I’m painting more often and with the forgiveness of acrylics, learning it’s okay to mess up. I learn from those mistakes. I’ve committed to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), discovering I have more time after my 40 hr. week than I thought possible. I’m writing a book! However, my awful first draft has hit a bump – not going as I planned. I didn’t write last night and I’m fighting my perfectionist urges to fix everything I find wrong vs. just keep creating. It’s a daily struggle, but I’m trying to repeat my personal mantra, “I am enough…just like I am” and being good to me.

    • The Daily Love

      Love this mantra Holly! Thanks for sharing 🙂 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Margie Fox

    In my personal journey I have discovered that I am the only one that puts limitations on myself. Whether it is past beliefs that hold me back or my negative self talk these seem to be my obstices. I have learned once I change those beliefs and put a stop to the negative self talk I am able to move forward, open up my vulnerability and allow my creativity to emerge. It really feels good when that happens.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Margie! Thanks for sharing this 🙂 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Elise

    I have always been a controlling person when it comes to a situation and knowing what the outcome will be. It has deprived me of letting others into my life because of the wall I have always put up. It’s difficult to be vulnerable but that’s how you get to know yourself. That is what I am finally realizing and allowing myself to find happiness. It’s a process but I’m getting there.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Elise! It’s such process, but so worth it 🙂 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Nikka Rose

    I love the idea of having fun with what you are doing. I don’t like the feeling of work and that makes me even more reluctant to do it. I have a habit of procrastinating because I feel my work is still not perfect. And yes, I understand that if you don’t put your dreams into action, then you are just dreaming. I know what I want my outcome to look like, but I don’t always know how to gain momentum again after my first draft is a flop. It’s hard for me to sail smoothly on rough seas. I get discouraged, fearful, doubtful and disheartened. I guess I just have to enjoy the ride for what it is. I always tell myself follow your bliss and have fun with it, don’t try too hard and let it come to you. I also believe that you also have to keep your eyes and ears open to new opportunities because you may never know where they may lead you. And I always practice gratitude to remind me where my journey has taken me and where I want to go.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautifully put Nikka! Sending you BIG Love <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • lori

    The voice in my head has so many potential ideas, but by the time they reach my arms and legs it is but a whisper or silent. The best way sometimes is to “just do it” and not overthink yourself out of it.

    • The Daily Love

      So true Lori! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Shany Biran

    Yeah… this is me in a nutshell.

    I’m dying to write, to express myself, to put myself out there, so I decided to start a blog. I’ve overcome a lot, and I THOUGHT fear was no longer a barrier. I thought it was perfectionism. But perfectionism stems from the underlying, creeping fear of being judged on every piece of work I produce. And so I produce none.

    I really, truly thought I was beyond the fear and ready to give and share, but then I asked myself ‘Why exactly haven’t I started blogging? Oh yeah, have to find the right web host (~ Excuse 1)… Oh yes I have to learn WordPress widgets inside out FIRST so I can get that perfect font (~ perfectionism 2.0). Oh no wait, it’s that I don’t have the PERFECT domain name to begin with. A name that can encompass all that’s in me, all that I will ever be, and all I can give to the world for all time!…

    I got the message Mr. Kipp. Loud and Clear 🙂

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Shany!! Keep going! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

    • Jenny

      you described my situation to a T — and then there’s does anyone really want to hear from me? This post came at the most divine time. I need to just have fun and start writing sharing my story!

      • Shany Biran

        Cheers to having fun with it! I for one hope to hear your story!

        • Jenny

          Thanks! Writing is so freeing, I was blocked for the better part of 8 years, but now I get stuff coming to me all the time. I realize our own lives are so rich with story and there’s a gem in every encounter, every moment and it’s like magic when weaving it all together and if it gives someone else a thought a breakthrough a moment of relief that’s such a bonus.

          Get that blog going!

  • Sam

    I love this topic, and it’s so true. We are out own bigger critics. I found that when I blog I now direct the writing to myself and didn’t think about how it would be recieved. I of course proof read and spell check, but the content is written for me, but you the world. It’s so much more authentic that way and I find I have much less pressure to please now. And with that, my writing is so much better, I’m more honest and genuine. My coaching page is now growing rapidly and I put it all down to being myself and letting the writing happen naturally.

    • The Daily Love

      Love it Sam! Thanks for sharing your insight <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Magdalena

    I express my creativity through painting and making jewelry except I have started thinking of going further with the jewelry making for my creativity side. I just don’t know how or where to begin.

    • The Daily Love

      What is your heart telling you Magdalena? <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Chris


    I am a “perfectionist” addict, more often than not. I’m grateful to have a strong desire to achieve a level of creative excellence…but man, can it get in the way!!! Mastin, you’ve said it perfectly that it’s all about “playing.” That’s really the essence of the creative process: PLAY! Once I get into that space of pure fun and excitement and “rush,” I can stay there for hours and find myself joyfully anticipating the next moment of not just the creative project, but of life itself.

    Being surrounded by creative, wacky, rebellious individuals helps, too. It gives me inspiration to see creative souls who are a bit further down the line so that I can motivate myself and also take a breather, knowing that it’s OK if I haven’t “gotten there” yet. We’re all in this together (cue High School Musical) and it gives me an extra sense of inspiration to know that I have artistic support and group solidarity.

    • The Daily Love

      We <3 you Chris!! – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • I’m a writer and I feel like I have to really center myself before I sit down to work on my manuscript. Once I am centered, I just tap into my inner voice and start writing. There are times that I am not even sure where I am going with my writing but I tag along and see where it takes me. My first draft isn’t perfect but when I listen to my inner voice, it is actually a lot better than if I were to over think the process.

    • The Daily Love

      Yes Michelle!! Thanks for sharing this! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Cathy

    Thanks Mastin for reminding me to have fun. Will definitely give my ideas a try now.

    • The Daily Love

      Beautiful Cathy! Let us know how it goes! <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

      • Cathy

        I have started to get back into leading edge nutrition and wellbeing by resuming reflexology, therapeutic touch, signing up as a USANA associate with the plan of becoming a Health Coach in 2015.

  • BenGeldreich

    Great Post Mastin!!!

    Perfectionism has stopped me pursuing so many creative adventures that thinking about it brings up some shame. However with a head up I am much more aware these days about the difference between being excellent and being a perfectionist and strive for excellence. If I’m know why Im doing something and it can impact others then I know that minor details are something that can be addressed after the creative juices have flown fully.

    I have also realized the grace that comes when I am fully investing my creative juices. With regards to any tips or tricks for success, the only thing I can say is that when I notice that I am starting to get into perfectionism and still have creative juices flowing, I take a break, change my state, and come back when I remember why Im doing what Im doing which usually only take 20 – 30 minutes.

    • The Daily Love

      Love this Ben! Thanks for sharing 🙂 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • This is great advice! Since becoming aware, I’ve really committed to working on releasing myself from the chains of perfectionism that hold me back on a daily basis but it’s still something I struggle with.

    • The Daily Love

      Amazing awareness Lindsey <3 sending you Lots of Love! – Dylan from Team Daily Love

  • Dane

    Thank you Mastin,
    Consider this a journal entry too:)
    Having lost everything and healing from addiction I’m still struggling with exactly what to apply myself to.
    I have an adhd styled mind that has every idea under the sun but for some reason non present the depth of passion that fuels consistent action.
    I want traction in my life. I want to be paid for who I am. Yet my lack of filter throws ideas at me that I react to like they are too big.
    Recently I emailed 10 contacts a proposal offering a service to write personalised poetry for their loyal customers. I thought the upgrading of gratitude to customers beyond traditional marketing means was an authentic step forward, giving moments of joy to customers just because they ( via me ) could.
    Not only did I not recieve a positive outcome which I can deal with, but no one even replied!!!

    Sure maybe a sign to move on ( or try harder ) but the fragility of not experiencing a deep all knowing passion has been my biggest issue in life and one of which is key for me to b able to manifest what’s important to me : a home for my boys and I. Financial control. Expressing me.
    Any advice from highly creative folk who’s passions are spread out like a field of poppies please let me know.
    Thank you

    • The Daily Love

      Which direction is your heart pulling you towards most Dane? <3 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

      • Dane

        Thanks Dylan, that’s my issue. I don’t read myself well in that regard. I can come alive when I write something like below then my reality creeps in and I know I need $ for a house for my boys and massive debt. I have other ideas too just none that stick long enough to keep me truly there. Meditation key for this brain I think:)

        That Special ‘ Tree ‘.

        Often, when a homeless person approaches, a fear rises, like rigid hair at a kids fair.
        Not all the time I know. But often. Some have open hearts and many do not. That’s ok.
        But just watch yourself next time you walk the streets. Just observe your responses.

        We all have our peculiar symbols of fear.

        A goatie. A tatt. A meandering eye attack.

        And what do many of us do?

        Look down to the ground? Remind him of his fathers sound? Look away to a wall? That reminds him of his war? Look straight into his eyes with a tensioned stand off demise?

        It’s human I know. My kids show me, tell me their fear. Yet like all fear it is born from not knowing. Not knowing what’s on the other side. Thinking we know what’s on this ( his ) side. This side because you’ve seen the fights. Heard the screams. Been frightened maybe by his depleted self esteem. Heard the language, the tone. The primal scream a saddening drone.

        There’s an equation in your head.

        Engage : risk + unknown = assumed fear.
        Avoid : low risk + ‘known’ = momentary uncomfortableness

        You see a tortured tree and wish to speak to thee. What was its demise? A fire? A disease? Nutrients? But there’s a life in its strife. A spark in its dark. Texture and angles perform art especially after dark. When your moon paints it’s glow way beyond the meadow. The shadow speaks to you and you feel a sunlit yellow.

        Wondrous how a tree can speak. Create stories in your mind. Glimpses with a camera and your time can be shared and shine. Maybe on your wall, at home for all to see. You gloat about that night when you felt that special tree. A glass or two of red and your settled feelin’ good. One moment you expressed yourself and your friends stopped eating

        Now imagine that ” fearful ” dude. Sitting at the table.
        Eyes of warmth and love
        Just grateful to be able.

        Imagine that.

        And yes you can still have your photo of that special tree.

  • Krista

    This is such a great reminder! I just wrote a blog post on the fact that I’ll never be ready, moving past the idea of perfection to evolution. You have to practice putting yourself out there and exercising your creativity to move past the perfection blocks.

    Sometimes I set a timer for 15 minutes and my goal is to write what is inspiring me, even if it is just blog titles, but it often turns into more than that and helps me move past blocks.

    • The Daily Love

      Love this Krista! Thanks for sharing 🙂 – Dylan from Team Daily Love

    • Lana

      Very good point! Am on that track myself. Is helpful – reinforcement. Thanks for sharing! LOVE

  • Jen

    Hi Mastin!! I find that when I bake at home and in school, I try to be perfect and lose the creative aspect of myself. I feel that if I don’t make something that is perfect, then I won’t succeed.

  • Crissy

    You are so right. I had tremendous fun writing a book a few years back, but wasn’t aware of that concept of “FIRST DRAFT”. I wanted it to be wonderful, right away! I polished and fussed over the prose for so long, that by the time a critical reader offered a suggestion which would require a substantial amount of re-writing, I was kind of burned out on the entire project. She made a great suggestion though: “Put it away for a year. Then re-visit it.”

    Already my creative juices are gathering as I think of ways to make the book more exciting, useful, and yup, even fun to re-write.

  • Wendy Bailey

    Well my oh my…again, Mastin, your words speak and help! I’m constantly self-editing while in the creative mode, that is, when I allow myself to be creative. I’m seriously blessed; have been a performing musician/songwriter (with a day job) and have had some wonderful experiences. But, I constantly “choke” contributing to this because “what’s the point, it doesn’t pay off” or “if I don’t write the perfect song right away, it’s not worth it”. However, in all this starts-and-stops, I always learn the value of HAVING FUN with it, and that it’s worth it just to make myself happy, regardless of what/if I choose to distribute to the world.

    I finally started writing a song for the first time in a few months or so; and it FELT so GOOD. 🙂

  • Sharlene Leong

    Yup that is one of the reason why I founded Word Your Story. I hope to provide a platform for anyone’s story to take shape. An outlet where their story could be told through the power of words. I want to create a visceral effect on the audience with each creation with words. The positivity that I hope to spread bit by bit to the community. At times, I am stuck. I get rejections for collaborations to bring forth the awareness and message. Maybe I just need to have fun with what I am creating and see what comes my way. Not to let fear of perfection and rejection to distract me from my objectives.

    Thank you Mastin for this article. I hope my creativity process will enlighten many more to come. Who knows, maybe one day, I will also collaborate with TDL. Cheers!

  • I finished film school 3 years ago at the age of 47. I then set out to write feature films. Yet over time I slowly stalled my progress by letting my old fears creep in and take hold once again. Writer Lisa Knichols refers to a “Negative Voice” and it is oppressing your inner Champion. What Mastin is saying here is what I was just telling myself which was to just have fun and write for myself, what I enjoy. Then see where it goes. I have a great sword and sorcery script I’m working and the next scene is a training day. Swords, magic and maybe some acrobatic martial arts. It’s going to be a fun day! Setting my Inner Champion free through creativity!

  • Ciella

    I think I’m a writer, and can easily write when I’m not thinking ‘that’!! I have started (titled) a couple of blogs, but then stop … all the titles seem ‘limiting’ … I don’t know ‘my best topic’ ? Something that could encompass a lot of things? When I arrived on the planet I sorta jumped right in, I’ve had a LOT of experience in relationships, careers, walked years on the spiritual path (friends with Byron Katie, Adyashanti, Isaac Shapiro, and …. ) I worked with Jim Rohn when I was younger, when Tony Robbins was there working for him too:) I’ve raised a family, and then went on adventures of living at a Hot Spring, outdoors in a tent two different times, in my late 40’s, early 50’s !! So I’ve done a lot and seen and lot, and feel is there anything ‘new’? So topics are all over the place … oh, yeah and then I had a year of ‘acting’ and another couple of years as an interior designer … and owned part of a trucking company (first woman doing that!!) But what’s the common thread, what the heck to really share that would have ‘worth’ for others … and also give me the joy and juice and fun? I don’t know that I need to hear my ‘stories’ again ? After a full life of the above and more …. I sit and ask ‘is this all there is?’ and even trying to feel into a ‘passion’ of something new, hasn’t shown up ? The words Be-ing, Peace, Simplicity, and Joie de Vivre arise for me and a few more…. I need a focus of where to start? A title …. I started a book once, and it almost got to Bantam and Doubleday on the ‘title alone’ !! I got to working full time, and had no juice for writing it at that time and now I’m not even the same person I was those 20 years ago, that would have an interest in writing that book and …. a book sounds way too overwhelming right nowl Getting up and getting dressed, is what I get STARS on my calendar for THESE DAYS of not knowing where I fit it anymore …. I’m mostly semi-retired … but if I’m still here I want to do something that makes me want to ‘get out of bed in the morning’!! Just point me in the right direction the one that wiil DO THAT !!! Thanks so much for the LOVE and the message !! Joie de Vivre!! and I don’t even know how to pronounce that I just FEEL it ….memories of my stay in France …. 2000 !! 🙂 xxoo

  • Andrea R Henderson

    This blog post was EVERYTHINGGGGG!! I have been confused forever, because I enjoy writing and dancing and perhaps even acting, and I’m very much into finance and women’s empowerment. I had no clue what to focus on!!! And whenever I decided to focus on one thing, the perfectionism bug would sweep it from underneath me. Leaving me with absolutely nothing. Well, except confused and feeling hopeless. So after seeing this video, I’ve decided to spend the rest of 2014 just CREATING. Exploring all my creative juices and seeing which one lights me up and allows me to feel like I’m shining from the inside out. I’m always so “business as usual” and “on to the next goal” that I never really stop to create and find out what makes ME shine. And the only way to figure that out is to get out there and actually create something!!! Thanks so much for this message. Sending tons of LOVE to EVERYONE!! Wish me luck 🙂

    • Chris Snyder

      I love this 🙂 Good luck!

  • Julie

    Awesome chat. Sending love.

  • AJ AW
  • Chris Snyder

    Having more fun… this is truly something I also need to work on. My fear of messing up has really kept me from so many things, most notably social interaction. I’ve really been hiding myself for years, not letting people see who I really am, and actually I’ve been afraid to see who I really am. This I think is the biggest obstacle for me as of now, and I can see that it’s also the biggest thing preventing me from just having fun. I know logically that facing my fears would actually benefit me a lot and make room for good feelings, I just have to do it.

  • Lori Glier

    I got creative and had fun creating three different TV series for CBC here in Canada now I just have to wait to see if they feel they would be accepted on their programs.