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Unlock your creativity

I’m in Bali for our annual Bali Writer’s Mastermind. I’m here with 30 writers from all over the world and we are all committed to finishing the first draft of our project in 28 days.

I wanted to talk to you today about creativity. I believe that we are all creative beings and that no matter what you’ve been told – you were placed here on this earth to create something of value to the world. Something that will help others break free, something that lights you up with passion and something that is larger than just you.

I truly believe this for you. This week, I want to inspire you to unlock your creativity – so I filmed Daily Love TV this week from Bali and threw in some awesome tips on how you can break your creativity wide open.

When we stifle our creative gift to the world – our lives begin to shrink. Our joy leaves us. We can feel like something is missing. What’s missing is you – and your unique creative expression in this world.

Don’t wait another moment to give us all you’ve got. And remember to leave a comment on below about how you are going to break free and create – or – your success strategies for what’s worked for you.

The comments are a great place to share what you are struggling with as well as offer up support to those who might need it.

Have a great week.

Sending all my love from Bali,


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[Begin Transcript]

Hey guys. This is Mastin Kipp, Founder of TheDailyLove.com. I am here in Ubud, Bali. We are here for our Daily Love Writer’s Retreat and also our Enter The Heart Retreat. So, I am doing Daily Love TV here from Bali as you can see in the background.

The thing I wanted to talk to you today about is creativity. You know since we are on our writer’s retreat, creativity has really been on the top of my mind. I am here writing my second book. What’s interesting about creativity, if you are watching this video whether you know it or not, you are certainly creative. You have a gift you want to give to the world. It could be writing. It could be speaking. It could be on serving other people, elevating them on certain level and generally to do that it requires a creative project. Right? It usually requires a book, a blog, an online course, or something that has to come forward from somewhere within you. And what’s interesting is that when you dive into creativity, there is literally so many excuses about why we can’t create.

I myself come up with so many excuses. There’s not enough time. There are too many things to do. The writing is not good enough.

As we are here in Bali, one of the things I have been sharing with the writers here is that our job is to write a pretty bad first draft. The first draft of anything, whether it’s a book, screen play, a chorus or whatever it might be, the first time you do something it’s really not going to be that good. The thing is when we let perfectionism, when we let that level of excellence (which I think is a good thing to have, it’s not a bad thing to have a level of excellence), when you take that level of the critical eye and you mix it with being creative, you really get basically no progress, right? Creativity is all about making progress and so something for you to consider.

This is just off the top of my mind, so in when of your creative projects you may want to create a book, a screenplay, a blog, an online course whatever it is that you want to create music, it doesn’t really matter. Can you allow yourself just to have fun? That play instinct that Carl Young reminds us, is when we are the most genius. Right? When we are playing we are not really concerned with are we getting it right, are we doing it perfectly, etc., etc., etc.

If you look at anyone who’s incredible, like The Beatles, when they were able to create music and just jam for hours and hours and hours and have fun with it. Then they go back, after they have laid back that track and then they come by with that critical track to find out what really work.

Same thing with the writing process, right? You write this really bad first draft, and then the editor comes in and gives you feedback, like that’s really how it works. I just want to encourage you to really step forward into your creative projects. In order to do that, let yourself off the hook, allow yourself not to be perfect and allow yourself to have fun with it.

Allow yourself to play because ultimately we are here to create and if you are having perfectionism for your standard for what you want to create, that’s fear really just trying to hold you back. Right? Fear that you’re not going to be good enough, fear of failure, fear that there is going to be something wrong with the project, or that it won’t be good enough.

I want to encourage you to really step into today and have fun with that online course, have fun with your book, have fun with your blog, have fun with whatever you want to put out into the world and give yourself the gift to be a kid and go out into the world and have some fun. Later come back with that critical eye, but if you are allowing perfectionism with that ability to have the perfect thing the first time around, that is just fear holding you back.

You might be watching this video on YouTube or Facebook. I’d encourage you to hop on over to TheDailyLove.com and below this video just leave a comment letting me know that having that perfectionism, having that level of that habit of having it 100% perfect before you start.

How has that held you back in your creative endeavors? What excuses have you come up with that have really prevented you with putting yourself out there?

In the comments below this video in the blog, also if you have come up against that resistance and that fear and you have really just busted through, if you have some success strategizes for that, hop on over on the blog and let us know about that too because we can always learn from each other.

Either way, if you are having a hard time, how can you have more fun with what you are creating?

If you have busted through those blocks, what have you done? What have your strategizes been?

Make sure to head on over to the blog and leave a comment. And I just want to say as I am here in Bali, the most important thing and as always here at the Daily Love TV I want you to find courage, get out there, take action, and make it real. We will see you next week.

[End Transcript]