Visual Inspiration: Be the Solution!

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    That was one of the best ones yet Mr. Mastin. I absolutely love that. It’s like we try and find excuses and escapes instead of truly taking responsibility for our lives and creating a thriving environment for ourselves and community. Mostly all this stuff that is put out there is a tool but we abuse the tool and make it our justification instead of removing the road blocks we seep in denial and stay the same. I’m not throwing stones, I’ve been there and this is a confirmation that the work that I’m doing is pushing through; and taking action, positive action despite the strategic road blocks that test our endurance is what it’s all about. Keep pushing and loving no matter what!

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    I have been reading daily and LOVING TDL for two years. 
    Today, something felt a little ‘HIGH HORSEE’ in your lecture : (….
    Wow, everyone I know in the ‘spiritual’ community felt that the Mayan’s also might have believed that ‘life as we know it’ changed yesterday. This is the beginning of a NEW cycle. After last Friday’s tragedy, I believe everyone felt some internal ‘shift’ about love and forgiveness…If you did not, I’d be so surprised.
    Please remember to keep YOUR heart open Mastin… you grow, and TDL grows, humility is key… You never know what you might learn…..about the ‘unknown’. As you grow, this road to success,can be a bumpy one.  Please keep your heart (and mind) open…..we do love the humility of the TDL

  • Kamali

    I am a fan of astrology and understanding the movements of energies in our universe and their affect on us. So normally I would have taken issue with this post. But you are making a very important point about Grace superceding all of it. I do believe in the miracle of love and it being the only thing that really matters. And grace feels like God’s love present in our lives. I think we make meaning out of what happens to try to make sense of what we go through. Nothing can be scarier than swimming in the unknown. But I’m beginning to understand that surrendering to the unknown is where grace gets guide our lives. Today my 9 yr relationship has come to an end, and while I do feel the timing had much to do with the energies influencing us now. All that really matters is that we are parting because of how much we love each other. And this love is our salvation. I think grace brought us here… And will light our paths as move forward.