Visual Inspiration: Be Yourself!

  • Roxienichols

    Perfect solution ! Now I need another computer:) 
    I am an artist , designer , writer , teacher, and cook.  I have my own art studio in my home which is great , I have turned the garage into my workshop for re-purposing furniture for my showroom sales , but I have all my Facebook , emails , and written stories under one computer in the master suite. I’m thinking I really must get another computer just for my writing and books that I am working on 🙂 Thanks for the ideas and Happy Holidays to you !

  • I want to be a writer….NO SCRATCH THAT! I am a writer and one day will have books published  to share my story with the world. Saying that has been one of the hardest things for me. Now I know I can say it over and over out loud and it’s safe to do so!

    So I am Zoraya; Woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, ex-wife, human and writer.