Visual Inspiration: It’s safe to be YOURSELF


  • Dhenson50

    I will be 64 the end of March….In 2003 I lost my Mom and a 2005 I retired from a 38 year career with a large telecommunications company…6 most later my husband of 28 years suffered a massive heart attack at our home and died…2 days before Christmas….we had four children all adults and away from home…in 2010 I lost my Dad…Until my husbands death I had never been alone….Fear..change… transformation…growth….embracing the unknown…trying to forge ahead and build a life for me…to really get to know me…was like being adrift  on the ocean in a life raft with no oars….
    The first 2 years I dont remember…but somewhere along the way I knew it was up to me…I have learned to explore…I am determined to not give up…I reach out to friends , family, strangers, spiritual advisors..I read everything I can get my hands on…
    I sold the farm in Oregon…moved from the state I had lived my life in…I am outside of Phoenix, Arizona…I left everything I have known…so that I may have the opportunity to explore…what I dont know….and it is scarey…but living out my life in one place was much more frightful…I am not there yet..I leave the window open…and if a new opportunity that I think might be interesting presents itself..well there I am…sometimes its good…sometimes…well Its..I am not doing that again…I still dont know who I am…but its the growth the change and the journey…its life….Blessings to everyone on their journey…Daphne

  • Renée barbis

    I started on a new journey of opening up my own Health coaching practice about a year ago.  I was hungry to learn and to help others and was on a roll.  I am loving what I do but I often get unsure and have those negative feelings come up because I am TERRIFIED of the unknown.  I love reading your blogs and learning from the people that you are affiliated with because it shows how all of these emotions I feel are normal.  I love spiritual, emotional, psychological and all the growth I can get.  I am upset that I will not be able to come to your event in NY next week but I am looking forward to the next time you make your way to the east coast.  Thank you for all that you do!