Visual Inspiration: LETTING GO is the best way to HOLD ON!


  • Nelobaby2002

    This is really coming handy at a time where it’s like am even rejecting myself because I cannot get married to my friend of 3 years all in the name of religion. I have held on for so long thinking holding on is the best way forward, but thank God for this article. It really is not an easy task to let know, but like the writer said, in a few months or years to come, I’ll be grateful that it actually did not work out.
    I encourage all those going through such challenges like I am right now, to hold on by letting go!

  • CincyKat64

    I’m trying not to take the rejection from my husband as being personal, but it’s hard when you deal with it on a daily basis.  I know he has his own “issues” with depression, and I’m trying not to press the intimacy issue, but like I said….sometimes it’s hard not to think it’s because of me

  • mzintelligent1

    My mother use to say that if someone walks out of your life.
    Think of it as God telling you he loves you more. Since that fatal high school
    break up, I have had many a break up and have walked away from plenty of
    relationships. It never got easier, you would think that it would be numbing;
    but with each new transition. I become stronger and quicker to identify my own
    self value and the value of the person I was with.  Here is a bit of what I found. If their words
    hurts they are hurting, love them from afar, not near. If they have doubts that
    lead to frequently doubting you, don’t doubt get out! If they hit you, there is
    even a law in place for this take your legal right to leave. If they oppress
    you and magnify your every flaw. You have to be the one to magnify your every
    asset and realize that you are worth more than this.

    As you go through the pain and struggle. You will even be visited
    by the echoes before the truth was revealed to you. The truth that this person
    or situation is not for you. You may even think it wasn’t so bad, it only happened
    on or when, etc.

     Jump up and
    immediately go look in the mirror tell yourself. “I am worth more than this. I
    can do all things and anything if I just believe”

    I will admit sometimes I have had to tape it to my mirror
    along with picture of my children or words of encouragement until I could get
    over to the next horizon.

    The point of the matter is you are strong and you are
    invaluable. This is not rejection it is projection into a better life, choose
    life. Be ye blessed abundantly. ~M

  • Michele

    I think we’ve all fallen victim to the negative thinking that if this person doesn’t like me or that If they reject me, there’s something wrong with me. I’ve done this every time I’ve experienced a break up…especially in my younger years but now that I’ve gotten older and become wiser, I’m slowly coming to the realization that if people can walk away from you, let them walk. Their part in your story is over. I love how Mastin tells us to view it as God’s grace and that is so true. When I read that, I was like WOW! Ahaaaa moment, and I thought back to several of my exes and immediately said “THANK YOU GOD!” for sparing me. At the time the rejection happened, trust me, I didn’t feel that way but I do now. I recently let go to hold on from someone I’ve loved for the past two years. I finally came to the realization that he may love me (the best way he knew how) but that I love ME more. I know my worth but he didn’t and that was unacceptable. Holding on to him, God can’t send me the one who will truly love me for me. I’m tired of crying for this person, for having more days of feeling pain or upset other than feeling loved. Time wasted that I can’t get back but no more. It is truly a one day at a time thing. You don’t heal over night but I’m getting there and I will no longer take rejection “personally.” God loves me & I love me and I’m not giving up hope that my future love of my life will also one day love me. I’ve already taken the first step.