Visual Inspiration: Life is a Mirror!

  • Sofie Karlstrom

    So true… So be the best YOU you can be. Love, Sofie.

  • Jensy

    Hi There, reaching out to the daily lovers about how they deal with criticism. Spending my life as a peole pleaser and now no longer doing it, I have received criticism and have lost some friends. What can you say to the doubt I’m feeling about finally being “me”?

    • lasvegascalling

      Bravo Jensy. As a recovering people pleaser I can relate. The good news is when old “friends” fall out of our universe a new space is created for a new healthier friendship to enter. Get clear about the qualities you are looking for in a new friend – acceptance for who you are is always a great place to start. Next, tet on meet up or some other type of site and start attending some functions or activities that you enjoy. I don’t just think you are going to find some new kick @## friends, I guarantee it! 

    • I was a people pleaser and the way that I’ve been working through it, is knowing that as much as I was working hard to please everyone else, the main person I should’ve been pleasing was ME! Yes, there’s going to be people who are unhappy that I’ve started putting me first, but isn’t my happiness worth it?

  • It is, and light makes it possible to see the reflection